Pregnancy Testing, how easy was it for you?

Seleena - posted on 04/25/2011 ( 43 moms have responded )




How did u find out?!?!
*1st* Within 3wks of my last period, did a pregnancy test and found out we were expecting.
*2nd* 2 hme pregnancy tests, 2 tests @ Drs then a 3rd hme test b4 (over 2wks) we confirmed we were expecting but i was 1mnth further then predicted by us or the Dr......
What are your stories, has anyone else experienced anything like this?


Candi - posted on 04/27/2011




I went to my obgyn for my yearly appointment and to be checked for abdominal pain, she did a urine, blood and an ultrasound and ALL came back negative. Then 2 weeks later I went to my primary care dr's and he did a urine and blood and called me the next day and told me my pregnancy test came back positive. I had no idea that he even did a pregnancy test and Im not sure which one came back positive. Then when I went back to my obgyn a month later they were ALL shocked, my obgyn, receptionist, and the ultrasound tech. I had an ultrasound that day and found out I was 2 month 2 days. So in all it took me 5 pregnancy tests to find out we were expecting. Further along than we had all thought because 2 weeks before I found out they were all negative. So Im guessing it gonna be a process every time I get pregnant. We have had a few scares including going through one now and I have taken 4 home test and my primary dr's did 1 urine test and they are all negative but I feel pregnant so I guess time will tell.

Alexis - posted on 04/26/2011




I love reading this thread....I am a month late with my period, we have been trying to have baby number 2 for almost a year now. I have had days of nausea, tender boobs, moodiness, being tired, but a PT I took the day after my missed period it was negative. A week later negative, 2 weeks later still negative, but I have all the signs. I like reading about others that had the same issue and it makes me hopeful that I just may be pregnant!

Amber - posted on 04/25/2011




I took 5 tests over a period of 3 weeks, starting the week of my missed period. All said negative. I was feeling "off", moody, tender, filling out a bit...all arrows pointed at pregnant except the tests.

Then when I was about 8 weeks in, I took one last test. Bingo! Positive!
They learned that I have low hormone levels (which my mother also has). So we know that from here on out, any time we think I'm preggo it has to be a blood test.

Cynthia L - posted on 03/26/2012




My husband and I were ttc with both of our children and I knew a week after we conceived each one but the scientific proof was more difficult with the second.

1st- I was on the pill so, I finished the pack, had my period and then we started trying. I skipped my period 4 wks later and I got a positive HPT the same day. No problem there.

2nd- I stopped taking the pills mid-pack and this caused my body to not produce any hcg. The only symptoms I had was sensitivity to smells and frequent urination, and "decidual bleeding"(bleeding during your normal period time but, is not your period). I took over 10 HPT and they all showed up negative. I didn't go to a Dr cause I knew with a negative test they'd tell me I wasn't pregnant when I knew I was so, I just stayed home till I got a positive test. After the third decidual bleeding ended on day 3 I took a test and it finally showed up. I was 12 wks along!!

My Midwife and the Doctor on staff were shocked and wondered how that could happen! Let alone. I told them I figured that the pills had my body confused so it wasn't until the placenta took over making the HCG at 12 wks that it finally showed up. I know now (at least for my body) when we go for #3 to finish the pill pack. :)

[deleted account]

1st – A hilarious story actually!! We had been trying for two years, the first without any medical assistance, the 2nd year with the help of my primary care physician. After no luck she recommended I see a specialist since we determined I was the issue. The specialist came up with a diagnosis right away that fit and we scheduled all the tests to confirm the diagnosis. A week later I went in prepared to find out that we would never be able to have children… I was scheduled for an ultrasound to see what damage had been done to my ovaries/uterus prior to seeing the specialist so he could gauge the severity of my condition… the tech started the ultrasound and there was a beautiful little hand on the screen waving back going “Hey dummies!! It is about time you figured out I am here!”. Turns out I was already 4 months along!!
2nd – Instantly… or at least it felt that way. We had just decided to try again and well I had been transformed into fertile myrtle. I knew I was pregnant right away because I felt different (tired, weight gain, etc) but I waited about a week after my missed period just to make darn sure and it was positive. I confirmed with my doctor about a week or two later.


