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Amanda - posted on 06/03/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




So summer has hit with a bang in Canada, and the children in my neighbourhood are now going to school with shorts on.

A few days ago I got a BBM from my daugther stating she might be sent home from school for her shorts. I asked her why? She said the vice princepal was on a rampage about shorts being to short. I thought to myself I bought your shorts I know they are not to short, so I told her not to worry. When she did get home that evening I asked her which children were sent home and why.

Students from Jr KD to grade 8 were sent home. From violations such as Skorts, and shorts that did not go to the knee. Older girls who wore tights under their shorts (to make the new knee cut off limit) were also sent home. After the neighbourhood girls all showed me the shorts they were were wearing I was shocked. I didnt feel any of their shorts were to short at all.

So today I woke up to my daughter posting on her facebook status that shes having a "Short in" at school, and request other students to wear the very shorts they were kicked out for, as well requesting others to sign a petition about the silly new rule. (Chip off the old block)

So do you as parents think your public school has the right to tell you what shorts are to short for your children?

Added Note - I am not talking booty shorts, or daisy dukes. Shorts that you can bend over in and not see a thing.


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Jenn - posted on 06/03/2011




I think schools need to have standard rules that apply to everyone, and it needs to be clear so that you don't have to stop each and every kid to make sure they are OK. I know when we were in school, we had to have shorts or skirts that came to our fingertips (with arms at your sides), no exposed bellies, and no bare shoulders (so that meant no halter tops or tank tops). Also, you couldn't wear clothing that had inappropriate language on images on it (so no pot leaf shirts or swear words etc.).

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There has to be some standard to go by. What is appropriate to one person may not be to another. For this reason a dress code cannot say, "Appropriate length shorts" because what does that mean?

Jodi - posted on 06/03/2011




Yes, your school does have a right to determine a particular dress code. You don't have to like it. The students don't have to like it. But in setting a dress code, they had to draw a line, and they did.

Tara - posted on 06/03/2011




Yes a school has a right to set a dress code for whatever style of dress they choose, however I don't like it and I would probably cause a big stink about it, especially if it's hot out.
I see a lot of restrictions on clothes for elementary students but then I drive by the highschool and see daisy duke's, strapless tops, short skirts and short skorts etc.
I really think if they are going to impose a dress code such as that than they should be prepared to state why it's unacceptable.
I would love for a school admin to tell me my daughter is dressed too "sexually" or too "proactively" in her skort or tank top. I would love to be that parent.

ME - posted on 06/03/2011




Yes...the school has a right to pick an appropriate dress code. School is not a democracy...

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