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We recently had a federal election in Australia. My children (15, 14 & 12) were interested in the election and watched the election count on television in the evening. They had been following the campaign before the election as well and were aware of the major parties, leaders, major policies etc.

My daughter (15) was shocked when she went to school the Monday after the election at how little her friends knew about the election, even to the fact that it was on. These girls all do well in school too and intend to go to university.

I am amazed at their level of ignorance too and at how shallow their family conversations must be if they are unaware of such major events in their own country.

Bear in mind that we have compulsory voting in Australia and these kids will all be voting in two or three years time.

Do you discuss politics and current affairs with your kids or am I the only one that thinks that this is important?

I am by no means a politics and current affairs 'junkie' myself but believe that it is important that everyone have some basic knowledge about what is happening in their society.

Your thoughts........

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My daughter is two, so no we don't discuss politics! But my husband and I watch the news everyday (local and national) so I suspect that when she's older we'll be discussing it. I agree that it is important.

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