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When you buy something, get home (or have it arrive in the mail), open it and see it for the first time and find it's either not what was advertised at all, intentionally, or defective, what do you normally do? Do you suck it up and move on? Try to use it as is? Put it back? Call the company and file a complaint? Report it to the FTC (for those of us in the US) or an equal type company in other countries?

We got panties for our girls about a month ago. Fruit of the Loom. Kaylee had no problem and loves them! Cassie, after wearing them for just one day, was crying in pain and when I looked to see why I was crushed (can't spell devestated! Lol). Where the tagless tag had been, she had 4 inches with no skin at all. I took the panties off her and brought her to the ER, panties in hand. Suspicions confirmed - something in the tagless tag caused this, and it was an allergic reaction. I called the company and reported it, and they've been excellent! I highly recommend them as a company to purchase from, honestly. They said this is the first report of an incident to this degree. I sent the panties in for an analysis to see what is in them that she could possibly be reacting to. We discussed whether they had been washed (yes), in what (Tide Free), how often worn (once, 8 hours). They are covering any medical expenses insurance doesn't cover (or 100% if I had no insurance for her) in relation to this incident as well. It's by far the best customer service I have ever had, but it's also the most severe problem I've had with any product. Her backside took 4 weeks to entirely heal, and I'm not certain it's not scarred or just still healing. Yet our other child has no problem!


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Your poor daughter, for something like that I would probably not have done anything, allergies happen we can't hold companies responsible for everything, with saying that I am glad you've had such a fantastic response from them and that they have been so helpful.

If however, something was delivered to me with a fault I would without a doubt contact the company and return it - either for a full refund (including delivery fee) or a replacement because when I am paying fo something I expect it not to be faulty. Likewise if something wasn't what I expected I would just return it to the company for a refund but I wouldn't expect to be refunded the delivery fee as I am unhappy with the product, the only exception to this woul dbe if had been misrepresented then I would log a complaint and would expect the delivery fee refunded as well. I only complain for poor service really not poor quality.

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Wow, poor girl! That is awful! I'm glad they are working with you so well on this! As for the original question, it would depend on the issue. If it were a small flaw and the item was still usable, then I'd probably keep it. If it was not at all what I was expecting or it was broken or defective, I would take or send it back and expect either a replacement or my money back.

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