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i am 23 years old(24 come july 13) and i was just told by my doctor that i have what is called Lumbago and i need physical therapy for my back. i have 3 boys ages 5 1/2; 3 and 2. when i was 19 after my first son was born my old doc told me i had chronic back pain but did nothing. no therapy, no meds, no suggestions. now i come to find out that if i do not get this physical therapy i will not be able to walk by the time i hit 30! my twoo oldest are not with me anymore but my youngest lives at home and he is a really busy guy. he love to play rough(jumping on mommy and daddy,jumping from his bed or couch for us to catch him) and my doc told me that i cant lift him or carry him any moreand if i do then physical therapy wont work. she also informed me that i should loose weight. i am only 130 pounds and i am 23!! she said the reason for that is my weight is putting pressure on my back. i am so confused at what to do. i dont want to be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life, i would love to run after my child as he grows,but how am i supposed to handle a toddler and physical therapy 3 times a week? i was wondring if anyone else had this condition and if so did u have kids at the time and how did u juggle ur kids and treament?


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wow i/youre not alone..i cant even start my phy. therapy because i have no sitter. i need too though!

Jane - posted on 05/30/2011




Wow! I haven't heard the word "lumbago" for years!

Your doctor isn't being very precise if she says you have lumbago. All that means is that your lower back hurts, something you probably know already. The question is WHY your back hurts. Is it simply muscle strain? Do you have a herniated disc? Do you have a bone spur? A subluxation? The answer will determine what the physical therapist can do. Have you asked your doctor specifically what is causing your lumbago? Generally, lower back pain does not mean you will definitely spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair. It can mean that you limit your activities because your back hurts.

Certainly one thing you can do at home, maybe even involving your toddler, are exercises for your core, that is the muscles of your abdomen and lower back. Often strengthening these will minimize or even eliminate pain.

Losing weight is also an option. You say you weigh 130 pounds, but how tall are you? If you are under 5' 6" you might very well be able to lose a few pounds, which could make a big difference.

And if your back pain is from simple muscle strain, then treatment consists largely of a heating pad at times, an anti-inflammatory pain killer like Motrin or aspirin, and learning how to lift correctly. Once your pain goes away you can then also start core exercises.

However, certain situations may ultimately require back surgery, which is always a crap shoot. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, and sometimes it makes things worse. If you have spinal stenosis, a severely herniated disk, or major bone spurs, surgery might have to be considered.

If you do end up having physical therapy you might look around and see if there is a Mother's Day Out program near you. These are generally found at churches, and basically give moms a few hours in a day to go do something else. You could time PT with Mother's Day Out.

You could also exchange a bit of child care with a friend who has a toddler as well. She could watch your son for a few hours during your PT, and in return you could watch your friend's child for a few hours. No cost to anyone, but the reward to each mom of a few kid-free hours.

I have a herniated disc in my neck from carrying my son, who was a VERY active toddler. I did undergo PT for it, which helped a great deal. I do have to watch certain activities, and I did have to teach my son that Daddy could lift him but Mommy couldn't because he had grown into such a big boy.

Since then I have also developed "lumbago" due to several factors including arthritis, being overweight and letting my core muscles weaken. I had PT for about six weeks and now do my exercises faithfully. My next goal is to lose weight, but of course that is the hardest part.

Good luck! Do ask your doctor for more details on why she believes your pain is happening. Then you can look at your options.

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