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Hi all I am 28 weeks pregnant and since 5 weeks I have sufferd from bad morning sickness my midwife told me this should go at 12-14 weeks but no.. 28 weeks and I can't keep a meal down! I have been in and out of hospital on and off the drip because I can't keep fluids down! The hospital are not really much help as they put me on the drip I get re hydrated they send me home and as soon as I get back on foods I'm bringing it all back up and go down hill again! I havnt had a decent meal in weeks! Also I have been in and out of the hospital they though I might have appendicitis but it's more difficult to tell as I am pregnant! I have a lot of tummy cramp and to get to the point I am just not enjoying my pregnancy at all :( I get very emotional with all this sickness and pain! I was just thinking about asking for an early induction? At 38 weeks, what do people think? And would this be a valid reason to have one as I am just not enjoying this pregnancy I'm so down and depressed please help thanks x


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I am so sorry you are having such a difficult time. I was fortunate that I never experienced vomiting but I had other issues. My friend had the same experience as you she stuck it out because the longer your baby can stay in the more developed your baby will be. I would ask the doctor to speak to a nutritionist because my friend found out it was what she was eating. I would get the doctors opinion. I really hope you get relief so you can enjoy your pregnancy. When I was going through my hard times I played music that was relaxing for my baby and me. When she was born shed fall asleep to the same music. God Bless you and your sweet baby

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I would seek out another mid wife or doctor to consult with. That is awful! I hope it goes away soon!

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