Not a Debate -- What's Your Routine?

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Someone had posted a question about routines over in another forum, and I thought, "Huh...I'd love to find out the different routines that the lovely ladies of DM have." I know we have some working moms here and some work-from-home moms here and some SAHMs here. So, I'm just curious -- DO you have any sort of a daily routine, or do you just fly by the seat of your pants? And if you have a routine, what is it?


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Melissa i drank coffe while pregnant and while BF. I just limited it to 2 cups per day nothing more.

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I'll go first:

We all get up at 6am, and both my husband and I leave the house at 7am. (I COULD leave the house at 7:30 and still make it to work on time, but I like giving myself that extra half-hour of cushion in case it's one of "those" mornings when I just can't get us out the door quickly. So I always aim for 7am.)

So from 6 to 6:30, I get myself showered and dressed, while my husband gets our son's diaper changed and gets him his breakfast. I come downstairs at 6:30 and put on my makeup in our powder room while our son finishes his breakfast and my husband goes upstairs to get himself ready. At 6:45, I bring my son upstairs to get him dressed, and from there, we're getting ready to go out the door. I work a 45-minute commute from home and he goes to daycare a 5-minute drive from my work. I work from 8:30am to 4:30pm.

So after work, I pick up Sam, and get home around 5:30. My husband, due to his very short commute, usually gets home around 5:10, so he usually starts supper -- putting a pot of water on to boil, or getting some veggies washed and cut up.

I roll in the door around 5:30 or so and take over making supper while my husband has playtime with our son. We eat around 6pm, and then we both have playtime with Sam until around 6:45 or so. Then, I go upstairs and run his bath, and my husband brings him upstairs and bathes him while I go back downstairs to get the supper dishes scraped off and put into the dishwasher.

Once he's done bathing him, I go back upstairs and we get him in his jammies, get his teeth brushed, and give him his hugs and kisses. Then he's on my lap for a story (if he has enough patience, which he usually doesn't), and I put him in his crib. This is usually around 7:15.

After that, I head back downstairs and check emails or COM for about a half-hour, and then from 8-9 we usually do our tidying up, our laundry, whatever. No major scrubbing or heavy-duty projects, but we'll make sure everything is tidy and put away, and will usually give the sinks and toilets a quick cleaning, make sure the counters are all wiped off, and will often run the vacuum. At 9pm we stop, and we relax and watch TV, read or surf the internet until bedtime, which is usually around 11pm.

On the weekends, we're a lot more relaxed with the scheduling, but we'll usually take advantage of Sam's naptime to do stuff like mopping the floors or scrubbing the tubs, or to tackle anything major like cleaning out the closets.

Obviously, when we have a second child, the routine will have to change, so we'll likely have a tricky period of transition until we get a new routine figured out.


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During the school year our routine is
I get up at 6am shower and get dressed
7am wake up children and make breakfast
7:30am breakfast time
8am we all leave for school
3:30pm pick up the youngest 2 and wait for the oldest 2
I walk the youngest 2 and the oldest 2 go alone part way
Mondays I do week end laundry
Tuesdays I volunteer at elementary school
Wednesdays I volunteer at high school
Thursdays I do laundry and clean the basement
Fridays I clean the rest of the house

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We are a very relaxed household (no surprise there huh?)
Typical weekday goes as follows:
I am the first one to wake up, I can't seem to sleep past about 7ish unless I've been kid free the night before and stayed up late drinking and being merry.:)
I am up alone, drinking coffee on my sun porch, have a smoke or two with my two or three coffees, check com, check my email, read etc. until Riley gets up at about 8, then Aila gets up pretty much right after. I go down and make them breakfast and get some stuff our for whatever we're doing that morning ie: art projects left unfinished, crafts, letter writing to family etc. etc.
Jaeli is 8 she gets up at about 8:30, usually makes her own breakfast. Then everyone who is awake sets about doing their morning chores, tidy their rooms, get dressed ,brush hair and teeth, make their bed. My oldest daughter gets up somewhere between 9 and 10 depending on when she feels like it. lol often she will wake earlier but lie in her bed reading for an hour or so. She then gets her breakfast, puts her dog out, gets dressed and does her chores etc. Then she takes her dog for a walk while I do some schooly stuff with the other two girls and Riley generally plays or sits in his high chair "colouring" while they do whatever they are doing.
Alyssa gets home from her dog walking and does her own work, writing a letter, finishing art, starting something new, doing some research etc.
We all get together for lunch (kids can snack on healthy stuff throughout the morning on their own when they are hungry).
Everyone helps make lunch and set the table etc. everyone helps clean up from lunch. Riley has a nap and I spend an hour or so with the girls doing fun stuff like crafts, beading, clay work etc.
Then they have free time to go to the library, use the computer, call a friend, go for a bike ride etc. etc. for about 2 hours. Then we usually either go out somewhere or we do a group activity that masks as fun but is usually related to something we are learning about.
Then we all help make dinner, Steve gets home about 30
minutes before dinner.
We usually eat at about 7 ish, and then Riley gets ready for bed, he goes down at 7:30 while Steve plays cards with the girls, then I read to them or they read to me and they go to bed one after the other at 30 minute intervals starting at about 8:15.
Then I tidy up a bit throw a load of laundry in and settle into bed to watch documentaries with my honey.
And throughout the day I check in on com, when I'm passing the computer or when they are all doing their thing in the day time.
Our routine is very flexible, we are spontaneous people and could wake up in the morning of a beautiful day and decide we are going to go on a road trip somewhere and have a picnic along the way etc.
Or decide we're going to visit friends or family out of town and just go.
I love our non routine routine.

