Not a debate -- shameless bragging time.

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We've had some pretty heated debates here lately, so I thought it was time for a feel-good thread, where we can all shamelessly brag about our kids and how awesome they are. Don't hold back! Why is your kid (or kids) fantastic?

To get us started: Besides being freakishly cute, my 16-month old Sam is just the sunniest, most laid-back kid I've ever seen. He's almost always happy. Yesterday we were roaming around a store, and we were in the toy section, where he was examining a few toys. After about 20 minutes, I said, "Okay, time to go" and put the toys away and picked him up. No crying. No whining, No tantrum. Instead, he gave my nose a honk with his fingers and then kissed me and smiled. Even non-kid people love him and say that if all kids were like him, they'd consider having one. He's just such a neat little dude, and such a great pal.


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Meghan - posted on 01/04/2011




J (almost 27 months) is the SMARTEST little person I have ever met. His memory is remarkable- months later he still remembers details about something I forgot we even did!
His imagination and humor is very entertaining- to the point that I would almost be afraid to be trapped in his head and none of us can figure out where he develops these silly thoughts. I feel like I can have a semi-serious conversation with him, his comprehension and empathy is amazing. He always seems to know the right time to tell me he loves me, or just give me a random kiss...and his eyes and smile...aww, when he looks me dead in the eyes my heart melts. But the best thing is he is as stubborn as me. If he doesn't want to do something, he is NOT doing it, and if he wants something he IS getting it lol....his attitude with little things like determination to get a shirt on has driven me to really push myself. If he can do it, I can do it! ♥
Thanks for the topic! :)

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Hahahaha. Awesome. Freja doesn't really talk much. She babbles and says a few favourite things, but nothing that could help us understand. I know she's clever. I think her problem is that she doesn't want to do things wrong. So she won't say something until she knows it will be said perfectly. She won't step until she knows she won't fall down. She's super solid with her cruising and it's pretty obvious she could walk if she wanted to, but nope. She has to be sure. All the other babies and toddlers in the family are doing everything all average that way, so I'm guessing Freja is going to be talked about for a while. Heck, we still make fun of my cousin because she literally didn't make a peep until she was 2. Not a word of any sort. Now you can't shut her up. Ha.

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Kayla (25 months) is amazing to me. She's got such an awesome spirit (read- she's really hard headed). She's not particularly advanced in anything except balance according to the instructors at the little gym but she doesn't have an ounce of fear in her, she's my gymnast and daredevil. She's a sweetie, she'll run to give us hugs and kisses and for the most part is pretty sweet to her sister.

Zoe (10 months) is such a silly little thing. Still not very patient, but she's mostly always smiling. She still isn't crawling, or pulling up on furniture or anything like that, she's happy to move by rolling around on the floor. She LOVES dancing, and sways side to side when I sing and it has got to be the cutest thing ever! She also loves to bury her head in my shoulder for snuggles, which is awesome because Kayla was never much of a snuggler...

Lucy - posted on 01/04/2011




@ Heather- She was a very early talker, so we knew it was more won't than can't, as she would say things like "Ivy no walk, might fall over hurt Iself!" so we were frustrated but not too worried.

Yes, it was very exciting the day Ivy finally walked. It was my brother's wedding day, and the bride had wanted her to be a flower girl but it didn't really work because she still wasn't walking. Well, at the big moment the little show stealer just hopped off my lap and followed the bride down the aisle... walking perfectly! I think she must have been waiting for the moment of highest show off potential ;)

She would reluctantly walk with support from about 19 months, but only on her tippy toes. Her poor little legs would shake with the effort, but she just wouldn't put her heels down! She's 4 now, and you would never know she had such a hard time getting going on her feet, and it makes a great family story. I bet the poor thing will be pretty sick of it being rolled out at family gatherings, ha ha ha!

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@ Lucy - really???? And here I thought we were guaranteed walking by 2 years old. hahahaha. When did she start cruising? I kind of think that when your kid takes a long time to do something like that, it makes it extra exciting when they actually do it. Every time she learns something new movement-wise I want to throw a party.

