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Katherine - posted on 12/21/2010 ( 12 moms have responded )




Hexavalent chromium, also known as chromium-6, first gained notoriety when the film "Erin Brockovich" highlighted the plight of Hinkley, California, where the groundwater had been contaminated. Now the first publicly available national survey on the contaminant from Environmental Working Group reveals that Hinkley isn't alone.

Laboratory tests commissioned by EWG have discovered that the chemical is present in the tap water of 31 out of 35 U.S. cities tested, or 89 percent. Norman, Oklahoma; Honolulu, Hawaii; and Riverside, California returned the highest levels of contamination.

According to EWG, the National Toxicology Program concludes that hexavalent chromium drinking water contamination shows "clear evidence of carcinogenic activity" in laboratory animals, and that a recent review by the EPA found its presence in tap water "likely to be carcinogenic to humans."

Although in 2009 California began setting in motion proposed limits for the amount of the chemical allowed in tap water, the EPA has yet to set a legal national limit and doesn't require utilities to test for it.

See the image below, provided by EWG, to find out how each tested city ranked, and CLICK HERE to view the full study.


I never drink tap water, it tastes gross :/


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Stifler's - posted on 12/21/2010




I drink tap water. The water in the town 45 minutes away from us is always contaminated and people buy tonnes of water.

Amanda - posted on 12/21/2010




i wonder if the Hexavalent chromium can be filtered out of tap water by a brita...... oh wait i just read that most consumer water filtration devices do not filter it out.... that's pretty scary

Joanna - posted on 12/21/2010




I'm right by both Riverside and Los Angeles. Remind me not to drink the water when I visit.

Rosie - posted on 12/21/2010




i like tap water. however, we got a fancy new fridge last year and it filters water. i drink it cause it's easy and cold. normally i don't care.

Bonnie - posted on 12/21/2010




I am not a water person to begin with, but I can not drink tap water. Yuck.

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I get spring water right now, i want to buy a burkey water filter. Its the kind the Queen uses so you know its good...lol

Sharon - posted on 12/21/2010




we have a well. I see nothing wrong with buying filtered water or filtering the water at your at your home.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 12/21/2010




I use a Brita, does anyone know if it filters this shit out???? I don't understand why we are trying to poison ourselves with water...mother nature will find a way to keep population under control! LOL

Tara - posted on 12/21/2010




How do you if it is safe to drink if they don't test for this or other contaminants?

We have our water tested regularly both here and at the lake. We have to ask and pay for anything beyond routine tests for Giardia , e-coli, particulate matter and a few others.
If your (general usage) utilities provider are not required to test for this chemical, I would suggest you and and everyone you know, send a message loud and clear that you demand your water be tested and proven clear of this chemical.

It's scary. I live in an area of Ontario surrounded by lakes, look me up "Muskoka Ontario" we literally can't drive for more than 20 minutes without seeing one!! All freshwater too.
But.... ours lakes are being polluted too, we take for granted that we have all this water on the planet. It's not a never ending resource and it is so easily contaminated by humans. We need to be educating people about their water.

Caitlin - posted on 12/21/2010




Our tap water is good here, every year they test the individual tap water in homes if the owner decides to do it, and it's free. They send you the report not long after, and you can see how safe and clean it is, or if you have issues in your pipes and such.

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