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Well, weekdays are usually the sameish:
Get us both up between 8 & 9.
Breakfast, washing, dishwasher a bit of clearing up.
Shower, both dressed, the out to morning activity (starting between 10 & 11)!
On some days we stay out for lunch, on other days we go home for lunch! Sometimes Lydia's friends come over for lunch and a play.
We the play/nip to the shops until nap time (usually 3, but is sometimes earlier)! I then sometimes do a few bits, but it's 'me' time!!
4.30-5 wake madam up and have snuggles on the sofa whilst she comes round.
Prepare tea and get in the oven.
6pm collect hubby from train station.
6.30 eat tea together.
7.30 walk dog (and play in park if nice, if not then follow on with art and craft or pizzles).
8.30 bath
9.00 storytime/bed!!!
9pm + clear up, watch TV etc
11pm bed!!!
Our routine works well for us (I'm not a morning person), and Lydia still gets lots of time out with her friends, and we do different activities through out the week (Sport, dance, music, toddlers, Football, messy play etc).

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Blah, winter routine... depends on the day or the week? Every other weekend I have my 3 1/2 year old SD. My husband also works odd hours.... but generally it goes like this in my household with my 2 1/2 year old, Benjamin and my 10 month old, Morgan:

I wake up at 5 am to do a wee and get a drink.... Then go back to be to snooze a little more. Ben is always the first to rise... around 6am-7am. He stands in my door with his bunny blanket and waits to be invited in.... or turns my light on. I tell him to grab his milk out of the fridge and come lay in bed with us/me. I get an extra 15 mins to wake up that way. ;)

I change him. Start breakfest. Usually Morgan wakes up some time around then. I get her bottle ready. Ben eats, Morgan drinks. Change Morgan for the day and start my pot of coffee.

Kids play in the livingroom while I drink a coffee, maybe have a quick breakfest and visit COM. As I'm doing right now.

Finish Coffee. Morgan is ready for breakfest, cheerios and banana. Then she goes down for her first nap. Ben and I start on our chores. He helps with dusting, vaccuming, washing dishes, laundry, sweeping up. Ben and Mommy time until Morgan wakes up from her nap. Usually playing cars in his room, reading books, colouring, playdoh, stickers, make-believe.

Ben has brunch around 10:30. Morgan wakes up and has a bottle. I usually finish up some chores I didn't finish earlier and then play with the two of them.

Morgan has lunch around 12ish while I get Ben ready for his nap. 12-1, I periodically go to Ben's room to encourage him to take a nap... he's about 50/50 for taking naps right now. So when he doesn't nap he plays quietly in his room for an hour. We have Morgan and Mommy time. Morgan goes for her second nap between 1-2pm usually.

Wheeeee!!! It's Mommy-time!!! For about an hour or hour and a half! I go on COM, read some articles on parenting, play The Sims, talk on the phone (w/o having to say 'excuse me' every 2 mins), watch a tv program or movie. And take my shower!

Around 3ish the kids usually wake up within 15 mins of eachother. Ben has an afternoon snack. Morgan has a bottle. More play time! In the spring and summer we usually go out and play in the backyard, go to the park, visit a friend's for a play date.

5:30pm- Dinner for the kids (while my husband is at work). Hubby gets home at 6:30pm when he's on days, and leaves for work at 5:30pm when he's on nights (on those days we have an early dinner around 4ish as a family).

When my hubby's on nights we do baths around 6pm and then watch a movie at 6:30pm. I think this is my favourite time of the day, when dinner is done, baths are done and we are winding down before bed. I have this huge white chair that fits me and both of my kids so we all can cuddle and watch a disney movie.

When hubby is on days he has Daddy and Kiddie time at around 7pm (after he showers and makes his lunch). Ok, ummm don't get mad at me for this or think I'm lazy but... after a 12 hour shift he still makes our dinner. Ok... so I'm spoiled... but he's a way better cook than me.

Morgan goes to bed around 7:30. Ben goes to bed at 8pm. We have a late dinner (when he's working days, when he's not working we eat as a family around 5:30pm).

Adult time- after a handful of times of waking my son back to his room and back to bed. We watch a movie together and lately we've been obsessed with old seasons of Big Brother UK. I go to bed around 11pm.

