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Iris - posted on 03/06/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




After reading the "Sanitize it al"l thread I started thinking about over the counter medicine. It made me think about one of my friend. As soon as she starts to feel "off" so to speak she runs out and buys some medicine that she possibly thinks that can help her feel better. I on the other hand try to tough it out most of the time.

When my children (4 y/o and 10 y/o) get sick my husband wants to give them every medicine out there as soon as the fever hits 101 F. I don't agree with it and since I win every single time my children don't get medicine until it hits over 102.5 F. I was brought up in a house where tylanol or a similar medicine was only used in an extreme situation, other than that the body had to work it's way to recovery hence, strengthen the immune system. Today I hardly ever get sick, last time I had the season flue was in 1999 when we were stationed in England and that's it.

My question is, when do you think we should use over the counter medicine for ourselves and our children? Do you think these medicine are over used on children and individuals?

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Veronica - posted on 03/06/2010




I know lots of people who are drug/pill happy. Not in this house -- when my kids have a fever - i will give them some tyenol or childrens motrin - but then my husband and I are up throughout the day/night sponging our kids, giving them cooler baths, etc. to help break the fever. And keeping them hydrated as well.

My kids used to be sick all of the time - but the last two years they've only been sick like five times, if that. This winter season - knock on wood - they havent been sick since before xmas. I give them multi-vitamins, and vit c - aloe juice, and sometimes antioxidants for a good 'cleansing' of their system. Has been working wonderfully.

Me and my hubby up our doses of antioxidants - vit c and aloe when/if we get sick. And this is all we as a family take.

I think doctors push so much with medication because of the hefty check/$$ they get behind it -- and its making people worse, and killing people also!! Im very anti-pills. Besides tyenol for my children - with fevers -- the only other "drug" i will use is antibiotics - but there hasnt been a need for that either. Doctors are horrible, in my opinoin (at least the ones i know of - not all drs. are bad) they shove pills and surgery down on everyone - and run all kinds of meaningless tests - when its usually simple problems such as toxins, acidity too high in the body, digestive issues (blockage, no proper absorption, etc.) or not enough vitamins/minerals - something is lacking.

I will conclude that - our bodies are not deficient in pills/drugs -- not even tyenol either ;) -- and it truly bothers me at how much its hyped up! Tons of commercials - tons of side affects, and then tons of recalls and reports on deaths/illnesses caused from the pills.

I think if the measure comes to the point where a drug has to be used to intervene - then use it - but use it for as much and as long as directed/needed and thats it. And yes, i think a lot of people over medicate - and medicate religiously -- its sad.

Rosie - posted on 03/06/2010




i usually won't give tylenol or other fever reducer/pain reliever unless my child tells me or shows me they are in pain. my youngest has a stomach bug right now and has a fever of 102.3 he didn't get tylenol because his uncomfortableness (is that a word? lol!) was in his belly, and tylenol can't help that. my middle boy is also sick right now with a bad cough and a headache and sore throat with a fever of 100.2, he got tylenol cause i know he's uncomfortable. i can't stand seeing my kids in pain. i don't think i over medicate, but i won't not give it to them just because their fever isn't over 103 either.

Jodi - posted on 03/06/2010




Personally, I rarely take anything. I also don't hand over medicine to my kids at the drop of a hat. My daughter is sick at the moment with inflamation of her ears. I have seen the doctor, he gave me an emergency script for antibiotics and I haven't filled it. I have, however, given her panadol at night for her fever (only for 2 nights though, she is better today), and some ear drops.

But honestly, it is a rarity. My step son used to come to our house all the time asking for medicine. "I need medicine because I'm sick". Well, no, you mother didn't give us any instructions, your temperature is fine, I can't see ANYTHING wrong with you, so you don't need any medicine. It really bothered me when he was like this........I think she gives him medicine at the drop of a hat to be honest!!

Iris - posted on 03/06/2010




I don't think it's hypocritical Sarah. I'm sure I'd do the same in my active family life if I had a fever and couldn't function properly, but a slight head ache or cold doesn't make me run to the store to get some medicine.

That friend of mine didn't have any kids at the time and I probably should have mentioned that. ;)

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I rarely take painkillers, not because I'm a martyr, but because I have to take medication for epilepsy and I don't like to mix! Mostmedications are OK with anti-epileptic medications, but I'd still rather not risk anything. I don't get sick very often, anyway. I was never that keen on stuff for kids, but sometimes the infant panadol was a boon! But I was happy to put a bandaid on EVERYTHING!

Sarah - posted on 03/06/2010




I have to admit, if I'M ill, i will take aspirin, cold and flu tablets, etc etc!

If the kids are ill, i don't like to whip out the Calpol straight away.

I do think some people are to quick to dish out medicine for every little bump and scrape. Also, when kids are ill, i don't think you need to break out the medicine straight away.

A bit hypocritical of me i guess! But then, i can't lay in bed all day if i'm sick, i still have to look after the kids and get to work etc. If i could lay in bed all day like the kids can, i probably wouldn't be quite so quick to take anything. :)

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