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@ Heather- My daughter was a bum shuffler and didn't walk until she was 2 years and 3 months! Let me know if your little one breaks her record, hee hee :)

[deleted account]

My son Aiden is one of the most sensitive, bright-eyed, handsome toddlers I have ever met. He is such a little comedian and so charming I'm not surprised that the little girls at his daycare follow him around. As for neat little skills I'm amazed with how much he pays attention to detail on his toys, in books, etc. He is fascinated with how things are put together and are taken apart and can Macgyver/Hoodini his way out of any room, contraption, or small space. He is extremely strong-willed and has a remarkable memory for where mommy puts things (like my keys lol). He has so much energy and entusiasm and gets so excited about the smallest things, like finding a catapillar on his foot or having a dog lick his face (eww germies!). He is the love of my life I couldn't sum up all the ways I'm proud of him if I went on all day!

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my 11 month old son... is just cute. he's cute with gums, he's cute with teeth he's cute when he cries. i miss him being teeny tiny so i could pick him up better!

Lady Heather - posted on 01/03/2011




1. She sleeps awesome and always has. WIN.
2. Her eating style is totally her own. She never makes a mess and is totally focused on the food. It's like a meditation for her or something. Hilarious to watch.
3. She is very nurturing. She's always hugging and kissing the pets and us and she takes care of a baby doll - feeds, changes, puts to bed. It's so darn cute.
4. She has an awesome head of hair.
5. I always catch her doing funny little things, like reading books in her own language or making up nonsense word games with her farm. It's just way too adorable.
6. Her unique way of getting around. It was horrible for us for a while because we thought there might be something wrong with her. She literally didn't move until she was almost a year old and then she started bum-scooting. She learned to crawl just before 18 months and started cruising about the same time. She will be 19 months next week and still can't walk. It kind of makes me smile now because she's just doing things in her own special way.
7. Beanie dancing on demand! She loves her music and actually claps to the beat.
8. And probably the most awesome...she will show you where the boogers are. Where are the boogers Beanie? Finger to nose. rofl.

I should probably stop now. I could go on. It's good to think of these things when you are in the throes of the pre-terrible 2s. Her's started last month. I used to have a laidback kid too. Now I have a tantrum queen. But she is still awesomeness.

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Wow Jodi that's amazing, Paige didn't even start talking until 22 months!

Jodi - posted on 01/03/2011




Oh my goodness, I love this! I'm hardly allowed to bring up anything positive about my daughter (such as a new accomplishment or what not) because I'm flaunting it or something!

My fabulous daughter is 22 months old, she knows all but 4 letters of the alphabet by sight, and knows over half of the sounds they make. She can count to ten and knows the number values behind 1-5. She knows all her basic shapes, plus pentagon and octagon! She has a vocabulary that MUST exceed 500 words and makes up to 5 and 6 word senteces! She even knows a few spanish words (Thanks Dora!)

She is so well behaved it's amazing! (I've really been spoiled!) She doesn't have to be put in the cart at the store, she stays by the cart and knows not to touch, but she can look. She only needs a few time outs a week and whomever babysits always goes on and on about how well behaved she was!

She is polite (says please, thank you, excuse me, you're welcome...) and sooooo cute! (Of course I think that!) I could not ask for a better kid or be more proud. I'm just terrified of our twins due in February...chances are I won't be so lucky! lol

Awesome thread, I love hearing moms brag about their kids! :)

September - posted on 01/03/2011




Great idea Krista!

Gosh where do I begin? In just the 2 years of existence our sweet, loving, funny, sometimes hyper, smart, independent, cutie pa totie, son Kazyn has taught me so much about life. He is so kind hearted and just warms my heart like no other! I learn something new every day as I watch him grow. He loves to learn! (I’ll spare you in listing out all the things he can do, let’s just say he seems to be advanced for his age) He loves music and could dance all day long! He enjoys reading, arts and crafts, cooking the outdoors and is a social butterfly! Oh he loves animals too! He pretty much always has a smile on his face and I adore that about him. He's my WORLD and I love him with all that I am! I’m sure I’ve left out some things but you get the idea…. Braggin done!