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My gosh some of you get up bloody early!! :P

Depends on what day it is for me.
A work day : Get up at 7:30, get the girls and myself ready for work/school/nursery (my husband gets up at 7am so he sometimes gives them their breakfast if they wake up early). Drop the girls at school/nursery and get to work for 9:15. I work until 2:15, come home and have some lunch and mess about on COM! Go to pick my eldest up from school at 3:15. Come home, tidy up, make her dinner etc. Go to collect my youngest at about 5pm. Play with the kids until hubby comes home about 6pm. Do some more tidying up, hanging washing upstairs etc. (hubby makes his own dinner, I suck at cooking! lol) Kids have a bath at about 6:30pm. We play with them til about 7pm ish. Youngest goes to bed, then eldest follows about half hour later (she likes to "stay up" because she's the eldest! lol) then they can play/read whatever until lights out at 8pm. I usually read them a story each when they go to bed.

Then I have a shower, and depending what day it is, I either hang out with the hubby, do some college work or watch stuff that my husband hates (if he's out!)

If it's a non work day, then my youngest has no nursery, so it's just dropping off and collecting my eldest. I do the shopping, mess about on COM's, play with my youngest, take her to the park or whatever. Then the evening bit is pretty much the same.

Weekends all depend on whether hubby is working Sat morning or not. We usually try to go and do something fun.
Sundays, I work from 7am til 2pm and hubby takes the kids to his parents for Sunday Lunch. So when I finish work I get about 2hrs child free to do whatever!

Phew! What a long post! lol :)

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i don;t have routines as such as hubby works a different shift and day everyweek, i have things i like to do but if i have a playgroup day for the girls on the only day he has home that week we don;t go, i have a book club once a month but if hubby is on night shift i don;t go, so i seem to have habbits rather than routine, so while every week is different except for preschool or transition (and my teenager kind of has his own schedual but it doens;t really affect mine) every day has the same things that have to be done, i get up when the kids do, i put the washing in the machine when i wake up, unpack the dishwasher when the coffee is boiling first thing, make the beds and tidy the girls room when they are watching playschool turn on the dishwasher as i leave the house, clean the fridge before i go shopping, fold the washing when the kids are in the bath, make our bed when i go for a shower in our ensuit,

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It depends, I work 2-3 days a week and am home with my daughter the other days.

Work days:

Get up at 5:45 for my shower, wake daughter & hubby just after 6, get them out the door before 7, clean the house & prep dinner, leave for work at 7:30.

I work from 8 to 4:30 and then I'm usually home around 5:15 on a good traffic day, and as late as 8 pm on a bad day. (I work on an island industrial park where about 10,000 employees attempt to all leave at 4:30 by one bridge).

As long as I get home before 6/6:30, I start dinner.

Hubby & daughter come home (he drops her & picks her up) around 6:15.

We usually eat around 7, have a quick bath around 7:30, catch a bit of Jeopardy and put our daughter to bed after a few stories at 8 pm.

Basically after that I do COM, laundry, cleaning, breakfast & lunch prep, etc. We generally fit in a tv show + the Daily Show before bed. I am thankful for the PVR! I usually hit the sack around 11 pm.

On my at home days:

Usually I try to sleep until 7am. We usually have a small breakfast and then my daughter watches Curious George while I shower. Then she sits on the potty forever. Somedays she sits on the potty during Curious George so she watches Super Why later.

Usually we leave the house around 9:30/10 am for a walk or to go to playgym or one of her activities. Some weeks we get together with a group of friends who all have kids the same age.

We have a lunch around 12:30 and she naps generally around 1pm for about an hour. Then there's another lengthy potty session. She loves to read on the can.

In the afternoon, we might stay home and do art or just play. In the summer we garden and play outside more. I often walk back to the store to do some grocery shopping. I start dinner around 5:30, hubby home at 6ish and we eat around 6:30. Since there is more free evening time, we usually all build Lego together. Her bedtime stays the same 8pm. But I tend to stay up later to do more house chores or prep soups or sauces for the week ahead, since I don't have to be up early.

And I drink at least one very large cup of coffee a day, sometimes more. I did it while I was pregnant except for the first 3 months when it made me ill. Since my daughter was over 9 lbs, I am glad I did something that might have reduced her birth weight.

I'm also hoping to start going to the gym soon, because they are extending their hours to 10 pm, so I should be able to fit it in. I'm going to have to give up a couple shows though. Good thing some of mine are ending this season.

Also, I run our membership committee for our co-op, so if there are people moving out, I can have several nights a week when I have meetings, orientations, interviews and such. Then the whole works just kind of goes off track....

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We have absolutely no schedule or routine, especially now with the newest. I've always done everything on demand; I'm just not a schedule kind of person I guess.

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speaking of coffee does anyone drink it while breast feeding I could so do with that to get me thru the days of tiredness I havent had one in 16 months due to pregnancy and breast feeding. And Veronica duno how u do it crazy lol must be so full on. The amount of washing is the main thing that worries me about more kids it would be nver ending Ive lived at a house with 6 kids soon as I came home from school it was washing cooking cleaning dishes non stop

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I wake up between 5:30 & 6am, depending on how many times I hit snooze ;) I shower, dress, and start breakfast before waking hubby and son. They can dress themselves, so I finish up breakfast and pack lunches. We eat breakfast between 6:30 & 7am, then brush teeth and head to school/work.

