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Tanya - posted on 09/13/2010 ( 12 moms have responded )




Do you think that a professional athlete should be banned from the sport for being involved in a scandal?

What if they are proven guilty at trail?

What if they have done their prison time?


Krista - posted on 09/13/2010




If it's a non-illegal scandal, like an affair, or being found wearing fishnets and a garter belt and singing show tunes? Don't care -- it's his or her business and has no bearing on their ability to play their sport.

If it's illegal, then yes. If I did something seriously illegal, my company would fire me, basically for the equivalent of conduct unbecoming. So these guys should be treated no differently.

If they've done their prison time, they shouldn't be automatically reinstated. They should be made to try out again, and part of the condition of their release is that they should be required to put in X amount of hours per week coaching disadvantaged youth -- maybe it'll give them some frigging perspective.

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LaCi - posted on 09/14/2010




Mary- I should add I was really pissed off about it at the time. But now he just falls into the same standpoint I take on all other criminals who have served their sentence.

Mary - posted on 09/14/2010




Ah, LaCi, you disappoint me =( I know it's unfair, and yes, he served his time, but as a volunteer at my local humane society, and the owner of a previously abused pit, I simply cannot forgive and forget. I even appreciate thatVick has tried to make amends, but I will always despise that fucker more than any other fallen sports figure. Irrational and unfair of me, I know, but it is what it is.

As for being banned...well, I WISH they would, but I'm not sure that's realistic or even fair. If they commit a crime, and are found guilty, then they should be treated the same as any other citizen by a their country's judicial system. If they are still as talented when they get out, and someone wants to hire them, so be it (yes, even Vick).

Although society has chosen to deify many athletes, they really are nothing more, or less than extraordinarily skilled at their chosen sport. Athletic talent and prowess does not equate to a stellar human being. Society, the media, and the marketing masterminds of the sports world just made us think that it should.

Amie - posted on 09/14/2010




I think it depends on the scandal.

Addiction scandals, fine. Let them go to rehab, shape up and get back in the game.
Certain sex scandals, no big deal. So and so cheated on his wife. Not my business, I really don't care either.
Sex crimes, get bent. If they are proven guilty at trial they should get no special treatment. I don't care if it's their livelihood. They should have thought of that before harming another human being. Same with abuse scandals.

I don't care if they serve their time either. Most times, the sentence doesn't suit the crime anyway in my eyes.

Petra - posted on 09/14/2010




I think being banned for scandal is pretty silly. If they are proven guilty of their crime and serve their time in prison, why should they be banned? Most scandals have nothing to do with the subject's ability to do their job and more to do with their personal lives - and professional athletes have their jobs because they are the very, very, very best at what they do. If it was something seriously bad, like the Vick scandal, he was convicted and he did serve his time and the team/industry still wants him back because he is ridiculously good at his job - he paid his dues, let him play. He's been involved in outreach/awareness work about cruelty to animals since. Dude paid his debt to society and acknowledged his wrong-doings, his employers still want him back, so he's back. What's wrong with that? Anyone who commits a crime, is convicted and pays their debt (fines, prison, house arrest, community service, etc.) is deserving of a second chance.

Stifler's - posted on 09/14/2010




Professional athletes are people too and deserve to have nights out on the town and stuff like regular joes. Even if they get in fights, normal people do that and can still go to work at their job afterwards, which is what sport is to athletes. If they're killing people they should be in jail or awaiting trial with no pay like everyone else, not playing sport. Chances are if they've done their time they've probably been replaced already.

LaCi - posted on 09/14/2010




They shouldn't be banned.

If they serve their time then it's done. Whatever. No one should be denied a second chance after serving their punishment. Like right now, where the fuck is Vick? put that fucker in the game. :)

Tracey - posted on 09/14/2010




Depends what sort of scandal, anything drug related then yes they should be banned, but as most athletes or celebrity scandals seem to revolve around sex then no they shouldn't be banned for sleeping with the wrong person.

Sharon - posted on 09/13/2010




Man that is hard to say.

I really wish all athletes were excellent rolemodels. One reason why i despaired when tiger fell down (hard).

Scandal - no, but I won't be buying any of the team memorabilia because they employ a shit head

Guilty of???? speeding no, shoplifting no, murder, manslaughter, yeah. It depends on what they did and if they had done something similar... like drunk driving... one time - everyone makes mistakes. 2nd, maybe he lapsed, 3rd time... hell no he's a fuck up.

Prison time - michael vicks..... I don't believe vicks. But if there were an athlete guilty of such a thing and I did believe they were rehabilitated, I'd be all for them getting back into their sport and using their celebrity status to show that they did wrong and overcame it.

[deleted account]

scandal... not a big deal for me.

guilty... your career is shot

done prison time... your career is still shot but you've paid your dues.

IMO if you want a career as a professional athlete and want to represent a country/state/province, etc. you need to have a clean criminal record. Don't care what the media says about what you did or didn't do. If you are proven guilty at trial then say goodbye to your athletic career.

?? - posted on 09/13/2010




I don't like the idea of criminals being in the position to omit their behavior because of a celebrity status.

Like Michael Vick, Kobe Bryant and even OJ Simpson. Young kids watching them, they only see their amazing sports skills. They don't know the story behind these guys... and then when they grow up and start to learn more about the alleged or proven acts that those 'idols' committed, it leads to a heart break for that kid. That really bothers me.

The idea that these people gain media attention and can actually profit off the media, that bothers me too. Kind of like people tuning into golf to see Tiger Woods.

I don't know about banned, but it doesn't sit well with me. Especially if they go to trial, are found guilty and serve a prison sentence. "Regular" people can't even get hired onto the local supermarket with a record, but these people can go back to their million dollar contracts........... errrrr... it doesn't make sense.

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