pacifiers and preschool?

Amy - posted on 03/11/2011 ( 7 moms have responded )




I don't get on here a lot and noticed the Roundup thing up there. Under Preschoolers, there was an article on kicking the pacifier. I guess I was lucky and my kids never took them. I am pregnant again and who knows, this one may take a pacifier. What are the benefits of it, what are the drawbacks and are there really that many kids who are still having them in preschool? Or did I misunderstand that as being listed under preschool??


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April - posted on 03/11/2011




my mom teaches at a preschool and the kids are not allowed to bring pacifiers for 2 reasons. 1. school is a germ fest. 2. it is thought that pacifiers are a distraction from doing their work

Mel - posted on 03/11/2011




Jodi my brother was a preschooler with one my mum had taken it off him but every tie he stayed at our dads he came back with one. Frustrated her to hell

Mel - posted on 03/11/2011




They are great for babies who dont settle well I was against them but hospital told me to give mine a dummy (pacifier) when she was about 4 days old and shes had one since I will be taking it off her next month when she turns 3, however she has only had one at night time and sometimes nap time soince she was around 12 months old. I personally hate seeing older happy children with dummys or bottles hanging out their mouth while they are trying to talk. The bad thing baout dummys is the second they lose it they re crying so sometimes many many times a night, My second child is breast fed so didnt need one and there fore no need for her to wake up during the night unless there's a good reason. Also if baby is sick you are in for it becuase they cant breathe to hold the dummy in their mouth and are therefore up all nigt because the need to have it to sleep. my 7 month old plays with one she steals it from the nearly 3 yr olds mouth when she gets up in the morning. So she kind of knows hat to do with it and Im happy to let her play with it but not at sleep times

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My kids both had them. My son self weaned at 18 months. My daughter, I had to take them off her, she was about 3. At that point, she only had them at night to sleep, but they still had to go, LOL. She had her in the first place because she was born undersize and it was recommended to help with her sucking reflex so she could breastfeed.

In my view, some kids use sucking as a comforter. You can remove a pacifier, you can't remove a thumb.

But preschool? I've never seen a preschooler with one.

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IN preschool? I wouldn't think that's allowed. Preschool age? Yep, there are many 3 year olds still w/ a pacifier.

My girls loved their pacifiers, but I always had limits on them and by/before 18 months they were only allowed in bed. We took them away permanently 3 weeks before they turned 2. My girls were VERY mouthy as babies/toddlers (even in early school ages I would frequently have to tell them to take stuff out of their mouths) and having a pacifier in their mouths until they were old enough to know what NOT to put in there (like cigarette butts they found at the beach) just gave me an extra piece of mind that they could fulfill their sucking need safely.

My son never took one. He was very particular about ME being his pacifier. Still is...... lol

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my kids would never have one either, at the time i would of given anything for the peace but was glad in the end as i didn;t have to take it off them, here we have pre-school which is only for over 3's and day care which is long hours for any age some of which have pre-school programs, i don't think that they should be allowed to pre-school (an where my kids go they have to be toilet trained as well pull ups are ok for 3 yr olds but they aren't encouraged) i don;t think that any kids take them there but at other schools and centres they do, i see pre school as prep for big school and there should be no dummies there, having said that my sis started her little boy last year at kinder and a little girl was told she couldn;t start as she was "emotionally unready" even though she was clearly old enough because she was still wearing pull ups (that needed changing) and had a dummy, the mum was horrifed and couldn't understand why not "isn't school where they learn independence and toilet training?" ummm no lady unless your child has medical issues you do that before school,

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