Patient Blossoms, Doctor Rebuked

Katarina - posted on 05/13/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




He has been professionaly rebuked for performing a procedure not yet approved in Canada. The woman had been suffering from ms and this procedure greatly improved her quality of life.

The procedure is currently available in Italy, Poland, and India.

It is used to eleviate headaches in ms patients by widening a the veins in the neck. This procedure also helped her to urinate on her own and helped her hands as well.

I think that yes, this doctor and hospital should be in some sort of "trouble." Something could have gone seriously wrong and thankfully is didn't.

The patient had to approve the procedure as well, so is she part to blame to?

But I also think that with more funding to our health care system that this procedure seems like a valuable resource to put money into.


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Katarina - posted on 05/14/2010




I agree with Sharon. Procedures aren't yet approved for many reasons, funding is one of them. Canada is known for allowing the US to take on anything Medical, and we'll just wait to see what happens. This Dr. performed a procedure knowing it wasn't approved yet, and should face a consequence. Yes, things can go wrong with ANY surgery no mater how minor but the point being this one wasn't yet approved by our medical board yet. They have these boards in place for a reason and there are times and places to do all experimental surgery, and in a hospital that isn't quite equipped for severe trauma (Victoria is a city on an island) isn't one of them. I guess I'd be happy if I were this woman to, and would probably do the same thing but has the Dr. spending years of his life in school should know better. There are special hospitals to perform these surgeries with all the right equipment in place, and the right educational tools. It's called the University of British Columbia Research Hospital for a reason!

Now every ms patient is going to be lining up for a procedure that our medical board won't approve, only to be turned away.

Sharon - posted on 05/14/2010




I think the govt needs to relax a bit around this. "IF" respected foreign hospitals/treatment centers are having success with a certain drug/surgery and a desperate patient is willing to be a guineapig, then it should be allowed.

I am wary, however, of doctors who would cheerfully coerce a vulnerable patient into a speculative treatment without due cause. What I mean is, that an unscrupulous doctor would try a treatment for his own gains and maybe the treatment isn't just experimental but is also without real merit. (think shark piss up your nose to treat leukemia).

But right now to many children and adults are denied potentially life saving, life altering treatments because our govt agencies haven't approved them. Our govt. agencies haven't got time to approve everything being thrown at them. And frankly I doubt that most of the sitting judges have the education to judge most of these treatments.

So yes, this doctor needs to be hit with a small fine and a note in his record that he goes against the grain.

Mary - posted on 05/14/2010




No, I don't believe he should be censured for this. If the patient was unaware that the procedure was experimental, that would be an entirely different story...but she was fully aware, and capable of consenting.

You are right that something could have gone wrong - but that is true with ANY medical procedure, even simple, everyday things like an IV insertion, or a tonsillectomy carry potential risks and complications. This may have been outside the boundaries of the clinical trials, but the patient knew that, and choose to try it anyway. Many, many patients do not have the financial resources to travel out of country to wherever clinical trials are occurring on new and experimental procedures. If they have a local practioner who is willing to try, and they are fully aware of the risks involved, I believe that the risk is theirs to take.

Louise - posted on 05/14/2010




I think if the doctor was willing to do the precedure and the patient was accepting then what is the problem. It was a risk but, the patient is now more able to live a normal life and need less care from others. Some doctors do break the mould of having to stick to rules and guide lines, just think this poor woman would still need somebody to take her to the toilet how degrading! If this woman was you would you worry about getting into trouble or would you truely be grateful for a doctor that is willing to stick his neck out to help you?

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