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Harry's crawling already, Loureen! Yowzah! You're going to have your hands full with that one. :)

Oh, and just to add, I've jinxed myself by bragging about Sam. This evening, he was mega-clingy and wanting to be picked up every 3 seconds (but only by Mommy), and then he was throwing things, and then he was lying on the floor having a meltdown, and then he was shaking the gate blocking the wood stove, just hauling on it for all he was worth, and then he was running around shrieking.


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My daughter keeps passing her levels in swimming and now they've put her in a class that starts at 24 months old, and she isn't even 12 months old yet.

My son kicks butt at gymnastics. He loves the lessons and he's super strong.

Charlie - posted on 01/03/2011




Cooper is two years old , absolutely gorgeous and the most empathetic , caring little boy I have ever known .

For someone so young he is always thinking about others and making sure they are ok , he is completley amazing with his little brother Harry , as soon as Harry makes a peep in his room Cooper runs in and kisses him on his head , pats his hair and says " Hey Harry , are you ok ?"

He is always first to help other kids who have hurt themselves as well as his clumsy mummy , like when I smashed my knee he came running up and asked " are you ok mummy ? kiss better ?" he then leaned down and kissed my sore knee and most recently after my father passed away I was bawling my eyes out and he once again asked if I was ok , I replied " No baby , mummy is very sad , I miss grandfather "
Cooper replied " grand fa' sick , no don't cry mummy , don't cry "

*sigh* he is so awesome , he is also very independant and very bright he is counting and recognizing shapes colours and words in books and he has a huge love for singing and dancing and motorbikes , he knows where the key goes and where the throttle is ...SCARY haha.

Harry ( 5 months 3 weeks old ) is SUCH an easy baby , he is all smiles and giggles and also completely beautiful he is sitting and crawling he is physically advanced much like his brother was , he is a snuggely little man and only ever gets whingy when he is starting to get tired he babbles a lot too , I think he will be a chatterbox like his brother and mummy .

All of my friends are now completley clucky because of him .

Krista - posted on 01/03/2011




If you hadn't mentioned how absurdly cute Lucas is, I definitely would have added it! He's just this gorgeous little blond Dutch boy -- Holland should borrow him for tourism ads.

Esther - posted on 01/03/2011




Lucas is without a doubt the light of my life. I am obsessed with him. He is 3 years and one week old (I'm still getting used to saying he's 3) and he's just the most awesome kid ever as far as I'm concerned. Lucas has always been extremely sweet & caring. When a new boy joined his class at daycare and was sitting on the floor crying for his mommy, Lucas sat down next to him, rubbed his back and told him he'd be OK. Months before that when they were playing musical chairs for the first time at school the kids were all running around the room like mad people and when one of them tripped, Lucas stopped dead in his tracks, walked over to the kid who had fallen and helped him up. He makes my heart ache with pride all the time. He's also very good at making friends. We're having his birthday party next week and are expecting 22 kids to come. Wherever he goes he makes friends. I don't think he has ever eaten anything by himself. If you give him something, he is sure to share it with everyone else in the room. If he only has 3 pieces of candy and there are 4 people in the room, you will see him agonize for a minute and then give them all away. He was speaking in sentences by 18 months and he is fluent in both Dutch and English and switches between them like it's nothing depending on who he's talking to. He's also super polite and will say please, thank you, you're welcome, excuse me etc. unprompted. We recently went to Holland to visit family and when we were at my brother in law's apartment and he finished his bowl of potato chips, he walked right past us to the kitchen to put his bowl in the dishwasher. When we flew to Holland he hardly slept before or during the trip (because of the excitement) so except for a 2 hour nap on the plane he was up for 36 hours straight and yet he was still happy, content, talkative and just fun to be around for everyone. It was his first time flying in 2 years so he didn't remember the last trip, but when we got to security in Holland for the flight back he started to take his shoes off without anyone telling him he had to. My little world traveler. I could go on & on about him. He's just a miracle to me. Oh & did I mention he's also super cute?

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Sara, what you said about the challenges you face with Rowan now being good for her in the long-run is exactly how I feel about Milla! She is so full-on, persistant and fiesty right now (at 23 months) and she can be exhausting and difficult lol. But I just remind myself that these attributes will make her a strong, powerful woman so it is my responsibility to guide her and teach her to harness it.

