Religious Science Test.

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You may have seen the image of a 4th grade science test circulating the internet recently. The test is real, and it came from a private school in my area. It says it's a small school, but it's actually a pretty big school, and apparently this is not a school developed curriculum but is marketed to numerous schools. I am completely dumbfounded that these ideas are being taught to so many children in our community.

According to the teacher, the student answered the questions 100% correctly. Here are some examples from the quiz, but you can click the link to see an actual photo. Yes, it's a snopes link--this made snopes because it is THAT unbelieveable for most of the world.....but here we are.

True or False:
The Earth is Billions of years old. Answer- FALSE
Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. Answer - FALSE
Dinosaurs lived with people. Answer - TRUE
On what day did God make dinosaurs? Answer - 6th
The average size of a dinosaur was a___________
a) giraffe b) rhino c) elephant d) sheep. Answer - d) sheep.
What caused there to be fossiles?
a) lightning b) a Global Flood c) a tornado d) evolution. Answer - b) a flood
Other questions compare a dinosaur to the behemoth mentioned in the book of Job, and refer to the Bible as the "History Book of the World."

I am not even going to comment on the grammar used in the test or the fact that Global Flood was the only answer capitalized in the multiple choice question :/ but rather keep this about the content.

I understand a need for those with religious beliefs to merge their beliefs with that of our history. I have no issue with that, but these questions get under my skin because they teach that proven, evidenced based theories and facts are false while teaching ideas that have no evidence as not only truth, but fact. As adults, we can look at these ideas objectively, seek out additional information, and decide for ourselves whether to believe them or not. These children do not yet have that option--they have not yet learned critical thinking, and honestly, I'm afraid those in this school will never learn it. They are essentially being taught to listen to and believe whatever someone in authority tells them without question.....but then they've also been taught that many in authority are wrong, so I am wondering what this school teaches about how to choose who to follow blindly.....My goodness...their grammar is rubbing off on my just thinking about it.



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Someone posted this on my timeline today. I had seen it before, and I will admit, I did visit Snopes the first time I saw it because it WAS that unbelievable (especially as I teach science), and at that time the jury was still out, but I see now that it has been confirmed as true.

I understand that when parents send their children to a Christian school, they will be taught these things (although I would encourage someone to point out to me where the bible actually identified the dinosaurs and whether their sharp teeth meant they were meat eaters), but it should NOT be taught in science. My children go to Catholic school, and I have NEVER seen something more ignorant in my life than this science test. Science and Religious Education are two entirely separates subjects in their schools. No-one, not even a religious school, has any business teaching the Bible in science.


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I know that the Catholic schools, and several other Christian schools here (Methodist, Presbyterian, and Anglican, I think) teach a science curriculum that is much closer to what is taught in secular schools without having that conflict with what the bible says.

I think a few of them "lengthen" the first 6 days, and other even support evolution in that the creatures God created during the first 6 days looked different than what we have today. I honestly don't know the details, but I know that most of the kids around here are taught the theory of evolution, and accurate timelines for Earth's history, even if they attend Christian schools.

Kristi - posted on 05/13/2013




Holy moly, Batman!

Grace went to a Christian school through 5th grade. I know the curriculum was biblically based but Jeez...I was in such a stupor for a lot of that and my focus was on better quality, better environment, etc...I never even thought about dinosaurs and fossils and things like that.

I know (but I don't specifically) that there is "proof" in the bible for creation. I know it's also supposed to be a matter of faith.

I am waaaay to ignorant at this point to make an intelligent contribution to this thread. But, it is an extremely boggling situation. Theoretically, if I am raising my child 100% Christian (whatever that means anymore) and the bible was our history book, I would want her better armed for debate than just with, "Were you there?" Right? I mean surely, preachers don't answer their congregations with that.

Now, I have new work to do. I might end up posting a comment in the year 2018, after I graduate from college! Lol Gosh, I hope it's not that hard to figure this out with some sense of logic. ; )

Firebird - posted on 05/09/2013




I think a little piece of me just died. I think it was a piece of my soul... or perhaps a few million brain cells. If you'll excuse me, I need to go and stick my head in a big book of science.

Jodi - posted on 05/09/2013




Because, of course, all this fact was written down and recorded AT THE TIME, as opposed to the bible being a secondary source...... Clearly their historical skills are lacking too. I find it really quite scary. Science is about skills. Part of that is being able to replicate data and produce evidence. Science is an absolute evidence based subject. There is no evidence in the Bible. They can believe it as their truth if they wish. but that doesn't make it fact or evidence. It is also not a primary source.

Even more scary, I'm thinking many of these parents may take their kids out and homeschool them.......

You wouldn't find that here. We now have a national science curriculum and believe me, religious discussion isn't in it. That belongs in Religious Education. Any school that taught something like that here would be losing funding because they are not following the curriculum.

But then, I also don't think we have nearly the number of religious zealots that you have there.

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I completely agree Jodi. I don't think it is a problem that they are teaching religion as part of the curriculum, or even using it as a base for their curriculum, but teaching something that is proven to be untrue as truth, and completely disregarding known facts seems wrong for me even for a private, religious based school.

Many of the schools here are church based, private schools. I am used to seeing religion woven into the curriculum at these schools, but most of them still teach science based on ideas and theories that have withstood testing and research. I have spoken to several parents who have their kids at this school, and a lot were surprised and will be removing their kids next year, but I was very surprised with how many of them told me flat out "This is fact based. It says it in the Bible and the Bible is more accurate than some stupid carbon dating method."

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