After I drop my son at school I go to the gym for an hour or so, then home to cleaning. I start laundry then do my cleaning--I spend 15 minutes in each room, so I am usually done by about 11:30am. I fold the first batch of laundry then have a shower before eating lunch (I can't eat all icky from the gym & cleaning). After lunch, I finish the laundry, run errands, shop, or, if I have work (I work freelance & own some rental properties) I do that. If I don't have any shopping, work, or errands, or special projects going on, I get about an hour to chill with a book, watch TV, or play on the computer until it is time to go pick up J at 2pm.

After school, we have a quick snack, then homework, reading, practice Taekwondo, and clean his room (if needed). Once that is finished he is free to play until Taekwondo or Baseball time. If we do not have a sport that evening, we do a family game night--we play wii or a board game.

I cook dinner right after Taekwondo/Baseball/game while hubs plays with J. The time varies, but usually between 6 & 7pm. We eat together, then hubs gives J a bath while I clean the kitchen. After that, hubs gets to relax while I play with J until bedtime 8pm, then I tuck him in, read his stories, and kiss him goodnight.

After he's in bed, hubs & I have time together to read, watch TV, talk, or....

Tuesdays and Thursdays are a little different: Tuesdays I usually have lunch with my friends, so I skip the gym to finish the cleaning earlier.

Thursdays I volunteer at J's school, so I skip the gym that day too, I do a quick clean before heading to school at 10:15 to meet J for lunch. After lunch, I work in the Publishing Center until 1:30, then I go wrap muffins for the Friday muffin fundraiser before picking J up from class at 2:30.

Oh, and every other Wednesday, I volunteer with YouthBASE. I go to the gym those days b/c I have to clear my head for it, but I skip the cleaning.

We don't have a weekend routine. The three of us usually spend it together somewhere. Sometimes J will stay a night with one of our parents so we can have a date.

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Im a night owl, and most days it does suck - i never get adequate sleep no matter how early i go to bed - im either woken by one of my kids - or my husband works from 2 to midnight - and im unfortunatly accustomed to his schedule - so even if i go to bed by 9/10 or 11 - i ALWAYS wake up right before/when/or right after he gets home from work - and then i end up getting a 'second wind' and dont get back to bed til 1 or 2 in the morning. Then we are all up again between 6/7 am for school. Ive always been a night person - but when i didnt have kids, i could sleep all day if i wanted to -- cannot do that as a parent, unless my hubby lets me sleep in, while he watches the kids. Its a rotten curse! lol I love getting up early in the morning too - house is quiet, the world is quiet, its a fresh and crisp kind of atmosphere -- but unless i get to bed early enough - i miss a lot of the early morning -- def. need to get my schedule reversed here!!

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I have no idea how people can go to bed as late as midnight everynight and still function everyday.
We have little routine.
When the kids wake we get up which is anywhere from 6-7am. On the rare occassion as late as 7:30am.
Breakfast when they ask for it generally around 8am.
If it's a school day i will pack my daughter lunch and get the 3 kids dressed and we are out the door by 8:55am to get her to school on time. We walk which means an hour out of the house.
When we get back baby goes down for a sleep. Anywhere from an hour to 3 hours. Out of the house at 2:45 to pick my daughter up from school.
Get home baby has another nap while i unpack my daughters bag and talk about her day.
Baby wakes by 5 usually and i start dinner around 5.
Baths while dinner is on.
Eat when it's cooked.
Bed is anywhere from 6:30 to 7:30.

On a day that my daughter does not have school things happenas they do we don't have any set time except bed time which remains teh same.

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@ Krista- The key word in there is "try". I get 5 hrs on a good night but it doesn't always work out that way. I go through a lot of coffee. ;-P

Veronica - posted on 03/10/2011




Im scheduled, routined, and a fly by the seat of my pants -- every day is different, and it depends what day it is, what is going on for the day, etc.etc.
For the most part, we all get up, i get the older two off to the school bus, and the other three at the table to eat breakfast, and change and feed the baby. Then its kinda of free time in the morning. The kids play, or watch their Nickjr shows, play with daddy - while I either run errands, check out stuff online, do some housecleaning - whatever it happens to be. I usually do my laundry in the mornings too - since my hubby can watch our kids, our laundry is down in the basement - obviously i cannot watch my kids from down there - and its not the place for kids to be, so i cant take them down with me === so needless to say, i do laundry when hubby is home, and when kids are in bed -- and it SUCKS too - i literally have over 10 to 15 loads a week - its constant and ongoing all the time.
Then we all eat lunch around 11, my third oldest gets ready for 4K and is off to the bus by 12 - the other three are put down for their naps. I take advantage of that time too - to either put my feet up and rest before the big evening comes around - make client calls, or just spend time with the hubby.
Hubby heads to work between 1:30/2pm the kids are up from their naps by that time - and the REAL work begins! They get a little snack - and i begin preparing supper - i like having supper done by 4/5pm - my kids get home from school by 3:30 and are starving - so i always aim to have supper done shortly after they get home. I also tidy the kitchen as im preparing supper as well - dishes, wash down, sweep, etc. After supper is over, its clean up time for the living room/bedrooms - toys put away, etc. They get homework time, free play, and a little tv time - then its bath/bedtime. I like to have them to bed by no later than 8pm - but always aim for 7.
After they are in bed, i spend time doing some business, COM, FB, emails, etc. I do whatever house work is easier when the kids are in bed - laundry, bathroom scrubbing, and mopping.
The only thing that changes up my routines is business. If i have an appt. with a client, or any business conventions/presentations/overviews, etc. then I simply get what i need done earlier, might cook supper earlier if i need to ( i like to have things ready/done/prepared for the sitter -unless my hubby is watching the kids).

