Potty-Training Little Boys

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Just a few minutes before posting this my husband and I had a short one-sided conversation involving potty-training our son, if we ever have one.

I asked if my hubby would want to teach him to stand or sit, and he said stand. I don't know that I agree with that because I already know it's going to be soooo messy later on :( but my husband has said he's not going to change his mind about it. He says that's how guys are and that's how he thinks it should be. I told him he's in charge of cleaning EVERYTHING if he insists on going through with that.

I would rather my son sit down, because later on he's going to have a wife or girlfriend who will yell at him every time he leaves the seat up (like I do my husband), or at least sit while we're training him to use a toilet when he has to go. But hubby seems adamant about sticking with the standing from the start.

What are your thoughts on potty-training little boys?

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Kimberly - posted on 11/12/2010




My son started out sitting. But, since he's been in school, he saw that the other kids were standing, and he started doing that also. Not only is he the only male in the house, he is also the youngest...getting bossed around by three women has taught him that ...If I ever leave the seat up, they're going to get me!! LOL

Serena - posted on 11/10/2010




We tried to teach him to sit down and pee but we couldn't remove the front part of the seat that I can't really figure out what it was there for maybe a pee shield or something. So we bought him his own potty that had a removable top for. We ended up just taking the top off and letting him pee standing in the bottom part which was pretty wide. He would miss every now and then but usually that was cause he started playing...there's something about it reminding them of a fire hose or something.
He still forgets to put the toilet seat down but at least he has learned to flush and wash hands (he's 4). I did clean his bathroom and put the toilet seat cover down. Apparently he doesn't even check cause he peed all over the cover..."but in his defense its hard to stop once you get going" my husband said :)
I liked the portable potty because its moveable and easy to clean. Good luck though.
A good tip that I learned though and the portable potty worked great with (it really helped) is my husband would take him in the bathroom with him and they would "race". It got him more willing to use the potty.

Amie - posted on 11/09/2010




We taught our son to stand and pee. It's not that hard and he's clean about it. So is my husband though.

Night time, half asleep, wandering to the bathroom, is the only time we've ever had an issue with any of the guys (my brother lives with us too) leaving the seat up. Even at night they have good aim.

It's all in how they're taught and if they're gross or not. Sorry but it's true. Make the men clean it up and they'll learn to aim properly soon enough. Teach them how to aim properly and it's never a concern.

[deleted account]

Yup. I don't think my hubby knows exactly what he'd be getting himself into if we were to have a little boy. I'm glad we're having a girl, though, because I know my hubby wouldn't follow through with the whole potty-training business. He has a hard time rinsing his dishes after he's done eating. Sigh.

Janessa - posted on 11/09/2010




Jaime my partner thinks the same wa as your husband. But i talked to him about sit first then when he gets older he can teach him how to stand . He finally went with me and good luck because i am going to start our son when he turns 18 months this month.

[deleted account]

How do you teach a boy to pee standing up when their belly button is level w/ the toilet seat..... ? ;)

Teaching them to sit is just smart. If your husband wants to teach him standing.... then he'd better either clean up the mess or teach his son to do it. ;)

Lyndsay - posted on 11/09/2010




When we started potty training we had our son sit down because it's easier and more appealing to the child to sit on a comfortable potty seat (mine was padded) and go about their business. Aaron is now fully toilet trained and he decided on his own to stand up and pee "like daddy". I think you start with whats easier and let him decide when to stand up on his own.. have your husband allow him in the bathroom when he's going pee and he can "lead by example", lol

Nikkole - posted on 11/09/2010




my sons almost 3 and he has days where he wants to use the potty then other NO WAY but he stands most the time when he pees and its too funny to see him aim he cracks me up but he puts the seat down and flushes! but he sat down at first so i would say do that first

Becky - posted on 11/09/2010




We're currently training Cole, and he sits. Eventually, Jeff can teach him to stand - once he's fully trained and probably once he's tall enough to reach the toilet without needing a stool.

Eliz - posted on 11/09/2010




Usually people start by teaching the sitting method and gradually change to the standing method. If you do have a boy then when the time comes to potty train you tell your husband its all on him otherwise you will teach him how to sit. Either he will relent and let you do what you want or he will train him himself. Either way sounds like a win win for you. hehehe

[deleted account]

I'm not really qualified to give advice on potty-training little boys. I'm still struggling with getting my 8y/o SS to lift the seat and pee in the toilet (he doesn't lift the seat and pees all over it). Grr.

Laura - posted on 11/09/2010




We taught my son to sit at first but once he got trained he started standing up. My advice for you if you do teach him to stand is throw a couple of cheerios into the bowl and challange him to hit them. Mine loved it and it taught him to aim into the bowl.

LaCi - posted on 11/09/2010




I don't even want to imagine how horrible it would be to try to get my son to stand and pee from the beginning.

We started with him sitting. Now he's about 6 months into peeing in the potty and he will sort of stand over it and pee-still not aiming. Maybe in 6 months or so he'll figure out how to hold it steady.

However, he always always puts the seat down, because he's sort of neurotic about his routine.

Jenn - posted on 11/09/2010




With my son we started out sitting down because it was easier for him, but he's almost 5 now and stands to pee. He puts the seat down every time too ;)

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