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Is anyone else's time stamp severely donkeyed up? It's 11am here and my time stamps are hours and minutes off ! My last post says 12:52pm and I posted it at 10:34am. It's getting kind of annoying and I can't find a time stamp edit setting... Anyone know if there's a setting for editing time stamps or is this just an issue that I have to live with? lol


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Toni is Alison a part of your Circle of moms? I havent messed much with my settings for notifications and stuff, I dont like a ton of emails coming to my cell phone. Let me go see what type of settings they have.

{edit} Ok it seems theres a setting for ...

Post Responses - Let me know when someone responds to a post I've made.

I wonder if Alison is hitting reply on your post, and that is what is notifing you.

{edit} HAHA Sorry, Nope I hit reply beside a persons name and the URL goes to #first_post, so basicly all that does is send you back up to the comment box to post.

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No I have no idea who the woman is and I have the email me when some responds option checked but nevermind :-)

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As for the servers having different time zones for one person being in different states, that is an easy one to explain. Sometime between your move, the server was prob messed with, (rebooted, shut down badly, website moved to another server, and many companys are based in one area of the country but their website servers are across the country, or someone didnt bother to set the right time on the server). Therefore the time changed still on the server, it wasnt caused by your move.

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Yeah, mine are like that. I'm in HI and the time stamps are set to EST.. But when I was in SC, the time stamps were a totally different time zone. I don't get it.

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Mine has always been wrong I just assumed that it went on the time of the base for COM. I only get email notifications when Alison La(something or another) posts to the threads I have, it is really random I cannot work out why only her posts flag up for me? Erm Amanda any ideas since you seem to be the knowledgable 'geeky' computer woman gqtm ;-)

Oh and I posted this at 22.48 (so I can see how out my time is ;-) )

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Mine have been wrong since I first joined CoM''s always irritated me. For the record, I'm posting this at 2:32 pm.

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That could be it but it seems really random when this company is based out of idea!

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Mine is always off. They're supposedly working on some glitches, so they might be messing around with crap. I also have 3 messages in my inbox that I can't retrieve and I get no notifications. I just suck it up, because I keep telling them and nothing gets fixed, or it does for a minute and then it's back to the same again.

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Most forums run on a database, uses the server time as a time stamp, and then the script changes that time to your local time. Clearly whom ever has written this script hasnt put in a conversion script to convert the time to our proper time zones. Maybe one day they will get around it.

(oops didnt mean to let my inner geek to peep out)

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mine is fine. i have seen people say they aren't getting notifications lately too, i've noticed some of mine are in my spam folder. sorry, i'm no help .:(

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it's always an hour off for's 2:00 here but when I post it'll say 1:00's been that way for months though

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