Nothing really changes when we go out and about - routine is still there. Summer time I love - because we can get the hay out of the house all day - whether just to be outside, or to go to the park, zoo, etc. Winter we are still outside, but just not that long, and we get harsher winters with below 10 degrees F - so the kids arent able to be outside as long - but we cope.
I like what i have set up, cause if change comes along, or there is spur of the moment stuff - my kids adjust very easily. And having lots of kids - routine helps a lot - it makes the transition into more kids easier. Im due with #7 in august - and it wont be anything added or harder - because i will have the baby around the 'schedule' 'routine' that we have now. The only thing that made it harder with a new baby for me, was the breastfeeding - because if i have the baby attached, and one of the kids are getting into something, i have to either stop to run after the kids, or go around the house with a baby attached to my boob, which is a bit of an adjustment trying to nurse and 'run' after someone! lol

So now that i wrote a novel i will stop here. I have my routine of stuff, some things are done around a certain time, and others are just free time/free play/spur of the moment, or do whatever.

[deleted account]

DH is up and gone by 6:30am. Kids and I are up by 7am. breakfast, dressed, hair, & teeth are done no later than 8:30. School work is started from right after breakfast to 11:30 for lunch. 12:30 we have had lunch and recess so we are back at the school work and my youngest takes a nap while watching her phonics videos with her sister. If I haven't had something in the crock pot all day then I start dinner about 3-4pm. DH gets home anywhere from 3pm to 8pm depending on the day and schedule. Baths/showers, are done from 5:30-6:30 cartoons at 6:30 & 7pm. Books, teeth, from 7:30-8 and the tuck in for the night.
That is a basics of our schedule but by no means is it all. I didn't put in cleaning as I clean everyday throughout the day and laundry is done when it needs it.

Krista - posted on 03/10/2011




Lindsay, you only average 5 hours of sleep a night? I'd be a gibbering mess...

Sarah - posted on 03/10/2011




I'm a SAHM & our routine varies depending on what day of the week it is. Here's an example:

5:45am - Husband wakes up, takes the dog out, gets ready for work & out the door by 6:30am. Ethan (17 months) & I sleep in for a little longer. :)

Between 7-8am: Ethan & I get up, I change his diaper, and set him up in his high chair. He watches NickJr while I get his breakfast ready. Then we eat breakfast & watch some cartoons together.

After breakfast (8am-10ish): Ethan has some playtime & I usually unload the dishwasher or throw in a load of clothes, etc.

If it's Monday, we get ready for the day & go grocery shopping.

10ish: Snack time for Ethan & playtime. We usually try to make it to one or two playdates a week with our playgroup (gymnastics center, parks, etc.)

11:30-1:30pm - Ethan takes a nap & I clean, do laundry, eat lunch, play on facebook or COMs, etc.

1:30pm - Ethan wakes up from nap & I make him lunch. Then we have more playtime together or I vacuum the house/clean bathrooms, etc. Ethan likes to help me vacuum lol.

3:30pm - Daddy comes home from work & we all take the dog for a walk by the lake/play frisbee, etc.

4:30pm - Afternoon snack

5:30ish: I start dinner & daddy and Ethan have playtime together

6:30pm - Dinner

Between 7 & 7:30pm - Ethan's bath, brush teeth, and put pjs on.

8:00 - Bedtime for Ethan. We read a few of his favorite books together & then I turn on his music, rock him for about 10 minutes & he's usually asleep (hopefully lol).

After Ethan goes to bed, I usually play on the computer or watch t.v. with the hubby.

[deleted account]

Our days are not very routine. The only thing that stays the same day after day is that we get up between 6:30 and 7, we have our daughter to school by 8:00, we pick our daughter up at 2:20, dinner is at 6 (which means I usually start cooking around 5ish) and bedtime is 8:30.

Other than that, it's pretty much fly by the seat of our pants :)

Brandi - posted on 03/10/2011




6:15am I wake up, and take a shower.

