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i have a son who turned 3 in may. he is potty trained during the day and has been since april-ish. he just cannot turn the pee off at nighttime. anybody have any tips on what i can do to get him to not pee at night? i already limit drinks, but he has a disorder called diabetes insipidus which causes him to drink massive amounts of water cause he pees all of his water intake out.

i also have another question. when he is in bed during naptime, sometimes he doesn't fall asleep, but he still manages to pee in his diaper. i've tried not wearing a diaper during nap or bedtime, but it doesn't matter. do i punish him for that? he KNOWS he's to get up and go pee in the toilet if he's awake he should be able to do that right? i don't know, i am so lost. HELP!! :)


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kati, we still can't turn the pee off at nightime for my 11 year old step son. Sometimes it drives me nuts, but I also know it isn't his fault. We still use pull ups for him, but these days, most the time, he wets through those as well. We have tried everything, and it comes down to just riding it out. He has to strip and wash his bed himself as part of recognising the responsibility (in fact he's hanging his bedding out online as we speak), but he is 11. We don't punish him for it.

I'll be honest, I wouldn't be worried about a 3 year old......

Did you know that even at age 5, about 20% of children still have night time issues? He probably just isn't able to wake up to go. Understanding his condition, and also knowing that he pees even if he is awake at naptime, I still say no punishing. At 3 1/3 he is still pretty young. I would just continue to encourage it, and reward him when he IS dry (just don't punish him when he isn't).

Sometimes these things just take time....

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My mother is a preschool teacher and warned me about the fun I would be having potty training. The main thing she told me was not to punish your child for an accident. There is a deep connection apparently between everything and their pee (for lack of better words). For example, when they suffer something traumatic usually the first thing is wetting the bed. (sorry off subject a little)
It was very hard not to get angry with my son when he would purposely go in his pullup right after we asked him about the potty. But it really is a waiting game. We just made a big deal of the times that he would have a dry pullup and eventually everything else worked itself out.
Good luck though and I guarantee he will be potty trained long before senior prom :)

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Daughter potty trained at 12 mths herself daytime..3yrs old night time.I just had to stop her fluid intake up to 2hrs before bed time.I would get her to pee before bed and when i went up and she was asleep i would lift her on to the toilet..she was aware but sleepy.After a few nights she was done..quick and easy..if i hadn't of done it..she would of been older out of them at night..she was well used to having the nappy and became a bit lazy with knowing it was on her lol.

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Put him in a diaper or pull up and just wait it out. Some kids are dry at night before the day. Some are dry at night around the same time as during the day. Some kids aren't dry at night for YEARS after they start being dry during the day. It is out of your control and most likely out of his as well.

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you're no help sara!!! ;P i hope i do too. with grant it took maybe a month after he was daytime trained to be trained at night. vinnie still pees the bed at age 5-almost 6, but he is a VERY sound sleeper, and the doc doesn't think anything is too wrong with it yet-considering his diabetes insipidus as well. lucas isn't a heavy sleeper, and i just don't know what i can do. grant just did it, ya know?

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Kati, I've been wondering the same thing. Eliza will go consistently during the day, and she's getting better about going in public, but she is far from being night time trained. I hope you get some good advice, cuz I need it too!

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