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Sara - posted on 07/19/2010 ( 16 moms have responded )




I heard an interesting story on the news this morning about raw milk, or milk that is straight from the cow and has not been pasteurized. I know the laws vary from state to state here in the US, and I'm sure laws are different in other countries, but here there are many places where it is illegal to purchase or sell raw milk. Proponents of it say that the pasteurization process takes away vitamins and minerals from the milk and that they have the right to feed it to their family if they so desire. However, the reason it is illegal in most places is because of the danger it can be to public health, since it can contain E. Coli and other bacteria/virus that can make a family very sick. What are your thoughts on raw milk? Would you/have you given it to your family? Do you think people should be able to buy it where and when they want?


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Pasturize this, steralize that, how ever did the human race manage to survive all these years?

I think it should be available, probably not in a supermarket, but directly from responsible farmers. I've tried it before and it's really quite good.

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Sharon - posted on 07/21/2010




If you want to gamble - knock yourself out.

That said - I LOVE raw milk - omg its delicious. Its incredibly friggen rich and I can't drink to much of it at once and I drink whole milk daily, I can't imagine what lowfat/skim milk drinkers would think of it.

however the raw milk I drank came from cows with health certs better than mine! kept in pristine cow houses with gorgeous meadows to eat in where their POOP IS PICKED UP TO CUT DOWN ON DISEASE VECTORS!!!! OMG!!! lol.

I know that Arizona was working on a law barring even co-ownership of a cow to keep people from consuming raw milk. For a while cow co-ops were getting big. I really really really want my own dairy cow/s. Hubby says "NO" though. I'm pretty sure we'll end up fighting about who has to go out and milk bessie and then there are the calves... what to do with the males? My kids would never eat "ferdinand" to bad its to costly to do genetic selection for cow fetuses, damn thats an awesome idea, lol.

OH and we eat raw eggs regularly here. No - my kids do not get raw milk. That special dairy is many many miles away in another country on an island and the milk is PRICEY. But goddamnit it was good!

But if we had our own cows - yeah I'd give them raw milk.

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My dad has been drinking raw milk for years. He buys it directly from a local reputable farmer. We live in BC, Canada.

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We used to get raw milk from a local farm as a child. I thought it was so cool how my dad would shake and butter would form on top. I would buy it for my family if I had access.

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I think it should be available to people who want it, with the understanding that they can get very sick. I worked on a dairy farm and know first hand. I got sick with Campylobacter Jejuni just from working with the milk, getting it on my hands and in my mouth, and my co-worker drank the milk (she said it was amazing!) and she also got it. It is NOT a pleasant illness to have!

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We drink non-homogenized milk when we can find it locally. Sooooo yummy. We tried to find non-pasteurized, but unless we buy a cow and milk it, we can't get access to it.

Funny story that kind of relates:
My dad's aunts and uncles are all dairy farmers near Kentwood, La (hometown of Britney Spears, they are so proud). Anyway, we went to visit them all the time when I was younger. Some of my third cousins took my sister and I into the room with the big bin of milk. My cousin opened the bin, stuck her finger in and tasted it. My other cousins said, "Hilary! You can't drink that. It ain't been baptized yet!"

Julie - posted on 07/19/2010




There is a very real public health danger in raw milk and milk products. The CDC has reports on TONS of zoonotic (animal to people) disease outbreaks associated with them.

I think people can drink raw milk if they want to, but would prefer it if they came from a dairying family. I don't think the general public has ANY clue about where milk comes from and how it gets there, let alone what "raw" means. If proper safety protocols are not followed by both farmer and consumer (in NO way should there be a "middle-man") there is a lot of risk.

I would give it to my husband but not my 2 year old and ONLY from a select few farms where I, personally, know the farmer and how they milk/care for their cows. The toddler wouldn't get it because I'm not sure his immune system is ready, but he could try it when he's older.

I ABSOLUTELY do NOT think people should be able to buy it where and when they want to. It is a liquid product that is acutely susceptible to contamination, usually unintentional. I really think it MUST be a direct to consumer from the farm and only with proper testing/accreditation if it is to be for public purchase.

It must be an educated decision on the part of the consumer, and I don't mean educated by the raw food only advocates. The CDC/public health must be a part of the education.

Krista - posted on 07/19/2010




I think it should be accessible, but not at the grocery store, so that people don't buy it by mistake. It would be nice for it to be legal, however. There is a Dutch cheesemaker in my area who has found it very difficult with the pasteurization laws, because I guess it's a lot harder to make really good cheese if your milk is pasteurized.

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I grew up in a farming town and I distinctly remember a field trip to a dairy farm where we were given raw milk. Honestly, the farm was so clean and they tested the raw milk for diseases (such as E Coli) that we didn't even think twice about it. Now, I am sure the parents had to sign a consent form for us to be given the raw milk (and I mean RAW, we watched the farmer milk the cow and then we were given little dixie cups and we just scooped it out of a big clean bucket the farmer put it in). It was good to me at the time, but now I think it's really sweet and obviously very fatty (kinda think).

Saying that, I do think that with the proper guidlines and standards, raw milk can be very good for many people. Would I buy it? Probably not. But I think it should be accessible for those who do want to use it for it's nutritional properties.

Rosie - posted on 07/19/2010




people should be able to buy it if they want. i don't think it should be sold in a regular grocery store though, like cathy mentioned people would probably end up buying the wrong thing. put it in a specialty food store or something.

LaCi - posted on 07/19/2010




They sell it at our health food stores for the raw foodies. Since I'm not a raw foodie, I don't really have an interest in it. I agree with it being sold because I agree with people being about to pursue their own dietary guidelines, like the raw foodies.

However, I don't really give a damn about the vitamin content in raw vs pasteurized since milk is nutritionally irrelevant, IMO, which is why they feel the need to fortify it.

Caitlin - posted on 07/19/2010




I think people should be allowed to buy it if they want, make agreements directly with the farmers after signing an agreement that they aren't responsible if the family gets sick, and go for it.

I wouldn't do it, firstly my daughter is allergic to dairy, but I wouldn't drink it myself, so I wouldn't make my kids drink it.

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