Mil is very outgoing and confident. She is expressive and loves to sing and dance. She is a talker - oh my lordy can this girl talk! - and comes out with the funniest, most random things sometimes.

She's also extremely bright. She recognises certain letters and numbers, knows her ABCs, can draw a circle and square, and can count to 10 (all of which has been learnt through play - no stupid Your Baby Can Read programs in this house lol).

She is just a treasure. The most tiring, demanding joy of my life!

Becky - posted on 01/03/2011




Great idea, Krista! My favorite topic! :)
Cole, my almost 3 year old (yikes!) is as smart as can be. He was talking in 5-6 word sentences by the time he hit 2, he knows his ABCS, can count to 20, and can count backwards. He uses these great big words or adult phrases and uses them correctly. But it's more hilarious when he doesn't! For awhile, when he was uncomfortable, he would say, "I'm a little bit constipated!" Hilarious! He has a great imagination and is always telling stories about characters coming to visit or going to visit them. He also has an amazing memory - although this one frustrates me sometimes because he can remember something we did or something I said 2 months ago, but can't remember where he put his car 2 minutes ago! When we're reading books, if I start the page, he can finish it from memory. Blew me away the first time he did that! When we walk down the street, he can tell you what brand every car we walk past is and he can recognize all kinds of places by their symbols. He is hilarious and totally goofy and loves to make me laugh. And he's just a little bundle of energy and sociableness. He's very sweet too, and a great big brother. We've had our challenges in that area, and sharing is still tough for him some days, but he's becoming very sweet and helpful with his little brother. At bedtime, he always has to give Zach hugs and kisses and tell him he loves him. And he loves to try to cheer Zach up when he's grumpy. And he's so sweet - at bedtime, I say, "I love you sweetie" and he repeats it back to me. He's exceptionally cute too, even though he has crazy hair!
Zach, my 16 month old is my little cuddle bug. He's such a snuggler. He's a pretty happy, easy-going little guy. He loves music and singing and dancing. He also loves animals and gets all excited when he sees them -real, toy, or on TV. He doesn't say many words yet, but he knows quite a few animal sounds. The cutest is when he does an elephant! He's a little goofball too (they both get it from me!) and has the sweetest smile. He loves climbing and is quite the little daredevil. He was climbing up the climbing wall at the playground this summer before he could even walk - he wasn't even a year old yet! I have to watch him! I think he's going to be pretty smart too, he likes trying to figure things out. He's more shy than Cole is, but that could change, because Cole was pretty shy at this age too and completely turned around by the time he was about 2 1/2.
They both have tempers though, hoooo boy! But they're pretty great kids. I love them to death!

Tiffany - posted on 01/03/2011




My daughter is almost 15 months. Amaya is a very silly, independent, stubborn, daredevil of a girl. She has the cutest cheeks and her laugh is the best. Her smiles are contagious and I love waking up every morning to the sound of her talking to whatever it is she is talking to in her room lol. She loves dancing now, loves the snow and if you run past her or towards her she cracks up hysterically. One of the quirks I love. She does this thing with her Daddy and I where she pushes our face to one side, then the other, then back and so on. She pokes at our face laughing. Amaya is not a huge people person yet, she is actually quite shy so when someone says hi she tends to just look away lol. She loves peek a boo and loves to be scared by it. When we play with her magnet set and I sing the song with her, she shimmies her shoulders side to side and it is SO cute. I love her to pieces. She's the coolest kid.

[deleted account]

Gabrielle(12mths) is such a smart and beautiful little girl. She copies everything i do and follows me around the house. She sings, plays the bongos and is very advanced for her age. she can say some sentences and a variety of different words. She loves books and enjoys learning. She loves music and even dances to the beat of the washer. She loves to be creative. She is so independent, always happy and has such a good temperament. She was sleeping through the night since she was 3 months old, i was nervous of this actually and woke her up for midnight feedings...Teething is a breeze, shes popping teeth like crazy and only turned into a demon once. :P Shes loving and affectionate, only when she wants to be though. I get compliments on what a "good" baby she is all the time. The only time she ever cries is when she gets hurt, anything she needs or wants, she just tells me with either sign language or her words. She comprehends everything i say, you can see a strong understanding in her.

