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My Aunt has been experiencing strange occurrences in her home for some time now. Things like... she will set a glass on the counter, go to the fridge for milk, and turn around to find the glass on a different counter, or my uncle finding his glasses in odd places, doors slamming, windows opening …. Most of the activity is centered in their guest room. Their dog will no longer go in; in fact he stands at the door and barks … All the usual Hollywood stuff.
They called in an expert they trust – this woman has worked with our family in the past and she is amazing. Anyway, she says my Aunt has a portal in her guest bedroom.
I looked it up, portals, as I had never really heard about them. It is a doorway between worlds and many from the other side seem to want to talk with my Aunt. She has, though the help of the expert, been given introduction and messages from deceased relatives and friends. I think it is amazing. Anyone else have experience with this?


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Good call Marina, the expression "speak of the devil" came from somewhere and when it comes to situations like that its best left not to discuss them unless you're okay with seeing them again. I burn sweetgrass and sage and my hunni has his own techniques for keeping our home free of visitors. Sometimes it helps to know what to avoid having in your home that draws in negative buddies. Don't allow alcohol or drugs in your home at all, when someone knocks never say "come in" just answer the door. If your kiddos ask if their imaginary playmate can come play say no! and don't spend the hours between midnight an 4 staying up alone. Traditional Natives call it staying up with the dead and believe that if you're mind and energy isn't occupied sleeping or doing something neccessary spirits are drawn to your energy and will feed off of it. If they like what they get they will stay for more. If you do have a bad situation going on getting scared by it allowing yourself to get depressed or fighting with your spouse will encourage activity and never encourage interraction with anything you don't know what its there for.

Aiden is very sensitive and he actually successfully got something out of the house for me lol. Long story so I'll just give you the end of it.

After quite a few problems with Aiden being targetted in a new home and me hearing his conversations with it which were not friendly at all I decided to try and persuade it to leave. I smudged his room all the while demanding it to leave his bedroom and to please leave our home entirely. It left his room but then we started having problems in the hall upstairs, my bedroom, and the bathroom and I mean some freaky crap. It got dangerous because it started flooding our tub and sink and then I couldn't sleep upstairs cuz it kept trying to mess with me. I smudged the whole upstairs and demanded it to leave our home and leave us be. We started having problems on the mainfloor and the events started to become more extreme so finally I smudged the whole house except the basement and told it that it could stay down there but not to bother us. It did but then we had swarms of spiders coming up from the basement and you could hear violent banging and running around from down there and my dryer made it from one side of the basement to the other and thats when I really knew enough was enough. I demanded it to get completely out it didn't belong here it needed to leave I got my mom to come help and we smudged the whole house down she prayed and that and we tried to force it out. The next day I heard a knock at the door and when I went to go answer it Aiden ran past me (and this is impressive since his speech is delayed even now and he was only a year old at the time) and pointed angrily at the door and yelled "NO YOU GO NOW!" I was just standing there completely flabberghasted and Aiden continued to yell at the door screaming NO NO NO, the door burst open I screamed and grabbed Aiden and back up to about the livingroom. I realised how stupid I was and I put him down so I could go close the door, Aiden ran under my feet to stand in front of me pointed and yelled "GET OUT!" and the door slammed shut. As I stood there just right shaking Aiden said nicely "Okay bye bye" and then turned around went to livingroom and started plying with his cars. We haven't had a problem since. What we had that time was very negative and malicious and as far as I know it got in the house the one day when we were expecting Aiden's father to come for his visit, I had been in the middle of doing dishes and heard a knock at the door and just hollared for him to "come in the door's open" I heard the door open but had to close it myself because no one was there I figured it was the wind but that was the night Aiden started having night terrors again. I have no problem discussing that situation just because I know it can't come back unless we let it in but when it comes to situations I don't entirely understand I don't talk about them, better safe then sorry.

