religious moms : would you let your kids listento music that talks about sex, "trapping" and violence?

Evontee - posted on 04/21/2014 ( 8 moms have responded )




Just wondering about this one. If your child wanted to download a few songs with these ideas in them, would you say yes or no and why?


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Marquita - posted on 04/25/2014




Right...there is a song that clearly states why women should not let men disrespect them in any way because they are after one thing only (not all men) Now that song I would definitely let my daughter listen to

Grace Garment - posted on 04/25/2014




Depends is it suitable talk to your son about the concept and what's in the song as long as he understands yes

Marquita - posted on 04/24/2014




I agree with Ariana and Apple Way, If I see it as an opportunity to educate my children i.e songs and t.v shows talking or singing about ( actions equals consequences)and we discuss it then yes but most of the time I don't let my children listen to it because they, like me, know its nonsense and sex, cursing, etc., sells. I encourage my children to listen to their words not the beat.

Liz - posted on 04/24/2014




I would talk to my daughter about what was in the song and whether or not a concept was good or not and why.

My religion is likely to be different to yours though.

Ariana - posted on 04/23/2014




I think it depends on what it is, like if it's violent sexuality that's one thing, but if it's suggestive that's different.

If you let them listen to it maybe have them listen to the song with you and go over the suggestiveness of it beforehand. Just as a discussion not a big lecture.

I always try to educate if I can. Your child is going to hear these songs and banning them is no good (once again things involving violence etc are different but it doesn't sound like that's what you mean). Talk about the themes in it a bit and see how much of it they get. They may realize more than you think, or not at all, who knows.

So my answer is yes with maybe a contingency that you both listen together and talk about it a bit.

Jodi - posted on 04/22/2014




LOL,@ them acting out the behaviour in the songs they listen to. Good luck with controlling everything your kids listen to and watch :)

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My son isn't at that age yet, however, my parents are religious and growing up, at least until I was 13, was not allowed to purchase cd's or listen to songs that had sexual language or swearing in it. At a certain point, you can't really control what your kids are listening to, just hope that you have instilled proper morals and values in them

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