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Jbsimmerer - posted on 03/07/2017




Has anyone tested 8 days b4 missed period? If so what test did you use. I have a feeling I might be. My breast are very sore & have mild cramping. Which is odd because my breasts are never sore. I did cramp with my other two pregnancys.

Patricia - posted on 03/31/2012




i was shocked all 3 pregnancies lol you would think i would know but first son home pregnancy test.. second baby my sister went to see if she was prego didnt want to test alone so i did 1 with her she was negative and i was positive-- i told her it was her fault lol, 3rd baby i had a tooth ache for like 2 weeks i thought i was getting nausea from advil my friend came to me with 6 pregnancy tests and i took 5 all positive and i made her tke 1 because i thought they were not good or a recall or something.. she was negative and the nausea because it was a girl never had nausea with my boys... so with all kids like 6 weeks o finding out...

Beth - posted on 03/30/2012




My first, I tested 5 days before the missed period as suggested, and got a positive. Second, same story, I think I tested even earlier, maybe 6 or 7 days before missed period. Third, I tested early again, but got a negative. When I was 3 or 4 days late, I decided to test again and got a very faint positive. I guess all the babies are a little different!

Mrs. - posted on 03/28/2012




I found them very accurate, all four of them...I really didn't believe the first couple because I was never supposed to get pregnant. That was a lot of peeing BTW.

Tracey - posted on 03/28/2012




Didn't need a test, had morning sickness from a week after conception with every pregnancy.

MeMe - Raises Her Hand (-_-) (Mommy Of A Toddler And Teen) - posted on 03/27/2012




1st one: Didn't know until I was almost 3 months pregnant. Still had bleeding, so had no clue until the doctor told me. She is now 13.5 years old.

2nd one: I Knew, I was soo tired. Took a home pregnancy and it was positive. Went to the doctor 3 weeks later and had a blodd test, it was positive. We lost that baby at 10 weeks. :(

3rd one: Same as the second one. Took two home pregnancy tests, both were positive. Went to the doc and confirmed it with blood work. Now I have a 17 month old.

Ania - posted on 03/27/2012




First time I was in denial, plus I didn't know that a faint second line means you are pregnant, so I was 6 weeks along when I finally found out. Second time I basically knew when we concieved becuase I used thermal method and charting. I did a test a week before missed period and it came out positive

Vegemite - posted on 03/26/2012




With both pregnancies I missed a period did a test and it came back positive before I cold even set the timer for the waiting period. No probs there.

A friend of mine didn't find out until she was 6 months and her belly popped! That's got to be a shock one week flat tummy next looking 6months pregnant. Then only 3 months to prepare for a new babie. She was still brestfeeding her first son and still hadn't had a period after his birth. So no idea.

Stifler's - posted on 03/26/2012




My home tests kept saying negative. Then I finally got a feint positive. The doctor's pee test said negative so I got a blood test that said positive and 4 weeks along. Got a dating scan. I have a feeling that my dates were all wrong and I wasn't as far along as they said.

Lady Heather - posted on 03/26/2012




I am not a serial tester. The first time I waited a long ass time until I already knew I was pregnant and one test confirmed. The second time I tested on what I thought was 14dpo. It was negative. Five days later I got a positive. I had early dating done. Was a whack cycle and I was probably only 11dpo when I got the positive.

Nothing too weird.

Amanda - posted on 03/26/2012




I have never gotten a postive test with clear blue (even when pregnant). I like First response, they have always told me between 4-6 weeks pregnant with no questions.

April - posted on 04/28/2011




I hadn't realized that HPTs just don't work for some women. That must be really frustrating to have a half a dozen tests come back negative and then find out from an ultrasound that you're several weeks along! I also find it interesting that stress could cause menstruation to cease for 2 years...I've been late due to stress before but never more than a week late! It's facsinating to read everyone's stories...good thread!

