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So, I wanted to HEAR what others do or think.
I love animals, dont get me wrong -- but I have my limitations of what I would allow in my home.
I have a bird, and had two others in the past -- obviously an indoor pet (but lots of work!) I tried out a hermit crab before, and I would love to have fish - when my kids are older.

One day I'd love to get dogs and cats - but i have enough training/potty training to do as it is; and getting a sitter is enough work for 6 kids, let alone an animal sitter!
However - I would never have the dogs or cats in my home. There is a partial part to having a tad sensitivity allergy wise - i get a bit stuffed up (probably dander) around them -- but otherwise, I wouldnt be able to stand all the hair and accidents. Esp. cats when they spray, the litter boxes are disgusting and stink the house up (unless you are more responsible about keeping it clean - which i know lots who do). I just couldnt bring myself to having those types of pets in my house.

How about you? House or outside, and why? I want both sides of the story. I personally wouldn't be able to stand it. Anyone else? If you do have your pets in your home - how do you cope with the hair, smell? I worry also about indoor/outdoor pets - what do they drag in from the outside??

Tell me -- what do you have to say??

(Everything I said is in MY OPINION)


Sharon - posted on 12/01/2010




Inside pets.

why have a pet when you keep it outside? Its basically a lawn ornament then. A lawn ornament with feelings and a need to be part of a group and you've just cut off a vital part of their need, retarding them in some ways and emotionally damaging in others.

If you can't commit yourself to a LIFETIME of pet ownership no matter what happens with the pet, then don't bother getting one.

Find another way to "save" an animal.

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2 Dogs both outside pets. They get to have free range of the back yard and hopuse when the kids go out to play because i couldn't be bothered with reminding them about the friggin door all the time.
2 Cats inside 98% of the time. Our older cat watched his first mate get killed by a dog when he was younger so i'm cautious of letting him go out. Younger cat is deaf so he can't go out very often for fear of him going on the raod. Littre tray gets cleaned every 2nd day.
House gets vac'd every day if we are home and we have a pet hair tool.
No smell because both cats are cut/spayed.
The only thing that the dogs bring in from outside when they come in is a little bit of dirt which gets vac'd once the kids have come inside for the night.
When the pets pass that we have i probably wont be getting more cats but we will more than likely always have at least 1 dog.

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I'm too lazy for pets, hence why we don't have any. Not until the kids are older.

April - posted on 12/01/2010




Animals are cute! I love all animals, but I like to admire them in other people's homes...not my own!

Kylie - posted on 12/01/2010




I have birds, fish, chickens and cats. We just got a new kitten and there's been no accidents (touch wood) the kitten has a litter tray but has started going to the toilet outside. My other cat never had a litter box and always goes to the toilet outside. I spend more time cleaning up after the chickens than any of the other pets. I have allergies so i wash my hands after touching kitty's and i have to vacuum everyday or the dust and cat hair build up sets me off. But the kitty's are so funny and lovely and they bring a lot of joy to the kids so i think it's worth it. I wouldn't have pets if i didn't have a big yard.

[deleted account]

We had an indoor cat who became a partially outdoor cat when we were living on a farm. He brought us 'presents' sometimes, but he's a great cat (lives w/ my ex now).

I would LOVE to be able to get my kids a cat or dog someday, but pets aren't allowed in county housing. :(

Shauna - posted on 12/01/2010




@ Kate we did the same thing wood laminate flooring .... easy for messes :)

Shauna - posted on 12/01/2010




We have a German Shepard that is an Inside dog he goes out occasionaly to play in the backyard. He is my son's best friend they are close in age so they will grow up together :) He is very clean and gets his nails done more than i do! He has his own couch that only he sleeps on and is a spoiled baby. However a great watch dog i wouldnt have it any other way. We also have 1 old lazy fat cat, who just sleeps all day, hes liter box is in the basement wear nobody goes, and i clean it daily. it does not smell .... however i know the smell some of you talk about and thats gross!!!! ... Me and my husband have always been huge fan of pets and i couldnt imagine my life without them!