6:45am I wake my 2 boys up for breakfast

7:30am we are rushing out the door

7:35am Drop my oldest off at the elementary school

7:40am Drop my youngest off at Pre-k

8:00am I at work

9:30am I take time to pay any bills online

12:30pm I have lunch

5:00pm I leave work

5:30pm I pick my youngest up from after school

5:45pm I pick my oldest up from afterschool

6:00pm We get home

6:15pm I start cooking dinner

7:00pm We eat dinner

7:30pm I help the kids with homework

8:00pm Give the boys a bath

8:30pm watch a little tv with the boys


8:00am wake up have breakfast

9:00am Boys have football and soccer practice

10:am they both have games

11:00am get ready for lunch

12:00am PLAY

2:00pm nap time for kids

from 2 to 4pm CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN!!!


9:00pm The boys bedtime

9:15pm Clean the kitchen, throw laundry in washer

9:30pm Fold a load of laundry

10 to 10:30pm I relax with my 30 min of me time

10:30pm BEDTIME!!!!

Lindsay - posted on 03/10/2011




Up at 5am every morning. Shower, fix breakfast, wake up Madeline. Put Madeline in the shower. Cooper usually wakes up around this time. The kids eat while I dry/fix my hair. Dry Madeline's hair and make sure she's moving fast enough to get dressed and brush her teeth before school. 6:55 am she gets on the bus for school.
On the days I have school, I then get Coop ready, drop him off with the sitter and get to class by 8am. If no school, I take my time, clean up and do things with Coop before he gets on the bus at 10:15.

10:30- 2ish is my time to run errands, study, or do whatever I need to get done without the kids around.

2:10- Coop gets home from school. I go through his backpack, ask about his day, etc.

2:30-Madeline gets home from school. Same thing, go through backpack, talk about the day and then usually fix them some type of snack to hold over until dinner.
Then we do homework, I fix dinner, kids play. We eat. I clean the kitchen. They clean their rooms. Cooper showers at night. PJs, brush teeth, and they usually watch some tv. Bedtime falls between 7-8 pm. They go to bed, I study, do my homework, clean anything from the day, mess around on here, watch tv. I try to be in bed by midnight. :)

Bondlets - posted on 03/10/2011




6:30 - wake up

6:45 - breakfast

7:05 - clean up/bathroom stuff

7:20 - older 3 Typing; I do preschool w/my 4yo; 10, 8 and 6yo exercise & Bible; younger set free play time

8:10 - homechores (everyone)

8:30 - Spelling/Handwriting w/10, 8 and 6yo; older kids on their own until 11:30 for English, Science, exercise, Bible, etc.)

9:00 - snack

9:15 - Writing w/10 and 8yo; younger set video

10:00 - Math w/10, 8 and 6yo; younger ones play (outside hopefully!)

11:00 - Literature with younger girls; 10yo makes lunch

11:30 - lunch (I read a chapter book out loud then take a walk w/kids)

12:10 - Math w/older 3; middle kids do independent work; younger set play

1:00 - nap/rest time for younger 3; History w/middle 5; oldest dd is on her own

1:50 - Science w/10, 8 and 6yo; older ones on their own

2:30 - snack and run the yard/down the street

2:45 - Spanish with older 3 kids; younger set computer time

3:30 - done with school (hopefully); tutor time w/Mom if necessary or free time

5:00 - Get ready for Daddy to come home (clean up inside and outside)

5:30 - dinner and clean-up

6:30 - free time (exercise time for me!)

7:30 - older 3 kids at table to study Spanish; stories for younger ones

7:45 - family time w/Daddy

8:00 - little ones in bed (6 and under); older kids homework or reading

8:30 rest of kids in bed

That's pretty much it! :) We stick to this fairly consistently because I don't want to be doing school past 3:30. If the kids get behind in their own work then that cuts into their free time. It works well for us.

Mel - posted on 03/10/2011




4am breast feed
5am on here til baby falls back asleep
8am both girls wake up
breast feed younger one
9am breakfast for both girls at table
9.30-10.30 play for both girls while I feed animals tidy up put washing on
10.30am breast feed 7 month old and she has 1-3 hour sleep + morning tea for oldest
12.30pm lunch for oldest
1.30pm nap time for oldest
my time til baby wakes and lunch dishes + feed animals their dinner. vacuum, mop, toys
2pm bottle for Paige then lunch then chill time for us playing on the floor
4.30pm wake up the oldest set her up for afternon tea. Breast feed Paige and nap time shower oldest
5.30pm wake up baby
6pm start preparing dinner
6.30pm breast feed and babys dinner hubby gets home
7.30pm shower for Paige
8pm story teeth brushed and bed time for Brianna
8.30pm bed time for Paige
8.30-11pm any chores or things to be done, dinner clean up, my shower, feed animals, facebook/coms
11pm-1am check on babies and sleep time

Jodi - posted on 03/10/2011




I only *kind of* have a routine. In that I have to be up at 7am to get kids off to school. My son leaves the house for his bus at 7:30am, so in that half hour I iron uniforms if I did not do it the night before, and make lunches. Once he is gone, I get my daughter up (if she isn't already awake), get her breakfast, and while she is getting dressed I check my email and usually print out my invoices and any correspondence that needs to be dealt with that day. I then grab a shower, finish getting my daughter ready and get her off to school before 9am.