Shannintipton - posted on 04/27/2011




Hi Seleena, You have a lot of response so I will keep it brief. I lost my job and lost my period for two years. In the beginning I kept telling the dr. I was pregnant but they said no. So I finally got a blood test. And relieved to find out I was not pregnant. Too young at the time. Good luck{:+)

April - posted on 04/27/2011




I felt different but I didn't suspect pregnancy. I thought I was having issues with my ovaries. An ultrasound was performed to check them out. The doctor said I had a lot of cysts all over my ovaries and that was the reason for my discomfort. I was heartbroken, thinking that I would never be able to have children without medical assistance. The doctor scheduled a follow up appointment for me and said we could talk about our options. A few days later (almost a week) I missed my period and decided to take a was positive!! I called the doctor to cancel my follow up visit, but they had me keep my appointment so we could determine how far along I was. As it turned out...I was 6 weeks along. This means I was already pregnant when they did that first ultrasound to check out my ovaries!!!! :)

Constance - posted on 04/26/2011




I always found out by home tests but after my fourth it wasn't reliable anymore. Only because I carry the pregnancy hormone in my urine at all times. But I have had friends that missed their periods taken test it came out positve. Had an ultrasound and found out that they were 5 monthes pregnant. But if you are having symptoms don't wish too hard it can cause a false positive. But for all the mommy trying to have another good luck and I send all my fetility to you. If I didn't have my tubes tied and an IUD Iwould pop out babies like Michelle Dugger.

[deleted account]

About 3 months later with a supermarket pregnancy test. WOOHOO. Yeah I don't know why I never clicked earlier either...

Donna - posted on 04/26/2011




for both my pregnancies a cheap store brand test was just fine lol. with the baby i just new. tender breasts a missed pd. a 4 dollar test just confirmed what i already knew

Mel - posted on 04/26/2011




Bonnie you just reminded me of something from before I knew I was pregnant with my first - a family member ringing me up saying are you pregnant. I said um no way are you kidding me. Have you been pregnant. No. I thought it was funny that they had been told there was a baby around me by a psychic then not long after I found out I was pregnant. I never thought much of psychics until then

Bonnie - posted on 04/26/2011




1st--Unplanned...We weren't trying at all. My period was 4 days late. My husband (who was my fiance at the time) told me I was pregnant and my response was, "yeah whatever." I didn't think I was at all. He made me take a test. It came out negative. After 10 days of no period, he made me take another one. That one came out to be positive. We were in shock even though he thought I was. We went to a clinic within an hour or two and did another test there which also came out positive.

2nd--Planned...We had barely been trying. Took a test a few days before my scheduled period and it was positive.

Mel - posted on 04/26/2011




both my pregnancys were unexpected the most exciting moments of my life finding out I was going to be a mother. First time I was 18 , my husband (then boyfriend) and I had just gotten back together after 7 months apart (I broke up with him the previous year because I thought I was in lovewith someone else who then broke up with me). He broke up with his new girlfriend for me and we clicked again and i wondered why we had ever broken up, that was July 2007, and we conceived in July 2007. I was late with my period and people suggested I do a test I said Id wait longer, then I got sick(didnt realise it was morning sickness) told people I would wait til i was better to do a test, then one week finally decided I would test there was a faint line the pharmacist said that usually means positive I didnt believe it and just threw the thing out tinking nothing of it. The week after when I still didnt have my period I did another test on my lunch break at work it was posotive I finally believed it I was so exicted I rang my boyfriend my housemate my dad and I was way too overexcited for the rest of my shift even started talking to mymanager about maternity leave. We had gotten together originally in april 2006 and wanted a baby, we started getting tested to try and fconceive then had split in december, so we thougt nothing about using contraceptives when we got back toether. It was such a shock and we were so happy. I had always wanted a child at a young age soon as I had a decent partner.