Kate CP - posted on 12/01/2010




I solved the carpet staining problem...I got rid of the carpets! I have laminate flooring throughout the house now and I love it. Easy to clean, easy to maintain...I love this stuff. :)

Lady Heather - posted on 12/01/2010




We have two dogs and three cats. The dogs obviously go outside and so does one of the cats (these others being too stupid to handle the outside world). They all spend most of their time indoors though. I guess I don't really understand the point of having pets that don't come in the house, unless of course you spend most of your time outside too. I really don't, and with the winters here I don't think it would be possible to make them stay outside all the time.

I vacuum and dust a lot. We scoop the litter on a daily basis. Sometimes the hair bothers me, but I'd rather have a hairy home than one without some cats cozied up on the couch.

I can definitely understand not wanting to take care of dogs and cats. They are high maintenance creatures and the decision to take that on shouldn't be taken lightly.

Nikkole - posted on 12/01/2010




My son will be three this month and he keeps asking for a puppy but im not getting one till both my kids are potty trained and its summer im not house training in the winter lol

Mary - posted on 12/01/2010




Sharon, I agree...I just don't see the point in having a pet if you keep them outside. If my dogs were outside all the time, all the things I love most about having dogs would be missing. I would still have to feed them, walk them and clean up after them, but without the joy of random snuggles and kisses. My boys are such needy, loving creatures - I think an existence in my yard would simply break their hearts. I don't mean to condemn those of you who do this, but it just seems so...cold and detached.

I also agree that people should NOT get a pet unless they are fully willing to make a commitment for the lifetime of the animal. The reasons some people surrender animals at the Humane Society just boggles my mind, and makes me want to beat them senseless. The only nice thing I can say about these people is that they at least didn't (usually) abuse, neglect or abandon the animal, like so many souless assholes out there do.

As for the hair, accidents, and general wear and tear on my home...well, the truth is, while at times I get frustrated with the state of my carpet, it overall is just not that much of a priority to me. I knew when I got two big dogs that a spotless, pristine house was not a realistic goal - but honestly, that has never been a huge priority of mine. Their joy, exuberance, and unconditional love make all the muddy paw prints, chewed up comforters, and hair-covered clothes completely worthwhile.

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I was raised with parents who disliked cats. So we always had a small or medium sized dog and fish. My parents were strict about what the dog ate and bathroom outside only. The dog also slept in a kennel. As I got older and had kids, not all planned but had all 4 of them I met my fiance who had a dog he had gotten at the shelter years before. The dog was housetrained and although I'm a clean freak and clean constantly his dog didn't bother first. When we moved into our house together about a yr after dating we got engaged and his dog is a PItbull/Boxer mix and he's an inside dog. He sheds and I don't allow him on the furniture. It was a change for my fiance but he agreed. I vacuum daily so his hair on the carpet didn't bother us too much. He slept at the foot of our bed, and to this day is still a really good dog.
We also have a kitten who is almost 6mnths old. My daughters really wanted one. I clean her litter box daily, and feed and water her as well. Her litter box has never smelled up our house.
And about a yr ago we got a Mastiff/Blueheeler puppy and my fiance has trained her to where she doesn't go to the bathroom inside, and she's kenneled at night and while we're gone. She also isn't allowed on the furniture.
I don't think our house smells and I clean daily to avoid the buildup of the hair. I like the dogs inside. I don't think they get the bonding with the family outside, but that's my opinion. :) And the hair and smell doesn't bother me because they don't really smell....And they don't drag anything from outside inside unless they get their paws muddy and that's when I wipe them off with a towel before they step on the carpet. I love our animals! :)

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I have 3…and they are like spoiled ass kids…and I do love em’ and would be sad that they got hit by a car, but I feel like I have 5kids instead of 2. They cost money, and argue, fight, and bicker. But it is cute to see them playing chase with each other.
As far as grooming goes…there shampoo cost more then mine! But it keeps there coat shinny and stinky free….unless they roll outside in the grass…then they smell like grass….they are all short coat so shedding is at a minimum. I have been in houses or been close to dogs that smell…and I wont let my dogs get smelly like that.
Never thought I would have this many dogs. In summer they are outside most of the day, but in winter they are inside dogs. We got them a cage that is fit for a Great Dane, so they have lots of room to stretch, and although they each have a cage, Kapone and Honey share…they like it.

