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This was the topic on The Joy Behar Show on CNN one night this week. I never heard the phrase before. With my crappy sleeping, I saw a re-run around 2 or 3 am. The Duggar family falls into the category of 'QF' families and the panel of woman really made my skin crawl. The concept of a QuiverFull family is an evangical Christian based deeply religious homeschooling patriarch family with submissive wives and an "open womb" ready to accept as many babies as God will allow. Most QF families have a minimum of 6 kids. The mother remains a SAHM, keeping house and in charge of the children's education.

I actually googled more about the movement to read more before I posted. I read some pro-QF websites, and then some anti-QF websites (mainly from a feminists point of view) Two panelists wrote books on the Quiverful movement. One woman kept using the phrase "building armies to serve God", and that was smiliar to her book title. Her rationale was that QF families need to regain large numbers in population to bring back positive word of God to the world and increase their numbers in the army. Another panelist stated that she dropped out of the QF movement when her marriage suffered. A third panelist seemed more research based with her QF book and using the bible's literal interpretation. Within the QF movement, there is some flexibility-not all homeschool, but send to a private Christian school. Some of the women do work outside of the home.

I should clarify WHY I was put off by the concept. According to the panelists, many of thee Quiverfull families ONLY associate with other QF families. Joy Behar asked about if they, or their kids had friends of other faiths or skin color. The panelists seemed to hem & haw to answer the question in such a round about way. It turned me off that the families are narrow-minded to all the other kinds of people out there in America.

Did anyone else see this show? Thoughts? Comments?


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Sharon - posted on 11/07/2009




you know? I didn't use to associate cults with a negative connotation... thats kind of a recent development for me...

Sharon - posted on 11/07/2009




I've heard and read about these families before - they strike me as VERY cultish. Have you ever seen the Duggers interact with another race? I don't think I have.

Sara - posted on 11/06/2009




What I find the most distrubing is that these are future voters. I think they'll put the teabaggers to shame.

Isobel - posted on 11/06/2009




I think that our most important roll as parents is to prepare our children for the world they are going to enter. In today's multi-cultural world (I may be biased because I live in a big city), I think it's almost abusive to refuse to teach our children to be accepting of other cultures.

There's no way one of these QF children are going to be able to go out, get a job at a normal company, and be able to communicate and cooperate effectively with people who are different from them. I also wonder what will happen if any of those girls falls in love with a man who wants a woman who makes her own decisions and speaks her own mind...she'd be completely lost and feel betrayed by the mother who was supposed to guide her and teach her.

JL - posted on 11/06/2009




I didn't see the show but I have read about QF families and IMO I find it sad that they are not broadening their childrens acceptance of others differences by allowing them to interact with people outside of the QF identity in a meaningful personable relationship. Honestly from what I have seen most of those involved in QF are all caucasion so I just find it sad. I think expanding and strengthening your beliefs should include having your kids build lasting intimate freindships with people outside of the box you operate in.

I understand they take part in service work and missionaries, but that is not the same as hanging out with a freind who is perhaps Jewish, African American, Arabic, Muslim on a daily basis where their is an intimate caring and loving bond. We can all learn so much from one another and erradicate all this hate and bigotry that poisons the world if we all just tried to come together and get to really know others in a meaningful way.

That is just my humble opinion of how I wish the world would operate. I just don't think I can have my children truely accept others if they don't build relationships with those who are different so that way they become less reliant on stereotypes and less adament about judging others.

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