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Tabitha - posted on 02/02/2011 ( 11 moms have responded )




So i have found that you ladies are very attentive to just about every thread on here. You have great ideas, and a great way of thinking. Even thought this is not a debate topic i think i will benefit more posting here than anywhere else. Ok soo..... We live in an apartment complex, and we live on the bottom floor. We had a family move in above us about 6months ago.They included 4 children under the age of 8. The first couple of months were golden, no noise, no problems or anything.
Then it started. The noise always began after 10 pm. Let me say that we have a strict noise policy. No noise after 10 pm, that is if it can be heard from outside your doors you are being to loud. Anyways they were very loud to the point of waking me and the baby up, and preventing me from falling asleep for hours. I put in an unformal complaint with the manager(the couple is hispanic and doesnt speak english, so i couldnt approach them about it). They were spoken to and there excuse was that they both work at night and there is a babysitter. On the nights dad doesnt work he just doesnt discipline the kids because they dont listen to him. Ok so blah blah.
Things were pretty peaceful the next couple of weeks, then it started up again. This time i put in a formal complaint. Again after that it was good for a coupl of weeks. Then another formal complaint was made. Up until last week they were semi-respectful, and then the noise again. Last night i had to listen to them play basketball and tag for 2 hours straight, and all this after 10pm. If they get a third warning they will get an automatic 30 day notice.The family is not very well off and all of their relatives live in mexico. I dont want to displace them and make them homeless. But i also dont want to spend the rest of my time here listening to them while im trying to sleep. I have no idea how to remedy this without making a formal complaint. I want and need my sleep as does my baby. But is it worth possibly making this family homeless or living in a shelter? Any ideas or thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated!


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I'm sort of with the others on this, BUT, first, before filing another formal complaint I would find someone who speaks spanish, go up and explain that you have filed two complaints and you don't want them to get another one because you really don't want them kicked out, but that you also can't live with the noise, explain that you have a baby and you need your sleep. Suggest that they play card games or boardgames etc. and then firmly but politely tell them this is the only time you will speak to them, and if they make any more noise after 10 pm you WILL file the complaint and they WILL have to move, no ifs ands or butts. Maybe you could have your landlord draw up another legal agreement stating clearly that they understand the noise policy and agree to adhere to it.

I would give them one last chance, but do it personally, perhaps if they see a you and the baby and realize there are actual people living below them they will empathize with you better. If not... well it's not your problem they choose to ignore the rules, you break the rules you suffer the consequences.

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Being quiet and respectful after 10pm is NOT too much to ask. I know it sucks if they have no where else to go, but they should really think about that when making their noises.... I'd make that complaint.

And I am SO glad that I live upstairs. Even though the day my son learned to walk up and down the stairs was probably one of the happiest of my life ;) I could NOT handle that type of disruption at that hour. I do feel bad when my kids make noise and I'm constantly 'after' my son about stomping on 'uncles' ceiling. Almost all of our noise is done by 8pm though.... and ALL of it is done by 9 (girls sometimes fighting before bed...).


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I love Tara's approach. do that. it might be more complicated than that, but it's worth a shot, and you can say you did everything you could to fix the situation without feeling guilty. but if they somehow still don't comply, even with a translator and seeing the proof that they are not the only family in the building, then make that complaint and be able to sleep at night again.

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i'd make the third formal complaint. it's not your fault they might not have anywhere else to go, and it's not your problem. what IS your problem is the fact that they keep you and your baby up at night, and if the only way you can fix it is to report them, go ahead. if they lose their place because of it, it's no one's fault but theirs.

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Yeah, this is a hard one....but I need my sleep and so do my kids. Maybe ask for a HUGE rent decrease? I would have to bring it to someones attention...only other option is to start beating the ceiling with a broom

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If there is a no noise bylaw-- no noise after 10pm then they need to follow it. They need to have respect for everyone else around them. If people cannot follow the rules, I have no sympathy for them. Them getting kicked out would not be my problem.

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You are not making them homeless if they understand the rules and are opting to play b-ball at 11pm. Clearly they udnerstand and CAN comply, becuase they have done so. If they udnerstand they will be kicked out then they are making a choice. Not your fault really

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I think next time you are kept up, I would go up there and speak to them directly. Even if they can't speak english, they can understand body language.

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I had the same prob years ago where i lived. I ended up just moving out myself. B/c the landlord didnt do shit about it, and they couldnt understand english, trust me i yelled at them but they played the "como?" card.

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I feel for you I could not imagine living below someone like that. I mean you have tried going about it the right way and they did not respect you or anyone else so it is not your fault they will be kicked out. It seems that they have no resepect regarding others you and the others living in the complex need sleep also. So why is it ok that others have to suffer and be sleep deprived they showed no resepect for anyone and igorned the rules. It is not your fault or your problem I am sure they are not stupid just because they speak another lanuage does not mean they do not get it. I would tell on them they can find another place that allows noice.

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