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Pregnancy Dreams/Premonitions

Jenni - posted on 10/17/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




Do you believe women are more insightful or even have premonitions while pregnant? Have you experienced any? Strange dreams or thoughts that seemed to predict events? Deja vu?

I was a skeptic until my own experiences:

Before I knew I was pregnant my partner and I were having a non-serious convo about "our future children" and what they would look like. I had a sudden, involutary thought: It will be a lot sooner than you think. I remember it clearly because even at the time I wondered, Where'd that come from?

A week later (I still wasn't aware of my pregnancy) we we're shopping for baby clothes for my partners daughter and this strange feeling came over me that I would be shopping for my own baby soon.

Shortly after I found out I was riding with my partner in his car. We were having a convo about naming cars. I was saying that you can only give names to older cars because the have character. My partner asked what's his cars name, so I said the first name that popped into my head: Robert. His mouth dropped and he explained that Robert Salisbury was his grandfather who lived with his family and this was his car before he passed away. SPOOKY!

Approximately 2-3 months along in my pregnancy (I was aware by now) I was dreaming: I was an archealogist on a dig in Egypt. We stopped for lunch and in the middle of the desert there was a buffet table equipped with a sneeze guard. It was filled with pasteries, cookies and cakes and I sampled one of the cookies. This horrible, putrid taste filled my mouth. It was like nothing I had ever tasted before and was so vivid it woke me from my dream and all morning I tasted the thought of it in my mouth. A few days later I was making muffins from a premade muffin mix my mom had given me. Btw I'm a terrible cook so I wasn't surprised when my muffins didn't rise. I decided to give one a taste anyways and OMG it was that same taste from my dream, horrifying! I later discovered that muffin mix can go bad (yes i checked the exp date before baking, it didn't have one). Apparently the yeast can go off. As I learned the hard way. The taste was undeniably the same taste from my dream and only 3-4 days after I had the dream.

Also I predicted I would have a boy with my son and he looked exactly like he did in my dreams. My daughter the same thing.

As for strange pregnancy dreams: with both my pregnancies I would have reacurring dreams about giving birth to animals... puppies, kittens, raccoons, fish, mice, rats, chicken eggs and then struggling to nurse the baby animals :O


♏*PHOENIX*♏ - posted on 10/17/2010




I have dreams many a night, but when i was prego they got strange....

I actually keep a dream log…because I have sum interesting dreams…

One of them was about my son…on October 16th 2008, just woke up from a nap…and jotted this down…. I will keep it short for you….

A little boy of about 5years, in a blue winter coat, with long curly hair, slanted eyes(my husband is Korean), and light mocha skin…came running towards me as I knelt down with my arms outstretched….he had a huge smile on his face as did I…

We embraced and my heart felt over flowing with love for him…I knew he was my son and I could feel that he loved me.

When I woke up…I still had the lingering effects of happiness, but it was also a bit of a nightmare..because I did not want kids…or so I thought..

I was still in the party mode, loving to go hang out with friends and what not…

But something told me to write it down….

Almost a year later in early November I found out I was pregnant…in December I found out it was a boy! ( I had been prego since sometime in July)

My son who is two weeks away from 7mos…has curly hair, light Mocha skin…very slanted eyes…and smiles ALL the time :-)

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