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Jodi - posted on 04/14/2012




My husband is far more picky than my kids. But there are things I know he HATES, things I know he will eat under sufference, things I know he is okay with, etc. Everything seems to go on those scales. There isn't much he will absolutely refuse, and they are the only things I take off the menu. Everything else is fair game. And he eats it. It's the same scale I have for my kids (if they HATE it - and you can tell - I just remove it from future menus/from the plate, but they MUST try it at least a few times before I will do that).

My husband is far less picky now than he used to be. I made it clear to him he needed to be a better example for the kids. He took that seriously.

MeMe - Raises Her Hand (-_-) (Mommy Of A Toddler And Teen) - posted on 04/11/2012




I was one of those kids too, that did not like anything touching the other. Now, I can put everything ontop of each other and still enjoy it! lol

I think someone has a bit of growing to do and isn't Jaime. ;)

MeMe - Raises Her Hand (-_-) (Mommy Of A Toddler And Teen) - posted on 04/11/2012




Jaime---it's just that i had meant use cheddar or colby cheese with it but he used parmesan like a crazy person.

Now that made me laugh, hard! ;)

I don't know, honestly, I don't think it is a problem with only liking "good" food either. If he likes nasty ol' fast food or gross ol' circle B sausages on hot dog buns. I would be more inclined to say, he likes to spend money...;)

I think you have a husband that is a addicted to spending. You know, a spendaholic. It's a shame. Since I bet you make good, yummy meals. ;)

Lady Heather - posted on 04/11/2012




Tell him to suck it up. I don't have high tolerance for picky adults. I make dinner, the husband eats it. I don't feed my husband sashimi because that is literally the one food he simply can't stand. But the idea of an adult who just won't eat any veggie or something like that? Hell no. It isn't that hard to eat an effing piece of broccoli. I am guessing I wouldn't last long in a relationship with a picky eater though.


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Aleks - posted on 04/14/2012





Thats how things work in my house too..... Though I cannot say that my man was all that super picky, or eve picky... but yeah, the scale does exist... and he knows that there a times he just has to pucker up and be an example to the kids (which also are a far cry from picky, thank goodness).

Minnie - posted on 04/12/2012




Since I'm 'picky' I try to be as accomodating to his tastes as I am to mine.

[deleted account]

I had an ex who ate nothing but cheese pizza, chicken, and corn. I couldn't stand him. He wouldn't even eat fruit! Skinny as a damn rail, the biggest bags under his eyes that I've ever seen, and always complaining about being in pain. Maybe if he ate right he wouldn't be hurting all the time from his metabolism eating away at his bones!

Sal - posted on 04/12/2012




I dumped a guy when he picked tomato out of something I cooked....I'd simply tell him grow up and eat the same as tge rest of the family

[deleted account]

i'm somewhat ashamed to say i don't cook often, but when i do, yes, it's usually pretty good. and yeah, i'd have to agree, it's probably more an addiction to spending money than being a picky eater.

which is why he doesn't have a debit card anymore. so glad, that's one less thing i have to worry about, one less reason to check the damn bank account once an hour...

now he has an allowance for himself, he's getting $10 for food for the rest of this week until he gets paid Friday, and then he can fill up his gas tank and then have $20 or so for food for next week. anything bigger than that he'll have to ask me.

but he IS pretty picky about what and how he eats, he hated tomatoes before we got married (unfortunately passed that on to our daughter, who refuses to eat spaghetti like a normal kid, sigh...) and he wouldn't put lettuce on his burgers. but for his birthday or something special a couple months ago i bought him a subway sandwich and tried to fix it the way he liked it, and got it mostly right except that i put lettuce on it, and when i got home to surprise him with it the asshole wasn't home. pissed me off, so i made him eat it whether he liked it or not when he finally showed up. he actually liked it, and that was cool, but yeah...