Our beagle Kapone is the oldest at 3 and he is the whimp, and goofy
Our Mini Doxin Honey, A.k.A (Mini Killer) is the second at 2 and she is a true bully…moody and mean…only to other dogs that she can get away with it. But with people she comes off as sooooooo sweet and Sooo nice…she is a good guard dog, alerts us to someone coming…very territorial of us
And D-Bo our new Blue pit, at 4months…he is a Goofball, silly, and likes lots of love

~They are smarter then CATS :-p

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Our family (my husband and I ) are not pet people. We had one American Bulldog that we loved but he was too agressive for my then 1 year old. Since then we haven't got another dog or cat and plan to never have one. It will be hard when the kids come begging but I hold firm. It is a lot of work to take care of an animal and I cannot commit to that.

I remember every time we would ask my parents for an animal, they would always make us promise that we would take care of the animal. Never failed, my dad was out scooping poop. Not gonna happen for us!

***edit because I suck at typing***

Laura - posted on 12/01/2010




I have a chocolate lab who was meant to be a hunting dog but is way too spoiled. We got him six months before my oldest was born so he was potty trained and ready to go by the time the baby came but was still young enough to not be threatened by a new baby. He is wonderful with both of my boys and part of the family. My husband won't take a family picture for our Christmas card with out him :) I could not imagine making any dog an outdoor dog here in South Dakota (too cold in winter and too hot in the summer) I am not a cat person at all. The only fish we've had so far is some minnows my husband was keeping for fishing but I might get my kids some real fish sometime. And since I'm having a third boy in Feb I said I need to get a female dog so I'm not so out numbered. ;) Cleaning up the hair kinda sucks but they are worth it.

I found this cute post that's been going around facebook:

To non-pet owners who visit my home and complain about my pets:

1.They live here, you don't.

2. If you don't want their hair on your clothes, stay off their furniture. This IS why it's called 'fur'-niture.

3. I love my pet more than I like most people.

4. To you they are just animals, but to me, they are my kids who are short, hairy, walk on all fours & don't talk back!

Sarah - posted on 12/01/2010




No pets in our house!!
First, I would forget to clean/feed/walk/generally care for them.
Second, I'm a bit allergic.
Third, they stink (sorry, but some houses that have pets do smell, but I am aware that it's not ALL homes with pets in)
Fourth, they cost money, which we don't have.
Fifth, they're just not worth all that hassle IMO.

So yeah, my kids will be going without pets I'm afraid!

Kate CP - posted on 12/01/2010




Oh, and I don't like birds either. But that's because I used to work at a vets office that had a bird that would bite people and then laugh. Nasty little shit. :P

Cats are okay but after all the health issues I've had to deal with with them I don't think I could handle another cat any time soon.

Kate CP - posted on 12/01/2010




I'm with Sharon. We usually agree about pet stuff, though. ;)

I love having my dogs in the house. Do I love the hair the pyranese leaves all over? No...but that's just a part of her I've learned to live with. Any animal can be a pain in the butt to live with but if you're diligent about working with their personality you can work it out.

For example, my pyr LOVES to eat crayons. I couldn't figure out where all of my daughter's crayons were going until I was scooping the back yard one day and saw purple poop. So, we (including the 4 year old) have learned that crayons need to stay up and out of the reach of the dogs when not in use. To keep the dogs from begging they get crated when we eat. To cut down on shedding they eat a high quality food and they're groomed regularly. I've trained them not to bark excessively, they don't jump on people, they're house trained, and they know they're allowed on only one specific sofa. Sure, things still get chewed on occasionally if we're not careful but they're dogs and I've learned to accept that. To me, having them far outweighs the negatives of not having them. :)

Veronica - posted on 12/01/2010




As for bird lice/mites - using the proper treatment takes care of this (just like with fleas/ticks for other pets).

Veronica - posted on 12/01/2010




I understand what you are saying about birds - but I also have to do my diligence too -- I easily vacuum up scattered seed and the feathers -- its a quick dump in the garbage of the newspaper that i use to line the cage. My bird doesnt smell, and i can fill up her seed and water and it lasts a few days to a week. I love the music she sings. I used to have another bird, but died of old age - he wasn't as messy as my new bird - and they dont creep me out either. I have a parakeet, and the other bird was a cockatiel.