After that, it really depends on the day, because I have a lot of things on the go. Sometimes I am helping at the school, other times I come straight home and get my work done. Basically, as long as I get my work done before picking my daughter up from school at 3pm, it doesn't matter when I do it. If I am not particularly busy that day, I will get some housework done. If I am, I won't.

4:30-5:30pm is when I am available for homework help with both kids (although if my son has a major assignment, sometimes I will continue that help after dinner). At 5:30-6 I start dinner, depending on what it is. Hubby doesn't get home until 6:30, so dinner doesn't tend to get on the table until around 7pm by the time he cleans up. Daughter's bed time is 8pm, son's bed time is 9pm, then no routine. Just wherever the rest of the evening (what little is left of it) goes.

[deleted account]

I have a flexible routine that can be changed if the need arises. What I have set allows me to have plenty of time with my daughter, husband, cook and have the house relatively clean (ha!). I have to be flexible as my husband works different nights each week. I'm sure what little "routine" I have will change drastically once the baby arrives.

I wake up when Eliza wakes up usually between 7-8. We potty, brush teeth, then go make breakfast. She's a super slow eater, so when I'm done and while she finishes, I unload and re-load the dishwasher and start a load of laundry. Then Eliza gets about an hour of TV while I shower, get dressed, and do a quick clean-up of the kitchen.

Mid-morning varies depending on the day of the week and if my husband is sleeping (night shift worker) or not. Fridays are set. We go to music class in the city, eat lunch out, and run errands that we cannot get done in our town. Monday or Tuesday I try to get the grocery shopping done. One morning a week I freezer cook and bake. If there is nothing else to do, we just enjoy each other as a family.

Lunch and nap. During nap time I finish that load of laundry and attempt one other major household chore...vacuum, scrub kitchen floor, organize something. I also work at my home business. It's also the time of day to check COM, email, blogs. Lately though, I've been

Eliza wakes up mid-afternoon. We do crafts or pre-school activities, since I'm not putting her in school for another year. While Eliza happily crafts, I get supper started. She usually ends up helping me cook. After supper, my husband leaves for work 3 or 4 days of the week. If he's home, he and Eliza will have daddy-daughter time while I clean up the kitchen. Then bath. During bathtime, I attempt to clean the bathroom. Then bed between 7-8.

After bedtime is "my" time or time alone with my husband...depending on if he's working of course.

Sundays - church, nap, my mom's house for "breakfast" for supper
Wednesday and Thursday nights - Church, Eliza typically goes to bed later on these nights and we might skip baths
Fridays- Music and errands in the city, she naps later on Fridays

~Jennifer - posted on 03/10/2011




I have a crazy schedule.....

Peter has to be at school by 9 am, and I have to be there to pick him up at 2:40 pm.

Horrid, isn't it?


[deleted account]

I'm a SAHM, here is my routine:

7-8am Wake up, if Ethan hasn't woken by 8am my alarm wakes me up and I get him up (sometimes when he wakes at 7ish we have snuggles in mommies bed so I can have a little longer in bed)

8am - I tidy round the lounge from the night before (take out glasses and cups etc).

8.30 - Make Ethan's breakfast (porridge/ weetabix and a cup of milk), while they are heating up I unload the dishwasher and put in anything I missed from the night before.

9am - Put a load of washing on and then I have my breakfast and share it with Ethan

Between 9 and 10/ 10.30 - We sing nursery rhymes, play games, do some colouring, watch the animal programme he loves (he loves seeing real animals), read books etc whatever Ethan fancies doing. We go to the mall if we need to (although I'm not fond of it so we try not to) and we may go to the library if we need to update our books if we do decide to go out.

10/ 10.30 - Ethan goes on his nap for anywhere between 1 and 3 hours. During this time I do any cleaning that needs doing downstairs - although I can only do quiet jobs because Ethan is a really light sleeper (so no hoovering), I may iron if I have any ironing and if I have time I may check out COM and FB. On a Wednesday I order my weekly shopping to be delivered on the Friday (I hate grocery stores so home delivery is the best thing ever invented).

11.30 - 1pm - Ethan is usually up by now, we have lunch and get ready to go out, if we are going out.

Then during the afternoon we have a couple of classes we attend and if the weather is nice we may go to the park or somewhere outdoorsy.

4.30 - 5pm - Daddy is usually home by now and feeds Ethan his dinner while I do ours.

5.30 - on the nights Ethan baths (every couple of days) he has his bath now.

6pm - We eat our dinner, while Ethan shares it (he is greedy).

6.30 - 7pm - Ethan gets ready for bed, has his nightly milk

7pm is the latest Ethan goes to bed (it is anywhere between 6.30 and 7 depending on how tired he is), he has his bedtime story and then goes to bed.

After bedtime I load the dishwasher and if I feel up to it I may have a tidy round (I generally don't now though I am super tired from the pregnancy), we go on the computer and generally spend time together. We go to bed about 10ish usually.