Baby #2, we knew of my troubles conceiving and my physio therapist after my delivery crushed me when she said she was surprised I conceiveed at all, after examing me, so when our daughter was just 5 months we started "trying but not trying". We werent ready, but would havebeen happy either way. 13 months later at one day late for my period I jst had this feeling I bought a test and it was positive. I told hubby straght away. We were stoked. Perfect gap 2 yrs 3 months. Now that our kids are 3 and 9 months we are thinking start the whole "trying but not trying" thing again in about a years time, but ideally I would like there to be about another 3-4 years before I have another child

Jenni - posted on 04/26/2011




My first we weren't expecting, I found out after being almost a week past my scheduled period when I took a home test.
My second we were trying for. I became pregnant the first month I could track my first cycle and ovulation (after have mirena removed). Then I misread my ovulation calender. Got my ovulations days mixed up with my period days. (Must have been mommy brain). When I checked my calender again, thinking I was 4 days late... I found out infact, I was 2 weeks late! I have no idea how I managed to make a mistake like that! So I didn't really need the preg test, it was pretty much confirmed in my mind. I took one anyways and of course it come out positive. :)

Krista - posted on 04/26/2011




I must have gone through a truckload of pregnancy tests. I went off the pill in May, and my period was all over the place, so I tested fairly often. In early December, I had some spotting, and thought it was my period. But the spotting was so brief, and I thought, "Huh...that's weird." So I took another test the next day, and lo and behold, two lines!

My husband couldn't believe it, so I took another test the next day, and (big shocker), same results. And my little dude was born in August of 2009.

Veronique - posted on 04/26/2011




With 1st was 1 day late took a pregnancy test and came positive right away.
With 2nd was not even late but my husband said that i should go by a test because i had that pregnancy glow and i tought that he had fallen on his head because me being the women should know if i was pregnant or not, well my my i peed on the stick and all of a sudden the clear blue stick said pregnant!!!!!!! I was like what, hey this stick is deffective it's missing the not, so when out and got another one first response and jeeezzzzz i was pregnant lol. It was a nice surprise, but my bosses where really mad be i start work again on March 2nd 2009 and on march 6th 2009 i foud out i was expecting baby 2

Jasmine - posted on 04/26/2011




my periods were late but i didnt think much of it until a week later they still didnt come so i got a at home PT and too my surprise a 2nd faint line came up so not being totally convinced i got another PT test 2nd line came up again,went to my gp a couple days after who confirmed i was 8weeks pregnant.
My beautiful son was born 9th may 2010 so he will be the big 1 soon its so exciting :)

Charlie - posted on 04/25/2011




1st , I knew a week after conception

2nd , two to three weeks after conception .

Jenny - posted on 04/25/2011




1st pregnacy - boobs became hypersensitive seemingly overnight, no longer fit in bra. Was not due for period for a few days, took home pregnancy test and it changed before I put it on the counter.

2nd pregnancy - went to get a morning coffee, turned up my nose as it smelt excatly the same as my last pregnancy. Took home pregnancy test, turned before I put it on the counter. Period wasn't due for a week.

April - posted on 04/25/2011




For both my pregnancies I took a PT a day after i missed my period, faint positive. I'm very regular so if i miss my period i know for sure i'm pregnant.

Caitlin - posted on 04/25/2011




1st - I thought I had a nasty flu - wasn't really getting regular periods, my husband bought a test for me and told me "TAKE IT!" so I did to prove him wrong - he was right.. that was 3 weeks after my missed period.

2nd- I was off the Birth control, so I had a stash of tests, 4 days after my missed period I tested and it was positive.

3rd - We were using ovulation tests this time, because I wasn't getting a period and so I tested 10 days after ovulation (i think it's 14 days from ovulation to period) and the test was very faint positive, I showed my hubby and he laughed at me, said it wasn't positive, so took another 2 days later and it was MUCH darker that time.. definately preganant.. Now i'm 17 weeks along...

