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I've done this in the past, years and years ago. I actually kinda buy into the tarot cards, palm readings, numerology. I was told information that a random stranger would never have known about me. I think for kicks & giggles, I want to get a tarot card reading next week. But then I was thinking...what if I could learn what's "in the cards" for my son. Hmmmmm......I wouldn't do it. But just a moment of curiosity came over me, and then passed by.

Have you ever had any expereince with tarot, plam, or psychic reading? Would you ever do one for your child?


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I do tarot card readings, they don't actually tell the future like most people think. They show you decisions that are in your future, and the possible outcomes, or the consequences of your decisions.. Nothing is ever set in stone. I can do a tarot reading today and it can show me one possible future and tomorrow a completely different one. At the time either one reading is significantly important to a decision you will make to determine your future. The reason why they work, the possible outcome is already decided by you, in your mind if a situation arises, more often then not you know what you will decide. Since your life is already predetermined by your personal thought and how you believe, you have an energy surrounding your outcome. The energy pattern of the card is then drawn to you. Since it uses you as the conductor. You share the same energy field. So the card appears to you. If you were to suddenly change the way you believe about a certain thing. The energy pattern changes, then different cards would be drawn to you.

People use tarot cards as guidance, not to predict things. It gives the illusion of prediction. Once you know a possible outcome of a situation, you dwell on that outcome making it more likely to happen. If you believe something will happen because you see it as a possibility, your basically willing it to happen.

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I read tarot cards. They're fun and can sometimes give you a "Huh, didn't think about it THAT way before" perspective, but I would never rely on them for anything more than entertainment.


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I don't believe in using gifts for personal gain like that. Usually the people start off with the gift full blown and the money side tracks them so they lose it because they are too preoccupied with the idea of extorting it for wealth. So they become "fake" when they did start out very real.

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Im aware that anyone can….but many who are “Fake” don’t really try and hone the lost skill they have. All they think about is gett that $$$$$$$$$

Amanda - posted on 12/17/2010




That's what I was saying Ebony, I know the ability is real I was just saying that many of those that claim abilities and do it for moneyare fake

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Ebony everyone has the ability, people just are not aware so they lose it. If anyone wanted to get it back, they can.

♏*PHOENIX*♏ - posted on 12/17/2010




Actually people do have abilities to know things and see things that others dont know or not aware just havent met any, and 95% of the time most of em are fake

Amanda - posted on 12/17/2010




is it weird that i was reading this thread and one of my sons toys' (a fire truck sitting on a shelf) siren just started going off?! odd.... lol
anyway, i think tarot readings, palm readings, and psychics are fun. I think most of it is a gimmick (the person doesn't actually have any abilities; mostly referring to psychics) but i think some of it is real.... and interesting....
i went to a psychic once.... she basically did not hit the nail on the head with anything, lol!

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Jodi. healing hands doesn't necessarily mean he is going to be a doctor or in the medical field. Sometimes it means that. But other times it means he can feel more into the mental or emotional health of a person. As in he is more likely to be one people go to for advice. He can help people with empathy and and can heal hearts with touch. That was always my understanding of the term.

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Eh, I've never had a professional do anything for me, but I've had friends try. I don't even remember what they said so I doubt it was anything significant and worth remembering. I don't really buy into that kind of stuff. I believe in fate, yes, but I don't think some silly cards are going to say crap about me. I might do one myself for my child, but only for fun. I wouldn't "read into it" or anything, and I certainly wouldn't pay someone else to do it. I think that's when it's getting a little over the top.

Amie - posted on 12/17/2010




I've had a palm reading done years ago. It wasn't all that accurate.

I have looked into palm reading books and did research on my own. The freakiest thing about that, the lines for children. With each pregnancy a line has disappeared on my hand. I have no idea what that's about. I do have one more to go, so say my hands. I'm pretty adamant that I'm done having kids though... soo.. yea. =/

I think they can mean a lot for some people. Too much in some cases. Catching a glimpse does not mean it "will" be as it is seen. We still have the power to impact our own futures. We are still willful beings that can change our own destinies, lives, what have you. Even without meaning too, we can change our futures just by knowing from that glimpse.

