Ranting after surgery

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Please bare with me, I am still drunk as a skunk from the anestesia. I had a successful tubal ligation today, and the bedside manner of all the nurses was wonderful. I truly appreciate that. I apparently woke up in a great mood, making all the nurses laugh. The Doctor said I woke up rather "enthusiastically"/ All wonderful and dandy... so now for my short but I believe validated rant.....

I got 2 incisions..one in the belly buttone and one right above my c-section scar..for whatever reason teh doc didn't use the same spot...fine...but they put a wicked sticky....I mean skin tearing bandaid on that spot...AND DID NOT SHAVE THE PUBIC HAIR! WTF how the hell am I going to take that off without giving myself a bad wax job..sans the wax and just use SUPERGLUE! Like I am not in enough pain COME ON! Half the bandage is on my hair...this is going to f'ing HURT LIKE A MO FO FOR SURE! GGGGRRRRRRRRRRRR....damn fools! But they were nice...lol

I have not taken or attempted yet..I did attempt the belly button one Freaking outch...could not continue...that is how come I know how painful it will be on the HAIRR! ON MY PUBIC BONE! any advice on how to take it off without compromising the incision??? Thanks


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Take it off in the shower/bath..after my c-section the nurse gave out about the huge bandage plaster the doc put on it covered a huge part of my tummy..once in the shower and it got really soaked i began to peel it off..nurse advised me to not do it while dry lol.was so much easier than trying to do it dry.

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Lectric Shave. Does the trick every time with adhesive, no matter how sticky. And it should be safe, after all, men put it all over their face and then may nick themselves shaving. I would second Jen's advice to wait a few days if you can though.

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i had that sticky stuff on my first c-section and they didn't shave enough so yeah it hurts like crazy. i got a cool damp washer and some nail scissors and very slowly pulled it off and cut any hair as i went before i pulled too hard the damp washer just hold that on it helps the pain. I also yelled obscenities at my husband as i went made me feel better good luck.

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I've rubbed neosporin into a particularly tacky bandaid - and all around it, it degraded the glue and it came off easier. still some issues but not bad. Like everyone said - talk this over with a doctor or nurse because I'd hate to see something go wrong because of our advice.

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Thank you everyone for awesome advice. Every one of them sounds doable...but of course sucky! Keep them coming, and make me feel better...tell me how idiotic that was! Make a girl in pain laugh...not to hard though!

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Ok, I don't know how safe this would be on an incision, but whenever I have had a large bandaid on one of my kids and didn't want to hurt them when taking it off, I have used baby oil. It helps loosen up the glue. Again, I don't know how safe this would be around an incision. I would hate to give advice that might cause an infection. You could always cleanse the incision afterwards with soap? Is it worth a try? Good luck!

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Hold off on trying to take anything off for just a bit. Let yourself recover from the anesthesia first. You're going to be very sore for a day or so. Do not take the sticky off until your doctor says you can. Then, soak yourself in the shower. The water will make it easier to remove. It's going to hurt no matter what but it'll hurt less if your skin is saturated with water.

And congrats on the tubal! I was thrilled with mine!

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