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I don't believe in that stuff. I would find logical explanations for everything. Possibly wind, drafts, house settling/house isn't completely level, early onset alzheimer's. That's just me though.


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I have had numerous freaky experiences, I definitely believe! It's kind of exciting, but terrifying at the same time.

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hmmm I'm going to say that it sounds as though your aunt and uncle just can't remember where exactly they are placing things.... no supernatural explanation needed.

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Yes I believe in it very much and yes I have experienced it. it's something that seems to run in my family. Can get quite frightening if something happens that you are not expecting to happen. Your aunt must be very in tune with her innerself and with her enviroment to be receiving so many "visitors".

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A very good friend of my is Native and much of what you say Kaleigh, she has told me, I have come to learn that the Native culture is very superstitious and right for the most part, it makes sense. I burn sage as well, when we first moved in, before I un-packed anything…I went to all corners of the house and the front and back doors and let EVERY thing know that wasn’t Positive energy to leave and that this is our home now…..
Its also important to know that when burning the sage you have to put in on everyone in the room present with you as well as yourself :-0)

It works…

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Kaleigh - You just gave me the Willies! You're a very good story teller though :)

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I can't really talk much about it cause I am currently living in that kind of situation...but NOT nice....my sister got rid of her...I cannot remember what herb she burned around the house...I want to say white sage. I will find out. And went around telling her to "get out, it is her house now"..it took about 1 week or more till ALL activity stopped, and I don't want it to start again. I will find out for sure what she burned in the house to expell it. Many weird and bad things happened. Nuff said, I don't want to bring her back! I am still here!

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It was nice of them to give it back. And, it was nice of you to leave a ring. I knew folks that moved in to a house that was already occupied. The parents spent the day carring in boxes and unpacking, happy to see their two little girls had already made a friend and spent the day playing with her in their new room. This new little girl and their daughters became such good friends it seemed the new kid never went home, finally the parents thought to ask... where does she live? Her kids said, "She lives here Mommy" and she did. She was a daily playmate. When folks came to visit the sometimes left thinking the family had two kids, and sometimes they left thinking the family had three dauhters ... some could see her, some could not.

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First off I don't usually like talking about stuff like this but I'm making an exception. Second don't judge me I'm the type of person who looks for all logical reasoning sometimes you're just at a loss though.

I was staying in a place with known activity, the residents weren't informed of this prior obviously but afterwards like about a week before I moved out we were informed that they had some issues going on. I gotta say the funniest one was I was sitting on the couch with Aiden and he had his soother. All was calm I was watching tv with my roommate and her daughter. Suddenly Aiden started crying because his soother was gone, without moving him I looked and felt round to see where it had fallen but it was gone so I got Jen to grab me his one from his diaperbag. A few minutes later same deal, soother was gone so I grabbed one from the kitchen while Jen looked in the couch edges and underneath it. Next thing you know poof soother gone, now I start freaking out and I grab his last one from the stroller pocket. I announce this is it there are no more soothers and if this one disappears I will lose my shit! Were sitting back on the couch Aiden is finally asleep when Jen says "Hey where did his soother go?" I look down and sure enough its gone. So since he's sleeping I put him in his crib with the moniter on and come back downstairs in a rage. Together we combed the carpets removed all the furniture so we had a clear space to work. I then took apart the couch and chair determined to find these wandering soothers. After the couch was completely ripped apart and still no soother I put it back together and sewed the fabric back. We went out front had a smoke while I calmed down and when I came back in I announced that if anyone was "interfering" with my stuff that thats fine but thats pretty effing low to steal a baby's soothers. I sat down on the floor closed my eyes heard the sound of something hitting the floor beside me and Jen screamed. I opened my eyes and there were like 10 soothers scattered around me on the empty floor. Aiden's missing four, two that my roomates daughter had lost over the time span of a month and a few we had never seen before. That morning I woke up and quite a few items of mine were missing, Jen always laughed at me saying that I shouldn't have offered our other roommate my stuff then. On occasion her stuff would go missing and shed say "Kaleigh you're damn roommate can't seem to tell your stuff from mine!" Lol it just became a little quirk of the place no big deal until my healthcard went missing I put my bracelet where my helathcard was and asked for a swap, by morning my healthcard was back in the bracelets place.

