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So getting hit on and flirting are universal…lol
What are some crazy, weird, odd, or actually clever pick-up lines you have heard or had said to you?

~oh and If I say something you don’t understand just ask, because if you say some thing I don’t understand I will ask~

Ok the other day some guy at the mall asked me
“Hey where do you get your swag?”
that was lame to me…LOL
or I have heard the one “you must be tired, because you have been running thru my mind all day,”


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Meghan - posted on 03/02/2011




When I was 18 I was at a house party with family friends. One of the guys there is a known lush...he also is missing the tips of 3 fingers. He was hammered and approached me and while slurring asked "have you ever been rubbed by a stump?" AWESOME!
Best one I have heard? A couple weeks ago I was out and a guy came up to me and asked what lupus was. I asked him why and he said cause some girl he met just text'd him saying she had it and he didn't know what it was. I said it's all good, you wont catch it....he laughed and said "ok, didn't actually happen, I just wanted to talk to you"....WTF???

Sarah - posted on 03/02/2011




Some I've heard.......

"You're Dad must have been a thief.........he stole the stars and and put them in your eyes"

"Here's 10p, go and phone your parents and tell them you're not coming home tonight" (although 10p wouldn't be enough to make a call these days! lol)

And, not so much a chat up line, but my husband and his friends used to refer to some girls as a "5 to 2 princess". Back when the clubs used to shut at 2am, if they hadn't pulled, they would take home any old hag.........a 5 to 2 princess! Charming eh?! ;)

Jackie - posted on 03/02/2011




Do you like apples?
Well, I wanna F*** the S*** out of you... How do ya like them apples?

Lame and vulgar, I know. But it worked for me :) hahahaha

Sharon - posted on 03/02/2011




Lines I've used....

The Marines are looking for a few good men, so am I.

Watching two guys play pool... "would show me how to hold your stick?" (I knew full well how to play pool/billiards)

I had the BEST luck/time with those lines.

Jenni - posted on 03/02/2011




Here's some Canadian pick up lines:

1. Let’s go to my place. I’d like to show you my puck collection.
2. Want to see my lumber, Jack?
3. The way I imagine it, Huron top.
4.What’s your star sign? No, wait, I already know the answer. You are a shooting star sent down from heaven. Your beauty warms and lights up these frozen surroundings. You have become one with the land. Won’t you please open your Northwest Passage and let me hike your tundra?

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