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Jenni - posted on 10/30/2010 ( 12 moms have responded )




So I was listening to the radio and they were talking about a prosecutor's, Kym Worthy, proposed law. To make it manditory for parents to attend at least one school conference per school year or face jail time. Kym suggests there is a link between parents involvement in their child's schooling and youth crimes. Do you think this law will help Detroit with its low graduation rate and high crime rates? Does the government have the right to enforce parental involvement? How realistic is this proposal?

Btw: Worthy's intentions are more to try to get people thinking rather than actually trying to pass this law.


Isobel - posted on 10/30/2010




forcing them to go to a parent teacher meeting is not going to make them better parents...The correlation is because bad parents don't go to the school, not that skipping school functions turns you into a bad parent.

If they want people to be better parents in Detroit maybe they should change that welfare works program that they have where single mothers are working 12 hours a day for minimum wage so that they can feed their kid.

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Jenni - posted on 10/30/2010




Sorry Katherine, I didn't see it. Just found this topic interesting because for one... Detroit is right across the river from me.
When I heard the topic on the radio I couldn't help thinking... really? parents going to one student teacher conference a year is going to bring down the crime rate or increase the number of graduating students. IMO Detroit's problems aren't because of parents not being involved with their children. It's to do with issues of poverty and no real opportunities in Detroit. People are surviving the best they can in a dying city with a futureless existance.

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I started the other thread and I can't find it was "Parents go to jail for not attending conferences" or something like that.

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As a teacher it is the most aggravating thing when to set up a conference on a parent's schedule (often missing the one precious break of the day or getting someone to watch your class for a few minutes) only to have them be a no show. My partner teacher and I were desperatly trying to get more resource help for one of our very low students. He really needed to be in special ed (age 10, Kindergarten reading level, wrote like a pre-schooler) but we had to provide him with the maximum resource time (pulled out of class to work one on one with another teacher) to prove that he needed to be in a special ed class full time. He was receiving the minimum resource time. And the only reason he wasn't already getting the max or in special ed is because none of his previous teachers could get parental consent. The mom would schedule conferences (we'd work around when she said she could be there) and then never show. Her signature was needed, so phone would not work. AGGRAVATING! The school was being held back from doing what was best for the child, because of the parent. So, yes, there should be some sort of penalty for parents. Jail time? NO! What good is that? Where is the kid going to go when mom and dad are in jail? A fine? Perhaps.

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What would sending them to prison achieve? If a parent is unable to attend a school meeting, can they not have a phone meeting or via webcam if the parent has to be at work?

Sara - posted on 10/30/2010




Threatening people with jail doesn't seem to be the best idea to motivate. Obviously, with prison populations growing every year, it doesn't deter people from doing other things.

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It could be one of those "shock laws" to get parent's attention and I think it could be effective. Although I think it's sad that it would take a law to get parents to attend school conferences. I mean, my son isn't even in school yet but I see myself being there for everything. It's my JOB, but more than that, he's my greatest accomplishment and I don't want to miss a thing. I feel bad for the kids whose parents can't get off their lazy asses to just go to ONE conference a year. And that it takes the threat of a law (or maybe the passing of a law) to get them to do it. Some people shouldn't breed.

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