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So, do any of you have experience with a child eating Play Doh? I ask because earlier my son was playing with a new tub of it (one of the tiny 2 ounce jars). In my hurry to clean up so we could eat, I just scraped the doh off of his desk and shoved it into the jar. We ate. He bathed. He's been in bed for a few hours now. I was just in the living room picking up before I go to bed and it dawned on me that the amount I had put back in the jar wasn't all of it. I looked everywhere and didn't find the missing doh, so I'm assuming he ate it. Towards the end of me cooking, he was going "Mmmm, yummy good." but I assumed he was talking about dinner because that's what he always says when I'm cooking or if he smells food. Now I'm thinking....shit, he was probably eating Play Doh. And hey, I DOES taste yummy good lol (I HAVE to smell it every time I open one for him) Anyhow, I digress. I've looked it up and I know it's non-toxic and won't hurt him, especially since he ate an amount equal to about a little more than a tablespoon (if he indeed did eat it). What I'm wondering is....will his poop be green? Is it going to constipate him? It says on the jars "contains wheat". I just want to know what to expect.


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Mary - posted on 02/25/2011




Joy - moon dough has it's pros and cons. It's dryer, and is a bit more crumbly, but I've found that is not necessarily a bad thing. It never dries out, which means if you get distracted, and leave it out for hours, it is still just as good as it was when you took it out of the package (unless you live in my house, and your dogs eat it all!). It's also much easier to clean up, especially in regards to a carpeted area; it doesn't become smushed into the carpet fibers the way play doh does.

It's not really a replacement for play doh - more of an alternative. I let her have moon dough upstairs in her playroom, which is carpeted. Play doh is reserved for the kitchen table; no carpeting, and a much lower likelihood of getting left out for too long.

Bonnie - posted on 02/24/2011




Yes, moon sand sucks big time! Friends of ours has it for their daughter. It makes a huge mess. It doesn't mold together all that well, so there are little pieces everywhere. When my boys played over there, there socks were covered in the stuff.

Bonnie - posted on 02/24/2011




You probably don't want him to eat a whole container like it's a snack or something lol, but it is non-toxic so it is probably not harmful. The only thing is, it contains wheat, so if your child has a wheat allergy, than yes it could be harmful.

My 2.5 year old has put a few bits in his mouth. I can tell because I found it in his teeth. He is fine.

[deleted account]

Ahhh, then I've been wise to stay away from it lol A friend of mine warned me about Moon Sand years ago. Her son got some on her carpet and it permanently stained her carpet. Even the carpet cleaner guy couldn't get it out lol NOOO MOON SAND!

Rosie - posted on 02/24/2011




moon dough sucks joy don't get it!!! it breaks up soooo easily and you end up with a thousand little chunks of it everywhere!!!

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Mary, what's Moon Dough exactly? I've seen it and been curious but stayed away because I have heard Moon Sand horror stories and figured Moon Dough would be the same....

Mary - posted on 02/24/2011




Molly doesn't eat it herself (yet) - she's too busy feeding it to the dogs the second I turn my head. I can tell you that they have done just fine after consuming large quantities of both play doh and moon dough. It hasn't even upset their digestive systems - just made things more colorful!

Sal - posted on 02/24/2011




we make ours, and they don't eat much as it has loads of salt, but if he ate enough it ,might makes his poo pretty but unless it was shoddy and full of nasty (which most aren't) it should be fine...

Nikki - posted on 02/24/2011




I had this kid at work that was obsessed with eating play doh (home made) , we had to ban him from playing with it. He would get his friends to steal it for him and would literally eat handful's of it. He was fine, I never did ask mum what colour his poo was!

Stifler's - posted on 02/23/2011




My mum always made home made play dough our of flour and salt and something else and food colouring. It was fairly gross to eat.

Kylie - posted on 02/23/2011




You might have to start making your own salt free dough if he likes to eat it lol. and add some vanilla essence to make it smell yum.

My son stuck some regular home made play dough up his nose today, we got it out but he cried for a long time, the salt must have stung :( Poor little bug.

[deleted account]

Play-dough's not for eating? Damn...

lol :)

At the most, he'll probably have some fun poop in th enext few days - last week was the first time we gave our 2 year-old play-dough to play with and she had hot pink streaks in her poop for 2 days :D (note: I do not encourage them to eat it, but I'm a "dirt has fiber" type of mom, so I'm pretty relaxed about it.)

Katherine - posted on 02/23/2011




Isn't it just like......oh damn didn't did NOT just eat that marker because it "smelled" good.

As for the playdoh, I don't think you have anything to worry about.

Meghan - posted on 02/23/2011




J always manages to eat some and I haven't noticed any constipation or strange colored poops. Crayons on the other hand...

[deleted account]

I ate a lot of Play Doh when I was little too. Like I said, I still have to smell it every time I open a jar for him. It makes my mouth water....wierd, I know lol I also used to eat Elmer's glue and that still makes my mouth water too. And no, I don't have Pica lol

[deleted account]

Ok good. Well he was up and about for another two hours after dinner....and now that I think about it, this may explain why he barely ate lol But I figure if he was gonna get a tummy ache, it would have been during that time before bed. I just hope I don't wake up next to a leaky green diaper lol

Sharon - posted on 02/23/2011




LOL I can't remember - I do remember multi colored poop - but I can't remember why...

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