he said that he was one of those kids that if the corn was touching the spaghetti (you get the idea) he wouldn't eat it. i hope to GOD Julie isn't like that later. but i could deal with that, since there are plates with separate little compartments for different stuff...always wished i had those as a kid xD

but he has taught her so many bad eating habits, like stuffing her face until her cheeks pop out like a chipmunk (cuz she wants to eat like how daddy eats, ugh) and she won't eat something if it's not set up the way she apparently wants it (if she's got bread and wants it torn up, she'll throw the whole piece on the ground). she's also as wasteful as he is. this morning especially, hubby got a bowl of cereal, ate half of it, and complained that he didn't like the milk and it was making him sick (lactose-free milk, only stuff Julie and i can drink without her throwing up or me getting a horrible stomach ache) so he just set the half-eaten bowl on the counter and went off to do his thing. needless to say i kind of went off on him because of it, i can't stand someone who wastes food, especially when it's so expensive. cuz the cereal he wants and was eating this morning is $3 for 18oz, while half a gallon of lactose-free milk is $5 and that, to me, is a pretty damn expensive bowl of cereal. thank God for WIC for most of it, but damn, that doesn't mean he can just throw it all away...

[deleted account]

the thing is, my husband isn't particularly picky about food, he just doesn't like anything that isn't perfectly made or tastes like something you'd get in some fancy restaurant. he'll settle for McDonald's, but the sad thing is he seems to prefer fast food over homemade food! he doesn't even like his own cooking if it isn't perfect, as evidenced by him not wanting to eat the casserole he made last week that i had suggested and he used the wrong cheese for. i liked it, i don't know what his problem was, it's just that i had meant use cheddar or colby cheese with it but he used parmesan like a crazy person. it still turned out great, and was entirely edible, i don't know what his deal is...

but yeah, he made that and then didn't want to eat it because it wasn't good enough for him, i guess. for the next couple days he kept trying to get us to eat out instead and i kept telling him we had plenty of food at the house, and then he just went off and bought food at a gas station instead, so he no longer has access to the debit card because he wastes money on stupid shit.

so yeah, that's the real problem, he's picky about how it's made and where it's from and how expensive it is. i can send him to the store for ingredients and what i MIGHT spend $10 on he'd spend double or triple if he could. he can't just settle for the store brand noodles or cheese or whatever, he wants the expensive stuff. and a snack or quick lunch for me would be a sandwich, but he has to have his $7 circle B sausages on hot dog buns or the most expensive honey wheat bread on the aisle, and bologna or smoked turkey isn't good enough for him. if i didn't eat it, he'd let it rot in the fridge, which he's done plenty of times because i don't chow down on everything at once like he does, but like i said, lunch meat isn't good enough for him so of course he'll just let it sit there.

MeMe - Raises Her Hand (-_-) (Mommy Of A Toddler And Teen) - posted on 04/11/2012




Tell him to eat it or go to bed hungry!!

Chelsey - posted on 04/11/2012




When my husband and I first started living together if it wasnt hamburger based or pasta he wouldnt eat it. He said he didnt like steak, porkchops, fish or vegetables and I pretty much let it slide until our eldest started eating real food. At that point I told him he had to set a good example and if i cooked it he was going to eat it. Turns out he found out that he does like most things. His parents had a tendancy to overcook meat and didnt generally do much for vegetable sides.

There are still some things that he doesnt like but I dont like every food out there either and wouldnt want to be forced to eat them all the time. That being said if he told me that he wouldnt even try something new or retry something that he hadnt had in a long time then he'd be cooking for himself.

Elfrieda - posted on 04/11/2012




I don't know, it seems strange that an adult would be a picky eater... isn't that something you're supposed to grow out of?

I probably would ignore it for the most part. Like my husband doesn't like raisins, but that doesn't mean I don't put them in things. I'll usually throw some chocolate chips into the mix to make it more yummy for him (and me!) but seriously, raisins are good and good for you, and if he doesn't like them, he's free to pick them out and our son and I will eat them! :)

He has a good attitude about it, so it's not really a confrontation. He says "I'd LIKE to like raisins, it's just that they're gross!" and then we laugh because that's funny.

(For his birthday or something that's specifically for him, of course I won't put raisins in, but if it's for the whole family for no particular reason, those raisins are going in!)

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