[deleted account]

Eliza (age 2 and half) is my polar opposite. I'm kind of spacey and messy and book smart. She's got a lot of common sense and is very neat and observant. To me, it is the most amazing thing I could produce has a child like that!

Let me give a few examples...Several months back I was unloading the dishwasher. She came up, took the cutting board out and put it away in the correct cabinet. She now unloads all the dishes that go in lower cabinets. She's very good about keeping her toys picked up and put in the correct spot. When I use cleaner, she has her own bottle of water and rag and she helps me clean. In the church nursery, the nursery worker always tells me that Eliza is the one to ask if one of the kids lost a sippy cup. She always knows exactly where it is. When walking through the grocery store she'll pick up every can that is out of place or fallen over and fix it.

Okay other than that, here are her latest accomplishments...She recognizes some letters. She's daytime potty trained! She can draw a circle and a heart.

Sarah - posted on 01/03/2011




My 15 month old son, Ethan, really IS the cutest child in the world. ;) He keeps me laughing all day long! I think he's going to have a sense of humor just like his daddy. He's very shy at first when he meets new people, but give him about 15 minutes to warm up & he'll act like he's known you his whole life. He runs everywhere & gets into everything...he keeps me on my toes ALL day long. He's so much fun to be around :)

[deleted account]

Jake is awesome. I happen to think he is possibly the most beautiful child on Earth (but I respect that others may think I'm partial lol). He has bright red hair, and big, dark blue eyes, which was a total shock to me, considering my ancestry! (The elders in my tribe think he is a "Blessing and sign of good things").

He is very smart, and he has confidence like you wouldn't believe--he has no qualms about sparring with a kid twice his size in Taekwondo, and he will talk to anyone. Recently a new kid was assigned to his class at school. After a week, the other children still did not speak to him. His teacher told me that Jake pulled him into the game at recess and the boy was making friends now. We got a Thank You note from his mom who said he was hating school here until Jake started playing with him and helped him make friends. It melted my heart.

Lindsay - posted on 01/03/2011




I'll try to not go on and on....

Madeline is 5 and she is my complete girly girl. She is definately a drama queen and demands attention. She's a smart girl, very articulate, very detail oriented, and a perfectionist. She is very competitive much like me. Madeline is very cautious in trying new things. She wants to know what's going to happen before she does something and will ask and ask again before trying something new. She is very sweet and thoughtful and makes friends quickly, be it at school or a quick trip to the park. There is not a shy bone in her body. She's very much a social butterfly.

Cooper is my 4 year old. He's a boy in every sense of the word. He very rough and fearless. The boy has scared the life out of me more times than I can count with his "evil knievel" type stunts. He's very kind hearted as well. He knows how to work his charm, always has. He's my little comedian. And last but not least, he's very unselfish and will often do whatever Madeline wants him to do if in return, she will simply play with him.

My kids seem like night and day opposites from each other but they are both perfect in their own way. I wouldn't change them for anything.

Sara - posted on 01/03/2011




Rowan is two and she's a firecracker! She's curious, opinionated, affectionate, sweet, funny and bright. I love her so much, I could just burst sometimes! I try to remember that the challenges I face now with her personality will only serve to make her an interesting, spirited woman later in life, so I'm trying really hard to encourage her to be herself, but still set limits and rules. What drives me crazy now will be an asset to her later...or at least that's what I tell myself. :)

Rosie - posted on 01/03/2011




grant my 10 year old, is super smart. he is amazing at everything he tries to do. he does have social problems (maybe aspergers, right now ADHD, and social anxiety disorder), but when it comes to school, or just figuring out things he is the master! he taught himself to read at age 4, he can look at someone doing origami once and will have it memorized and be able to do it. same thing with legos, and anything else mechanical. wish he would hurry up and start studying cars so he can fix them for us, lol!

vincent my 6 year old, is super stubborn, but also SUPER sweet. he's very kind, always polite, and recently got a letter sent along with his report card stating that he was the role model in his class for behavior, and other kids look up to him for that. he is also above average for his class, and compared to other kindergarteners in the state.

lucas my 3 year old, is like sam, krista. he's a very sweet, very easy going boy. sure he has his moments, but most of the time he just does what you want without fuss, and in fact with much glee. everything makes him happy!! he is also BEYOND cute. his little glasses remind me of the kid off of jerry mcguire. i want to eat him he's so friggin adorable, lol! he's not above average in anything yet (except cuteness, lol) but he just makes my heart melt everytime i see him. i definitely have the baby of the house syndrome with him. gah!

