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Why are people living in poverty not quoted, or interviewed for articles that directly relate to poverty? What does this say about these people?

I think that is it only natural to use experts to support points that are made in news articles. I think that only using experts to support points made about the topic of poverty suggests that people living in poverty are not qualified to speak about their experiences.

What do you think?


Sharon - posted on 03/06/2011




If you ask the average poor person why they are poor - they'll tell you 'because I'm unlucky, because this is the way I was born,'

Sometimes an educated poor person is interviewed. They lost everything when their health got bad, lost their job, home, car etc.

But I remember being in highschool and cramming for some test - a friend was being very blase' about it. I was spazzing. I asked her what the deal was. She gave me the above answer. I was floored. I didn't know any different. study hard, get good grades, go to college. And here is this person who is AIMING for poverty even though free education is in her face if she'll use it? WTF?

It made me curious though. I started asking around amongst my friends. Not many were aiming for college. Some were aiming for jr. college. Only a couple were looking for their doctorates. WOW.

if you were to walk into your average trailer park and ask someone there what the issues were in politics and how they related to their income level/status - you wouldn't get much of a reply. They are to busy working their asses off to keep what they have and a roof over their heads to analyze the bullshit our government does.

Can they tell you how rough their life is? Hell yeah.

Can they tell you how fucked up the welfare system is? Hell yeah.

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In Feminist theory there is the belief that people who have experience of something have "epistemic privilege"...basically that just means that their knowledge on the subject should be sought out and utilized. I think experts are very valuable, but I don't think that they can really tell us what it's like to be in the midst of the experience of poverty (or whatever)...I do think it's strange that the "experts" don't realize this more often!


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Audrey - posted on 03/09/2011




we are poor but im not going to say its because we are just unlucky. we know there are reasons that led to it. and we dont live in a trailer park and never have so lets not make a generalization like that. if someone came in and asked us about current events or any issues in politics that pretain to ourselves and others in our situatuion, we could answer them. poor people are not stupid and are not all uneduacated. i didnt go to college but that doesnt make me stupid or careless. i would rather live the way w do now and be happy like we are now than to have a lot of money and be unhappy. we may be fiscally close to the poverty level but it doesnt feel like it to us.

Nicole - posted on 03/06/2011




Dana, I didn't have a particular article in mind. I was searching through Canadian Newsstand reading many articles on poverty for a social work assignment. I needed to find an article with quotes from someone experiencing poverty and I needed to analyze that article. I couldn't find one.

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