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we have recently had the daycare and house cleaner conversations but where do you draw the line? in a magazine recently (sunday magazine nov 21, sunday telegraph) one socail commintator put it put there in a time where we can outsource almost anything what is too far and are we giving up living and enjoying llife just because we can get someone else to do anything that displeases us, you can hire a gardener a cleaner, a nanny, big event planners, dog walkers, childrens party entertainers, persona shoppers and stylists, ironers, caterers, someone to come in and do paperwork, tutors, pool cleaners, someone to put up xmas deco and someone else to cook for your dinner parties, there was mention of a "sex educator" to explain the birds and bees to all ages and those who come in to potty train there was even the couple who got a "spice girl" to take care of hubby so his wife could concerntrate on the kids, what is too far, as she asked are we outsousrcing having a life of our own just to have on that ticks all the boxes and looks good in photos and letters?? i personally would love a nanny probally 1 day and 1 night a week, but seen as i don;t want to go to work so i can pay one that isn;t on the cards, but as for a xmas tree that leans a little as the decos are all on one side, a garden that has too many weeds and the kids pick the carrots when they are still white, dog who i wash my self and a hubby who i shag my self, i am all ok with that!


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A think, "thank goodness there are people who pay for those things because I made a living cleaning houses for years". In all seriousness though, people are provided with jobs and I think who cares. If someone can afford them or needs these services then what harm is it doing?

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I don't think paying people to do the stuff you don't like doing is "outsourcing life" in fact, I think it is the opposite, it gives you more time for life, which should be made up of doing things you enjoy, not things you loathe.

We pay a neighborhood kid to pick up our dog's poo in the back yard, and we have a landscape service b/c we just don't enjoy it. When I worked, we had a nanny and a housekeeper. I am a horrible baker, so I always buy my son's cake from a bakery, and I hire someone to entertain the kids at his party because I'm just not that fun for kids. I pay someone to wash and vacuum my car in the winter b/c I hate getting wet when it is cold, and those drive through things just don't work. I think I'd have to draw the line with the spice girl. I may not always be in the mood, but over all I enjoy it, and there is no way he's doing THAT with another woman!

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We 'outsource' a couple of things. We have a once a week cleaner and a lawnmower man, who sometimes trims the trees or cuts the roses. We've hired handymen and window washers. We're just not DIY people. If I waited for my husband to do something....well, I'd die waiting. Cleaning, tidying, fixing-these are not things that enter his train of thought. And he's known as 'Halfa' in his family because he will only ever do 'halfa' job. Drives me crazy and since I don't want to do everything, we get someone in to do my husbands half. That or I'd start channeling Marge Simpson "HMmmmmmmm"
I couldn't outsource everything though. I couldn't have a nanny or a live in maid. I'd like someone to pick up dog poo though. That would be AWESOME.

I like to think we're helping the economy, keeping people in jobs.

Johnny - posted on 11/23/2010




If I had the money, there's lots of things I'd pay other people to do for me. My grocery shopping, my house cleaning, my laundry, my outside windows & gutter cleaning, some of my cooking. But I would still tend my own garden & do a lot of my own cooking. I would love to have more time to play with my daughter, hang out with my hubby, and do stuff like volunteering. Why not pay some one to do the stuff you hate doing and enjoy your life doing the stuff you love? I'd rather spend my money on purchasing quality time than junk I don't need.

Sharon - posted on 11/23/2010




LMAO! Outsourcing LIFE? Since when is my life LAUNDRY? Since when is my life DIRTY DISHES?

Trust me, I do those things I take pride & joy in doing a GOOD job, but if I could dump those chores on someone else and go get my nails done or hang out with friends drinking starbucks, you damn straight I will.

I wouldn't want a nanny or a full time maid, but a mothers' helper would be fantastic!

Becky - posted on 11/23/2010




Well, I'm pretty sure I'd draw the line at the "spice girl." Although, sometimes when he wants to get it on in the middle of the night... lol! Okay, so if someone actually paid someone to do every single thing on that list, I would likely think they were incredibly lazy and wonder what the heck they did with their lives. But, I have no problem with people choosing to pay people for things they really don't like to do or have no time to do. Some people work and need full time childcare. If that was my situation, tbh, I'd prefer a nanny over daycare. If I had the money, I'd love to have a housekeeper. If I had a pool, sure, a pool boy would be great. And if I had a dog, well, this past week, I wouldn't have been walking it in -41 degree weather, so I sure would've paid someone to do that!! As for cooking, planning my kids' parties, decorating their cakes, putting up Christmas decorations, that's stuff I love doing. I'd never let someone else do that for me! But, other people have other skills and interests. The fact that we're all different and can all do different things well is why there are jobs out there!