I don't stick rigidly to this routine but it is what we find ourselves doing most days :-)

Rosie - posted on 03/10/2011




i work early in the morning. 3 days a week i work at 6:30, 3 days i work at 5 am. my husband gets the kids ready for school in the morning. they are usually still asleep when i leave. i get off at 10 am everyday. lucas is the only one home at that time. usually we play, do chores, and watch tv until his naptime which is 1:30. in the summertime we go outside more at this time, since it's winter we're stuck inside. i HATE IT.
my other children get home at 3:30 from school, and we do homework, and house work until time for supper, around 5- 5:30. my husband leaves to go to work at 5. after supper we usually watch tv. play on the computer, play boardgames-whatever we feel like doing i guess. at 7 the boys take baths, and brush their teeth. each one now doesn't want the other to take a bath with them so it takes a little while. at 8 lucas goes to bed, at 9 the other 2 go to bed. i usually go to bed shortly after. my husband ususally gets home at 5:30 ish in the morning. on his days off is when i go in to work at 5 am. then the day starts all over again.

Krista - posted on 03/10/2011




I'm on mat leave, so my schedule is a little different now (and will be a whole LOT different any day now when my daughter finally arrives!)

Our normal schedule with me at work starts at 6 AM when my husband gets in the shower and Cohen lays in bed with me to drink his milk. I shower next and get ready while Cohen eats breakfast with his dad. Then my husband's out the door and I get Cohen ready and take him to his babysitter's around 7:45.

I'm at work until anywhere between 3:30 and 4:30, depending how much prep work I have once the kids go home at 3:00. When we get home, we usually have an hour or so to play and hang out until I have to start supper, and my husband is home close to 6.

After supper it's playtime until about 7:30, when we run the bath (used to be a lot earlier until Cohen started waking up at 4 AM every day!)

We alternate our bath/clean up schedule so that whoever is bathing Cohen and getting him ready for bed doesn't have to do the supper time clean up, and vice versa. We usually both crawl into bed with him though for story time, then it's lights out around 8:15.

After Cohen's in bed, it's relax time for Mommy and Daddy, until about 10, when we go to bed.

We usually save Sunday for our clean up and grocery day...that's when Derrick will vacuum, I'll mop and clean the bathrooms, etc.

I'm guessing that at least the next two months with a new baby will be complete chaos and exhaustion, but hopefully we'll figure out a new routine quickly that will help to save my sanity!

Carolyn - posted on 03/10/2011




Well im currently on one year maternity leave, due back to work at the end of May :(

Anywho, the only routine is Logan's. It starts when ever he decides to get up , which is usually between 7 and 8. So thats when mom gets up too ! He will nurse, then we snuggle on the couch and watch a cartoon. Then he plays while pick up all the crap dad left laying around the night before that shouldnt be within Logans reach ( you know dishes from milk and cookies, nail clippers, charge cords ... men ...) Logan gets some independant play and play with mom. Spend time trying to keep him up to the 3 hour mark. Then its nap time ! This is when i shower, or have a snooze myself, check CoM, email, FBook what ever i feel like doing. Logan wakes, Eats, then play for 3 1/2 hours then nap again ! this is when i do laundry, dishes, prep for supper if i feel like cooking haha. Logan gets up, nurses, then has some dinner with Mom and Dad, then lots of play, bath every other night, then cereal , bottle and bed between 8 -9. Sometimes theres a early evening catnap if he woke up early, or short changed a nap. After the monster is in bed, its usually time with the husband etc.

that my typical day at home. When weather permits theres a walk thrown in there, or we go swimming at the Ymca, or shopping where he can make googoo eyes at the women and pull the bright colored things of the racks LOL. Sometimes his naps are in the shopping cart LOL.

So its a combination of both, I dont really have a set routine, and Logan is flexible enough that we can maintain his routine just about anywhere and anytime.

Now when i go back to work it will be different, I work 12 hours shifts, 2 weeks days 2 weeks nights. 7-7 , dad works days 9-530 or what ever time his work decides that week .. bastards... so Dad will be the one with the morning routine etc on the days i work day shifts. I imagine lending a hand when i got off at 7 am in the mornings to alteast have a bit of extra time with the monster. And ill be getting him from daycare in the evenings before work as well. bleh we will see what happens.

Lady Heather - posted on 03/10/2011




In the winter things are very routine because we don't get out much. Generally wake up at 6:30-7:30. My husband is loooong gone at this point. We have breakfast, sometimes get dressed and other times don't bother. I watch the news for a few minutes and drink my tea. Then we tend to do colouring, piano, dancing, general play in whatever order we want. Meals are very regular. I try to get chores done in the afternoon. 4-5pm I am always tidying up the kitchen and cooking dinner. Freja gets to watch Dora while I do that. Husband is home by 5:30 and dinner is on the table. Little one is in bed at 7:30. Kind of humdrum.

Spring and fall we have a lot more outings to break up the day. We have regular group things that we attend and do more of the shopping because it's easier to get around on foot. Summer time is a free for all. Last summer we went to the park and had a picnic lunch nearly everyday. Ha. Sometimes I would even call my husband and have him stop at the deli for some stuff to bring to the park for dinner because we didn't want to go home. Definitely the best part about being a SAHM. I need to move to the tropics or something. Of course not much housework would get done...

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