[deleted account]

I don't like birds. They creep me out. Not the birds out in nature, like cardinals and sparrows and such...I'm ok with those. Things like macaws (sp?) and parrots just wierd me out so you won't see one of those in my home. I don't like dogs. Don't hate them when they belong to someone else, but I really don't want one, even though my husband does. I don't like the smell of dog saliva and socially, I just don't get along well with dogs. The problem is that dogs love ME. It's like they can't tell that I want them to stay away from me and if there's a dog around he finds me and decides to use ME as a spit deposit lol The only dog I've ever really liked was my friend's lab/golden retriever mix. That dog is so mellow, doesn't do much but lay at your feet or sit beside you and look at you with those eyes...definitely the kind of dog I'd get if I ever did change my mind about owning one.

I don't like snakes at ALL. In fact, it's almost an irrational fear for me. BUT, if my son decides when he gets older that he wants a snake, for some strange reason, I wouldn't be opposed to him getting one. Nothing big like a python or boa, but maybe like a glass snake or some other smaller snake.

Hamsters and rodents don't bother me. I don't really care one way or another for them but if my son ever did want one it would only be after he is responsible enough to keep after the cage because they do stink if not cleaned regularly and properly. In fact, a rodent is the most likely of all pets for my son to get because, you see, my MIL HATES rodents of all kinds, even rabbits. She literally said to me one day that if Jacob ever got a hamster as a pet she wouldn't step foot in our home. Soooo...I foresee an army of hamsters or gerbils inside and a rabbit cage with a few rabbits in it right on our front porch. Call it my own personal MIL repellant :P

I used to totally be a cat person until I had my son. Up until a year ago, I had 4 cats. 2 of them were old and so connected at the hip that when one got sick and had to be put to sleep, the other soon followed. I now have two cats. All of my cats have always been indoor only cats because I was fearful they would get hit by a car in the busy areas I've always lived in. Now that we're in a small town, I let my Siamese go outside because she will sit at the door and meow all day (seriously, ALL FRIGGIN' DAY) if I don't let her out. My other cat prefers to stay inside, so I still have to deal with the litter box, which is no big deal with the scoopable litter and only one cat going in it. Still, as much of a cat person as I used to be, I've found myself seriously wishing I didn't have any other animals but my son to care for. I'm not wishing my cats any harm or anything because I love them, but when they die I don't see myself getting anymore probably until Jacob is grown, if ever. As for the fur, I vacuum my floors every day (sometimes I skip a day, but not often) and about once a week I take the hose attachment and vacuum the couches. I did go out of my way to buy a vacuum cleaner made for pets (the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser) but I don't notice that it does any better than a regular vacuum would do. It's just a matter of being consistent and keeping up with the vacuuming.

Oh and fish! I kept a fish tank for many years and they are pretty easy, surprisingly. I actually am looking at getting Jacob a small tank for Christmas this year. Last year my fish died one by one (they were old) and I stopped replacing them because I knew they wouldn't survive the move up here so when the last one was gone (to the great toilet bowl in the sky lol) I cleaned the tank and sold it.

Minnie - posted on 12/01/2010




We have two siamese cats and a red devil cichlid.

The cat box never stinks because we do keep up with it. I have never had a cat that sprayed.

The fish tank...1/2 hour of water change every week and a half.

I couldn't have a dog though. I have enough 'dogginess' in our cats to deal with a real dog.

Sandra - posted on 12/01/2010




Thank you Erin. It's been pretty hard for me. She died from cancer though, so I'm just happy she's not suffering. It happened really fast. She got an infection from a tumor a few weeks ago & they put her on meds, but the vet if she was his cat, he wouldn't put her to sleep it because it wasn't effecting her quality of life yet. She got really bad over the holiday weekend though and stopped eating. Unfortunately, her vet wasn't in till today. Two nights ago I put her on my bed to sleep close to me and around 4 am I woke up to her making little gasps to breathe. I laid down right next to face and held her paw and petted her.... That's how she died a few minutes later... I'm just glad I was there to comfort her.

Louise - posted on 12/01/2010




It's strange the only animal I would never have in the house is a bird. They can cause lung problems and illness in humans so there is no way I would share my home with one. I have always had a dog in the house even before the kids were born and a cat at that time. I think a dog needs to be in the house as they are pack animals and needs the company. I now have an elderly golden retreiver and a huge gold fish that my son won at a fair 6 years ago. I think if you are considering another pet than a fish is probably more suitable for you as you can buy holiday blocks to feed them when you are away and they take minimal looking after as the pumps on the tanks these days mean you don't have to clean them out very often. There is also no smell and no fir to clear up and best of all they don't get fleas! When my dog does go to doggy heaven I will not replace her with another dog as I simply do not have the time to care for a new animal and I want to travel more so it would not be fair on the poor thing.