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I want my own taxi. That's it. The rest of it I already take care of because I'm organized, overly so. It's ridiculous really.

I'd really want to hire my own taxi to have on hand, that way when one kid has to go to X activity and the other has to go to another X activity a half hour later.. I'm not ripping my hair out (or breaking speed limits) to get there on time.

It's so much easier when my husband is on days off but whatdaya do? LOL I can't not take them 2 weeks out of the month, considering it's all paid for. =/

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Ugh Krista, I just cleaned my fridge today. No science experiments this time lol I think I would definitely go for the professional organizer. I need help. I'm a list girl. I make lists of the lists I need to make. But then I get lost along the way and only get a few things done, enough to where if someone walked into my house right this minute I'd be ok with it, it's presentable but it's never anywhere near how I "want" it to look. I'd probably also hire a gardener because I don't like yard work. And a maid like once a week. I would still cook though, and shop for myself. No Sara, you're not a dork for liking shopping lol! And if you are, then I'm a dork right along with you. If I can get away from Steve & Jacob to go to the grocery myself I'll be gone for hourrrrs if I can get away with it...and then come home with like two bags lol.

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I would LOOOOVE to be able to afford to have someone come in a couple of times a week and clean my house. But we're just not at that point in our income. I'm hoping that once I'm to the point where I no longer have to pay for daycare, we can put that money towards getting someone in once a week. I don't mind tidying or doing my own laundry, but it's depressing to come home, make supper, put the baby to bed, clean up, and then realize that it's 9:30pm and I REALLY need to clean out the fridge.

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But you'd still cook, Emma? That is the FIRST thing I would want. A personal chef! I'm pretty sure Chad and Roxanne would agree! LMAO!

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i can't be bothered with all that stuff. if i was rich i would totally have someone to wash my car for me. and clean my house and do the gardening and do the dishes after i cook.

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I would hire a housekeeper, personal organizer and personal trainer. The housekeeper would the priority. I'd want her (or him) to come once a week to do all the unsavory chores, like vacuum, mop, dust, toilets, windows, baseboards, refrigerator...ummm that may be more like 3 days a week. I'm not naturally an organized person, so a professional organizer once every quarter would help me out a ton. But I manage okay when I put my mind to it, I just don't enjoy the task of organizing. And the personal trainer...ahhh to dream. I'll stick to walking the neighborhood until I re-join my gym next year. My gym is pretty decent about motivating us and making things personal, even if we don't pay for the trainers.

I enjoy doing my own shopping and errands. Is it dorky to enjoy grocery shopping? I also enjoy cooking. So no personal shopper or cook.

My husband enjoys yard work, so no yard boy.

I'd love to have the help of an interior designer. I'd want to work with her (or him) because I enjoy decorating, I'm just not good at thinking outside the box. But for seasonal decor...I'll do my own.

But none of that is realistic as of right now! Maybe a once a month house cleaner sometime in the distant future though...

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WOWZA! Very interesting. I certainly do not have the funds for anyone one of those things. But if I DID have the money, you bet your sweet ass I would have the "Merry Maids" at my house 3 times per week...I will outsource that and give big fat ass bonuses for it too! Hell, if I had a pool..sure I would have pool boys...nice to have a little eye candy! As for decorating for the holiday, we enjoy that too much as a family. As for a full time nanny...no. Having a nanny for 2 hours 2-3 times per week so I could go to the gym? Sure. Or just put my child in a class of her own for a couple of hours. If I had the money, I would not think any of these things would be a proble. But that is just me.

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I think the people who pay to have those things done for them are rare. First of all, all of that takes a lot of money to do. I know some pretty wealthy people who still care for their own lawns, laundry, cook, walk their dogs, take their kids to and from school...all the same things that average people can't afford to pay someone to do. I think it's a very small and elite segment of the population who can afford and who actually do use services for everything. I know more wealthy people who don't have maids or cooks than those who do. I hope that all just made sense lol

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Well many of those things have been around for hundreds of years….people having other people do things for them, and at one point it was slaves doing a lot of that…but I think that some people find “Enjoyment” in having others do things for them, that way they feel they have more time to do other things, or time to themselves…..

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