Sarah - posted on 01/03/2011




Cadence (my eldest) is a little drama queen! She's hard work, but she's gorgeous, funny and smart (naturally......hahaha).

Shia is just a little cutie! She's so loving and funny and gorgeous!!

I love both my girls SO much!! Even though they drive me insane a lot of the time......they make up for it by being so damn cute! :)

[deleted account]

Ethan my 15 month old is incredible and he makes me so proud every single day.

He is adorable and so damn cute it is unreal, he is clever - he tried to plug my hair dryer in the other day (and would of if his daddy hadn't stopped him) he has only seen me do it once! He is so incredibly social, he will go to anyone and play with them (after a minute or so of assessing them) and he shares like a dream (that makes my heart melt as neither of his cousins 3yo and 5 yo share very well with him, the 3 yo actually hides his toys from Ethan grrr) Ethan wasn't bothered at all by all the kids playing with his toys.

He dances like a pro (ok not quite a pro yet but he is getting there), anytime he hears music he has to dance to it.

He is the happiest child I have ever met and sounds very like Sam, in that he rarely moans or cries, and is incredibly laid back and even our non-child friends (the ones who don't want kids) adore him!

My little man rocks not only my world but everyone who he meets world as well - he is the best!

Ok brag done!

Lucy - posted on 01/03/2011




Awww, nice thread, Krista. Well, here goes!

My 4 year old daughter is so kind and caring, can't stand to see anyone upset and takes care of her little brother like a second Mummy. When she grows up she wants to be a Mummy and a conservationist, and yes, she does know what one of those is, she explained it to her preschool teacher beautifully :) She is also amazingly creative and arty, I love to watch her dance, she's like a a little floating fairy!

My 3 year old son is a tiny, gorgeous little ball of energy who never stops moving. He is such a logical thinker and loves to figure out how things work. If he gets a toy that makes a noise or moves, you have to watch him or he'll neatly take the whole thing apart to see how it does it! He is also extremely affectionate, and one of my favourite things in the world is to hear him blowing me kisses from his bedroom first thing in the morning.

They both fill me with such love and pride, thanks for letting us all have a little boast ;)

Amanda - posted on 01/03/2011




My oldest is my firecracker...he likes to be bossy and takes initiative in most situations. He can be the sweetest little guy out there and at the same time knows where he stands and is very defensive when he needs to be. My oldest daughter is the quiet one, she is very motherly and is super sweet to her younger sisters. She's probably the most laid back and avoids drama and conflict! I envy her sometimes! My middle daughter is the mouth of the family! But that's what makes her so unique! She's very small for her age and still likes to be mouthy! She will make everyone smile no matter the moods you're in! My youngest is my baby! She is such a lover! She will entertain you until her socks fall off! I love all 4 of my kids so incredibly much and they are so different it's absolutley amazing!

Dana - posted on 01/03/2011




Ethan is on the young side of two and is like your son, Krista. Just super sweet, laid back, funny and a happy kid.

During the holiday season we were able to watch him be completely out of his element, meeting new family, playing with strange kids and he was wonderful. He was polite(saying please and thank you's with no prompting), kind and he had no issues sharing and he was the youngest one there! We were so proud to see how well he handled himself!

Joanna - posted on 01/03/2011




Paige is a stubborn, independent, fiery 3-year-old. Bit she is also amazingly sweet. She loves to give random hugs and kisses, and is friends with everyone (best friend is our local florist). She Also has a killer sense of humor.

And if this is about bragging, I'll put this here - we've been working on potty training, and although she won't poop in the potty all the time, she's starting to here and there, plus she's woken up dry for a month :) also recently gave up pacifiers without a fuss.

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