Becky - posted on 04/25/2011




With my first, I tested 2 days before my period was due, because I was miserable (bad sign for the rest of the pregnancy!) and got a strong positive within about 5 seconds. With my second, I didn't realize I'd missed my period because it was still wonky after having my first, so I didn't test until I started getting nauseous at 6 weeks. And got a positive right away.

Bondlets - posted on 04/25/2011




#1: Didn't test, didn't know I was pregnant until almost 6mo. !!!

#2: Found out at 8 weeks because doctor insisted I take a test. I screamed at him, "I already have a baby, I'M NOT PREGNANT!" oops Those babies were 13mo apart.

#3-10 (current pregnancy): Began testing 4 days before period was expected. Got +hpt day within 2 days of testing with my singletons, instant +hpt 4 days before period was due with twins.

I'm a POAS junkie so I invest in the internet cheapies. I just have to follow line progression, lol. When pregnancy is confirmed with appropriately rising hcg levels I celebrate by buying a digital just to see the word "Pregnant". :)

Sarah - posted on 04/25/2011




I did a home pregnancy test 6 days after my missed period & it was positive. I couldn't believe it, so tested like 2 more times after that lol. All came up positive. A blood test confirmed the pregnancy about a week later & now I have my precious 19 month old son, Ethan. ;)

Rosie - posted on 04/25/2011




my first pregnancy, i tested the day after i missed my period, it was neg. 4 days later i tested again, it was negative. 6 days after that i tested again and it was positive. i miscarried 5 days later.

2nd time i tested the day i missed my period, it was negative. took another one 6 days later and it was postitive. i miscarried that one at 9 weeks.

my third pregnancy, i hadn't even had a period since my last miscarriage and i was on the pill, so i knew specifically when i was supposed to have my period. my symptoms had gone, and then came back. i tested the day after i missed my period and it came positive. it was confirmed through ultrasound a couple days later. i gave birth to my grant.

4th- i tested the day i was supposed to get my period and it was positive. i gave birth to vinnie.

5th- tested 2 days before my period and it was positive. went to a doc. and took a urine test and it was neg. i wasn't convinced so i got a home test with words instead of lines, and it was positive again. the next day i went to my OB and they took blood. it came back neg. and told me to come back in a week to retest. after a week it was postive. i gave birth to lucas.

Jenn - posted on 04/25/2011




I have 3 kids - 2 pregnancies - both times the first test showed positive results.

Rebekah - posted on 04/25/2011




1st. Unplanned. Positive home pregnancy test about 3 days after my missed period. Confirmed 1 week later at doctor after my missed period.

2nd. Unplanned. Positive home pregnancy test 1 week after missed period.

3rd. Positive home pregnancy test 4 days before "missed" period. Confirmed by ultrasound at 6 weeks (2 weeks after missed period).

4th. Positive home pregnancy test 4 days prior to my "missed" period. Confirmed by ultrasound at 6 weeks (2 weeks after missed period).

All pregnancies I used the ClearBlue Digital Pregnancy Test with the clear "pregnant" or "not pregnant" read-out.

[deleted account]

With my first I took a home test after not having a period for 8 weeks it was positive, the next day I took another home test again positive, the next day I saw the doctor 2 days later he confirmed it. I should point out that I was told I couldn't have children so was certain the tests must be wrong - they wasn't I have a brill 18 month old son :-)

Second time I took a home pregnancy test 8 weeks after my last period, it was positive and I then booked to see the midwife - I am now 32 weeks pregnant :-)

I always waited until 8 weeks because I didn't have regular periods they were anywhere between 2 weeks apart and over 8 weeks (but when I had odd symptoms, like sore boobs and nausea I thought I'd better check).

September - posted on 04/25/2011




I took a first response pregnancy test 6 days before my missed period and got a positive result. I pretty much knew I was pregnant before taking the test. We had been trying and I was SUPER tired all the time. I confirmed the pregnancy with my Doctor a week later with a positive blood test :)

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