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I heard this on the radio earlier and it made me laugh. Anyway, I don't know if we've had this conversation or not as I'm just starting to be active in here.

Who do you guys listen to? Which people do you watch? Where do you get most of your information? Anything along these lines. Mine is a plathora of random searches.

I usually start off with something simple like Google or CNN news. Go from there. My friends on Facebook post a lot of stuff, so I hear things from them too. I'm kind of a run-across-it blindesided when it comes to news. It drives me nuts, but I haven't found anywhere I really like going to every morning so I just search all over.


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I don't know about anyone else, but I feel absolutely inundated with "news"...all the freakin' time!!! Internet, radio, television. Aaaaahhhh!!! The worst part is, it's almost all about celebrities (ugh). That isn't NEWS!!!! So, when my family (who each hates real news equally) isn't around, I flip to CNN usually. If I see anything that I'd like to know more about, I turn to google searching.

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Most of my news I get from three sources Yahoo, the tv, and the newspaper. We love NBC so we watch our local news on that channel and I'm a big fan of the Today Show.

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The CBC news, radio and web; NPR podcasts; PBS News Hour, HDNet World Report, Frontline, and BBC News Hour on tv; New York Times, BBC, and local news websites. Oh, and most importantly, the Daily Show, lol. I also like reading magazines like Harper's, the Atlantic & the Economist that give me a more in depth analysis on a topic.

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I have an extreme dislike of 24 hour cable news networks...all of them, though some more than others. Pretty 'pundits' making outrageous statements with no foundation in fact. They are there to fear monger, nit pick, and make a mockery of journalism. Not sure where everyone else it from, but I listen to MPR every morning (our Minnesota NPR news station). Beyond a lot of really great in depth reporting, they give a great broad based idea of what's going on. From there I do my own reading, usually just googling a story and reading input from several different sources. Of course, I adore Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, but I don't often hear a story from them I wasn't already aware of (although it does happen from time to time).
Adorable side note on this topic: Since I always have MPR on in the kitchen, my two year old has started picking up on funny things. She was playing with her toys and I over heard her saying something about 'debt ceiling'. I almost died laughing.

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I just read whatever people post on facebook. news.com.au always has stupid news or blown out of proportion. i have updates to the news mail in my home town in my email too. or circle of moms.


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i usually get my news on ABC, although i'm getting rather irritated about what is considered news lately.
i definitely don't get any "news" from fox. i wouldn't want to become dumber, lol. other than that, i watch whatever happens to be on, lol.

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I used to listen to the local talk radio station. I stopped when Rush Limbaugh made several statements supporting the Lord's Resistance Army and then laughed about being 'misinformed.' I was so disgusted that not only have I stopped listening to that station completely, I've also called a personal boycott on all their sponsors.

I switched to NPR and frankly I don't know why I didn't do this years ago. I actually learn stuff! I hear very clear, concise arguments from both sides or all sides. So its' been that way ever since. It makes my commute much more pleasant.

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Jenni, That's exactly what I mean!! Oh, I can't even begin to explain how tired I am of the Kardashians. Give me a frickin' break! My Dad is Canadian and he constantly makes fun of the television here. He cracks me up! I can't master his accent, but he sure is funny!

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Debb, I despise that about American news stations! If I want to hear celebrity gossip I'll flippin' watch TMZ or Entertainment Tonight or the 50 other celebrity news stations. I don't want 24 hour coverage of a Kardashian's wedding on my *actual* news station!

My step dad is from the US and he told me awhile back how he can't stand to watch American news stations anymore. His one complaint was that they hardly ever cover world news. I'm also pretty sure he isn't interested in what colour Kim Kardashians bridesmaids were wearing.

I live right on the US/CAN border so I've grown up with both sources. Actually, more US news than Canadian.

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Usually the internet. I like to search various sources on any given topic and see what all sides are saying about it. There's usually one side of the *truth* and the other side of the *truth* and then the *actual truth* somewhere inbetween. So I'd like to think it keeps me rounded on my "facts" by checking out both sides of the story.

I do lean towards more liberal sources but I also like to check conservative sources of news as well.

So let's see; BBC, CNN, NY Times, Business Insider, CBC, CTV, Fox News, MSNBC, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, The Young Turks, as well as many random internet sites...

***some sources I take much less serious than others.

Lately, I've been directed to many stories by postings on Occupy, the 53%, the Other 98% FB pages. I tend to like to check a liberal site on the particular story and then a conservative site on the story and compare the two. Hoping to come up with some sort of balanced interpretation of it. :/

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I get it from many sources, I check Fox and CNN cause I like hearing both sides. I usually fall a little left of center, so I don't 'agree' with most. I also love reading Time magazine.

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I get my news from CoM. Seriously you guys are so smart.

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Me too, although I do search a few alternative news sites, depending on what I want to know. There is not one completely trustworthy news site on the net. I think they all have an agenda of some sort. I like the wave of independent journalists, real people who are there when things happen, they film it and publish it unedited. They provide not news per say, but information. Unedited, uncut, unscripted. They offer up the information and let you decided what to think about it. There are no pundits telling you what to believe, there are no whiners trying to outdo the guy beside him.
News should be about getting information to the people. Real, factual information.
So, I look everywhere, including personal blogs and independent sites.

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I used to get all my news from The Rick Mercer Show (like the Colbert report, only Canadian) Pretty sad, but true! :)

Now we don't have cable, so I listen to CBC Radio2 and I talk to my sister who lives in Ottawa and has a job that involves knowing what's going on in the world. It's so much easier just to ask her, "So what's going on?" than it is to read!

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Fox of course... MSNBC... CNN.. And I like to go to MoveOn.org for most of my political stuff. I also do random searches when I can.

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