Now a lot of crap happened when my roomate was away but I was lucky enough to have her witness most of the events so I didn't go crazy lol. I'm also happy to report nothing of Aiden's went missing again after the soother situation. Usually with stuff like that you can move and leave the issue for someone else to deal with...lol I did and now the only time my crap goes missing is when I actually misplace it :) I'm sorry but if I enter a house and a big scary voice says "GET OUT" I'm gonna turn on my heel say "Alright have a good one!" and leave. With how much crap went on in that house I was very angry to find out later that they had known all along and werent telling residents and I was very happy the day I moved out I even gave a little wave and left one of my rings on the counter for my other roommate. First thing I did after moving into my new place lol buy all new shit!

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You know, one of my best friend's growing up lived in a house that was haunted. Her dad was a wardon at a state prison and their house,or parts of it at least, were over 200 years old. One night she was in the house, alone, and from the older part of the house she heard someone calling her name.

Also, one of my other good friends grew up in New Jersey, and her mom and Aunt were telling me that in the house they grew up in, which was a home that dated from colonial times, that they had several experiences. Her aunt said that she was laying in her bed one night when she heard her door open and boots walking across the floor. She looked up and saw a man with in colonial style dress sitting at her desk looking at her. She yelled "Go away!" and he got up and walked out.

I have never personally had an experience, but has anyone ever watched that show "Ghost Hunters" on the Syfy channel? They've caught some pretty freaky evidence over the years....and I do believe the stuff they've found.

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I'm with Joy, if the ghost cleaned my house and cooked my meals, i'm sure we could work something out.

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hmmm, i have had wierd things happen to me, mostly in one certain house (even though i had working heat in my room there were icicles on the ceiling and it was always freezing, a peice of seaglass flew across the room and hit the wall next to me while i was reading, i would try to take a shower and the bath would suddenly turn on i would give up and try to take a bath and the shower would turn on this would go on until i finally gave up and got out of the bthroom, the tv would flip through channels quickly even though the remote was right next to me untouched).... so i guess maybe that's what it was.... who knows, lol. i'm on the fence about these kind of things, not sure if i beleive/sometimes i beleive/don't really want to know kind of thing, and creeped out by it

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Interesting. When I was a little girl, living in my dad's really really old house, I used to wake up at night and see blue light coming from my closet. My mom also said she would find me walking around the house in the middle of the night at about 3 or 4 years old, when she asked me what I was doing my reply was always the same "Playing with the other kids".
Things used to go missing in that house and turn up later in weird places. My mom once found the broom in the bathtub two floors up from where she left it.
My Aunt is a medium, so she came over to spend the night in my room once, she woke up at night feeling like someone was choking her, she yelled for my mom, who came running, when she opened the door, she saw a flash of blue light from my closet and my aunt said "It stopped". Weird, my Aunt wouldn't step foot in that room for the rest of the time we lived there.
I would say your Aunt is lucky.

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Not personally, but I've heard of them (can also be called dragon fires). I just have random ghosts move my shit; I don't think there's a portal involved in my case.

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I have had a really scary experience with that. I had panic attacks for months.
It was not something friendly and it was very mischievous, not in a playful way either.
I am forever scarred.

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I have no experience with this either. I'm fascinated and terrified of two things in life: sharks and ghosts. And I'm with Bonnie....if anything like that ever happened to me, I'd shit my pants. I'd also move. Unless a ghost kept cleaning my house. Then I'd stay.

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No I don't have experience with this, but I find it interesting! Of course until it would happen to me and I would be all alone and probably shit my pants.

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