One More Reason NOT to Shop at Walmart.


Momma - posted on 12/11/2012




I am appalled but I am also a Walmartaholic. The prices are better than any other store and I am not rich (except Costco but they mostly sell food). While I am not happy with how they do some things, I have to think of my own, first. I clothe my kids when they are young with Walmart. I cannot find a pair of pants for $4 anywhere else. Canada, does not have the same retail options as the US, so it isn't as simple as just going somewhere else, for the same price.

Also, we don't have this healthcare issue, here. Everyone is covered by UHC. Hmmm, another good reason for people to realize that UHC is a GOOD thing. ;)



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Kristi - posted on 12/15/2012




I would love to shop local. But unfortunately I get barely over $1,000/month for my daughter and me to live on. When the granola bars we eat cost $2 more per box at my local grocery store it's just not financially reasonable for me to shop there. The nearest Target is an hour away and only carries basic food items, it is not a Super Store. The colored skinny jeans that are so popular were only $17 at Walmart whereas at most other places they were $35 and up. The quality isn't as good, of course but she is still growing. The same goes for cosmetics, pharmacy items, toiletries, etc. If I had the money to make a difference, I would. I prefer the customer service and convenience of staying local but I have to save wherever I can. : (

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It wont' stop people as a whole. Simlply because the products witheth eWalmart logo are not created in this country., They're made in other nations where they can pay a worker a $1 a month and offer NO worker protections. And this is the life they want to put the American worker into. We're told that we can't compete because those nations don't require safety or benefits and that the US worker is too damn greedy to want that stuff.

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