Ez - posted on 12/01/2010




I hate birds with a passion too! It's actually a genuine phobia. Gross.

@ Sandra - I'm sorry to hear about your cat :( We lost our 16yo cat about 5 years ago and I was a mess for days.

Sandra - posted on 12/01/2010




I had my cat for 15 years. After numerous bad experiences with outdoor cats (one was hit by a car and some VERY awful person poured gas on another and tried to light him on fire. Both survived but had to be put down.) I never let my cat out. You would never have known there was even a cat in the house. Litter box liners make it really easy to change. Short hair cats don't shed much, and I just brushed her twice a week. That was easy too, she'd want some love so instead of petting her with my hand, i just used a glove-style brush. Cats aren't like dogs either. They don't really need a sitter. Put out food and they don't just scarf it all. They eat till full and walk away. I've had numerous animals and of all that I've had, cats seem to be the easiest. Funny you have a bird, that's the one I found to be the worst. Feathers everywhere. Bird seed always ended up on the floor around the cage. And that cage floor.... eww. But to each their own. The hardest part of it for me is losing the pet. My kitty actually just passed away 2 days ago. I already miss her.

The funny part is that I actually very much dislike dogs for many of the reasons you stated. Most smell. And shed. And drool. And bark.

Oh, and cats don't usually spray if you have then fixed.

Nikki - posted on 12/01/2010




We have a big dog and a cat indoors, they are fully outdoor toilet trained! They go and please as they like inside and out. Yes they are messy and it takes time to bath and brush them and vacuum all of the hair up, but on the positive side my daughter LOVES them, her world revolves around them. They make her so happy I can't imagine life without them. Her third and fourth words were Nala (cat) and Mad (dog).

Also I have heard a lot of research lately which suggests children who are regularly in contact with dogs have less allergies and stronger immune systems.

[deleted account]

We have 2 cats and 2 dogs (though 1 dog we are looking after for my MIL). The MIL's dog sleeps in her own dog house outside. The other animals sleep inside. Our dog is small and is a Houdini so he has to stay inside (or tied up outside). We don't have litter boxes for the cats. They have a catdoor. They hardly ever bring in dead things (or living things).

Personally, I don't understand having pets but keeping them outside. I'm not saying its wrong. I just don't get it. When would you see them? How do you keep an outside cat? I mean, one of our cats spends most of the day outside, but we didn't know she was like that when we bought her. The other cat is a total inside cat. I don't know how you could make her into an outside cat. She'd just leave if we didn't let her in.

The hair is a pain. But you deal. And I don't think the house smells.

I guess it depends on what you expect from owning a pet. If you just want a pet to play with once and a while, I wouldn't get one. But if you want another member of the family (like I consider my pets), then you just have to suck it up and have them in your house. Or at least do you research and get one that doesn't shed and is very trainable (if such a pet even exists).

Ez - posted on 12/01/2010




I have a Black Lab and she is an outside dog. She comes in at various times through the day to hang out with us, and we obviously spend time in the backyard with her. But I wouldn't have a big dog like that as an indoor pet. I know people who do, but it's not for me. She sleeps in my laundry, which is off the back verandah, so she has shelter from rain, wind and sun. If I lived in a different climate where it snowed I would obviously have to rethink my stance, but Aussie weather is very conducive to having an outdoor pet.

I have also had cats in the past who slept inside but were free to go outside through the day.

Kerry - posted on 12/01/2010




I'm with you Veronica, too much to clean up just with the kids let alone a pet!! We do have crazy crabs though and they are great, i keep them in the laundry so they don't smell!!

Charlie - posted on 12/01/2010




Our dog sleeps inside , he is small , he does't really drop hair and is kept very clean so he doesn't really smell , dogs will bring inside as much as a child if not LESS than a toddler so that isn't an issue , we also do not have carpet which makes it easy to keep clean and smelling fresh with daily sweeping and regular mopping .

He was trained before kids came along so we didn't have the issue of training .

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