Someone I know (who I believe in and trust) told me after I had my first that I would have the 4 children I wanted in the time frame I wanted. The same person also predicted when my siblings would have kids. The only thing that was wrong about it, was that I have 1 more daughter than predicted. According to him, I was going to have 2 boys and 2 girls. Which may have happened, if I had stayed with my ex through all the crap. I left him though and met my husband. It could be that I changed my own future or it could be the person was taking a shot in the dark. If it was someone I didn't know, I'd probably lean more to 'shot in the dark' but since I do and have seen what he's done. I'm more inclined to say I changed my own future. As for my siblings, well I have a few more years to wait before I see if that one is at all accurate too.

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I think that teh tarot cards do have a a sense of accuracy, as well as entertainment. The way you personally interpret and apply the card meanings. My husband went through a phase when he heavily learned, read, and documented his own tarot readings. Then he did them on me. We haven;t done the tarot cards for awhile, but a friend of mine recently inspired me. He also has a beautiful deck of cards and a great tarot companion book. I still don't think I would do a reading for my son.

♏*PHOENIX*♏ - posted on 12/17/2010




Im good friends with a women who is a psychic and I have never asked her for a reading because she’s my friend, but she does tell me things here and there.

The last time was at a fair, I went to a psychic, she told me some things that were accurate…and things that still don’t make sense..

But I would want to know certain things for my sons..not everything, because then it would take away the excitement of what’s to come.

Jessica - posted on 12/17/2010




I read Tarot, have a beautiful deck of cards that my Mom gave to me. I haven't had any complaints from the people I have done readings for ^^

Mrs. - posted on 12/17/2010




I used to read Tarot for people. I just thought it would be a useful little skill to do for the odd bit of cash here and there. If you read the cards as they are, it's not to hard, you need no special abilities-just the ability to memorize the card's meaning. Now, it's how you communicate it to the person that makes the difference. I tend to read people very well and can tell what they are looking to hear/what kind of person they might be. I would tend to put things in the context of my "read" of the person. Sometimes, I was was very correct in my readings...of course, I'm not physic in anyway. The cards have been around forever and have always interested people...can't see that going away.

I'd totally get a reading for my daughter, if it was by a friend and didn't cost me anything. It would be fun.

I did have an odd experience once with a lady at a street fair who read my tea leaves. Her predictions were very correct and years later much of what she said happened. Could just be her skills at reading me though. The only reason money was spent on it was because my ex paid to have it done for me.

September - posted on 12/17/2010




I did a tarot card reading about a month ago...I was told I was struggling with a Thyroid problem...I got tested and come to find out I'm NOT! After that it was really hard to be convinced that anything she said was true. It was fun though! :)

Jocelyn - posted on 12/17/2010




I can read tarot cards for other people, but I have yet to find someone that can read me! I went to a lady that talks to angels, and she was very accurate. Sadly, she stopped doing readings unless it is about an emergency.
I find that people tend to think tarot cards are a bunch of crap because things don't happen as they have been "told" they will. I think those people fail to realize that you can change your future with every decision you make.
The angel woman told me that I have to ability to do what she does, but this was in junior high. In high school I went thru a very powerful phase and ended up blocking all of my "other" abilities.

Bonnie - posted on 12/17/2010




I have never went to a psychic personally or read tarot cards, but I know of people who have and a few of them love it and live on the information they get out of it. I don't know what is scarier, the fact that they believe and read into all the information they get or the fact that they keep going back. I would be scared to get information I don't necessarily want to hear.

Katherine - posted on 12/17/2010




I think it's fun too. I have psychic readings done. I had a miscarriage. The psychic new and told me "she" would be back, 8 months later I was pregnant with Sydney. She knew a lot of other things too. Suffice it to say I left shaking and a little creeped out.
I've had cards read and my palm, but it was a long time ago. I don't know if I would do it for my kids.....

LaCi - posted on 12/17/2010




I had my palm read, she was surprisingly accurate.

I then started learning to read palms, just for shits n giggles. Tried to learn tarot, but got bored with it.

I'd do it for nico. It's all in good fun.

Jodi - posted on 12/17/2010




My parents had my son one day at a luncheon and there was a psychic there and she read him (supposedly). She mentioned that he had *healing hands*. He was about 2 at the time.

He is now 13, and I can guarantee he isn't going to be a doctor......we joked at the time she may have meant faith healer. Who knows, he does better in Religious Education at school than his maths......but he is good at science.

I actually didn't read much into it. But I will wait and see. Ask me in another 10 years.

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