potty training my twin boys

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hey everyone
Hope there is someone out there, who can understand what i am going through. I have 2 boys at the age of 3, soon to be 4. Potty training is not a joyful experience, but hopefully its worth it.

The eldest twin is really good at noticing when he is about to go wee wee, and frankly i don't mind "accidents" as long as they learn from it. What is ALMOST impossible is for him to do his nr.2 /(poo) in the toilet, or potty, he just feels comfortable doing it in his daiper....its like his afraid of leaving something heavy in the toilet, i even tried to tell him an amazing story that i made up...(he laughed and smiled at me). He can sit for a long time, we switch from toiletseat to potty.....whatever. He just won't go...And am not getting any younger. And this is only with my first TWIN...My second twin .......his a bit worse, but i feel like, if i go all the way with the first twin, the second will tag along....or i hope... I HOPE SOMEONE CAN HELP ME..... i have like 2 weeks or so before they go back to the kindergarden........ Thanx in advance.



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Hmmmm....I would recommend just completely stopping the diapers. You can use underwear, and if they poop in them, it will be much more uncomfortable than a diaper. As long as you don't mind the messes, this may work. Nudity is great for potty training. I don't have twins, but both those things worked with my son. Just keep in mind, poop training takes a lot longer. And once they have the hang of it, often they will regress and start pooping in their pants again. I don't know why, but it happens. Good luck


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My little is guy is almost 3.5 and has been pretty much pee trained for 6-9 months we were pretty lax during the winter, too much work for US. But now he is good except for #2. He will be in underwear all day from the moment he wakes up until bedtime and pees all day, he will even say he has to poop and we sit but nothing happens. Then at night time we put a pull-up on (he is a HEAVY sleeper and don't want him all freaked out for peeing the bed) but not 5 min after the pull-up is on he poops in it. He almost always tells us he has gone and is ready to be cleaned. I hope one day he will get it but right now he is just STUBBORN. I have gotten him to eek out a little "turd" twice and boy did I make a big deal about it (even took him in his jammies to get ice cream) but that was 2 weeks ago and NOTHING.

MeMe---(Past And Present) - posted on 07/10/2012




I'm with Little Miss. I think getting rid of the diapers all together is your best bet. I did this with my daughter. She would have been almost 3. I told her it was time to be a big girl and there were no more diapers. She had a few accidents at first but truly did not like the feeling of it in her underwear.

Also, for her, she did not like the potty, she would only use the toilet. Made it a bit harder since, she sometimes, would fall in! lol It all worked itself out and it didn't take too long. A couple weeks of a few misses here and there and she was good to go. ;)

Good luck!!

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