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Sarah - posted on 01/07/2012 ( 11 moms have responded )




Just wondering what people's opinions and preferences are of these names:

Charlotte Marie Hope (2 of my grandparents' names meant 'hope')
Emily Charlotte Hope

Jacob Joseph (J.J.) (D.H. name is Joseph)
Peter Joseph
Matthew Joseph


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Merry - posted on 01/09/2012




To expand, I do love the name Peter, it is a great name, but I am turned off to it by hearing some people referring to penises as peters. Now id prefer to make everyone stop calling penises peters but I can't control what others do so I personally wouldn't name a son Peter as I'd imagine it would be just awful to find your best friend calls his penis after your name. :-0

Merry - posted on 01/09/2012




Well my name preferences tend to e swayed by popularity. So for me I instantly realize that Emily is in the top ten girls names right now. And Jacob is the number one most used boy name right now.

I love love love Charlotte! Very cute and very beautiful.
Bo's names, I'm not a big fan of any of your choices but if I had to choose I guess I'd pick Matthew.

Elfrieda - posted on 01/08/2012




I like Emily, but I agree with the others that it's too popular these days. I like Charlotte Marie Hope, too. Very elegant.

Peter Joseph is my favourite. I think the name Peter is great. You've got the Peter in LM Montgomery's "Road to Avonlea", you've got Simon Peter in the Bible, and it's just a good name with a lot of character.

Sylvia - posted on 01/08/2012




I think they're all nice names, but I would avoid both Jacob and Emily unless you want your DS/DD to be "Jacob K." or "Emily K." throughout elementary school ;) -- those names, especially Jacob, seem to be the Jason and Jennifer of the 2000's :P

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Charlotte Marie sounds lovely together. Not mad on the boy's names, but there are very few boy's names I like anyway.

[deleted account]

I prefer Charlotte as a first name, with either Marie or Emily next. One of my favorite cousins is named Hope. :)

As for the boy names, I like them all.

[deleted account]

I think Charlotte Marie Hope sounds better, but they are both nice.

I like Peter Joseph best together, but also LOVE J.J.....

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They are all lovely. For me, personally, I would steer away from Jacob and Emily because I know a million little Jacob's and little Emily's.

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I prefer Charlotte to Emily, but I I do like both names very much. Both names are classic, will never go out of style, and will carry a young lady well into adulthood. Charlotte can easily lend itself to the nickname "Charlie" if you care for those kind of nicknames.

We almost named our son Jeffrey Jay (JJ-hubby is Jeff). Came real close to it! But ultimately, we have a Matthew Jay Sebastian, so I am partial to Matthew. Again, his name is strong, classic, will never go out of style, and will carry him well into adulthood. My son is currently in the 1st grade, and so far, we have only come across 1 other Matthew while he was in preschool. But in all honestly, I never gave a rat's ass if he was 1 of 5 'Matthew' in his class. I like the name, period. It fit him well, my husband loved the name, and the popularity was never a factor. Hubby & I prefered traditional, non-trendy, not made-up bizarre names with unique spellings.

Best of luck to you!

Tracey - posted on 01/08/2012




Like all of them. How common are these names where you live, would it bother you if say you chose Jacob Joseph and there were another 10 children in his class with that name?

Sal - posted on 01/08/2012




All nice, my daughter had a Peter in her preschool class last year and it was lovely to here it again, I'd just go 2 names for the daugter though, I have 3 given names and when I got married I hypanated my last name so now I have 5 names and it seems rediculous I am considering changing it... I like Charlotte hope

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