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Just something neat and fun.

How much do your kids resemble you (or hubby and other family members).
Actions, looks - little quirks you do, that they do also.

For instance, my fourth - daughter - looks almost like my little sister, when she was little. Same face shape, round cheeks, and tinyness.
My oldest daughter looks almost identicle to me, but my second oldest loves to sweep, mop and vacuum - like I did when i was a little girl.
My third loves puzzles and anything logical, like me.
My fifth - a boy - also resembles me sooo much - he is the boy version of me, when i was a baby.
They are agravators and instigators like my husband; but are laid back like me, but also have mamas temper too! The baby isnt old enough for 'personalities' from us yet -- but he looks the most like daddy.

How about you and your kids??


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Jennifer - posted on 01/09/2011




appearance wise, my 14 month old son looks a lot like my husband...though, as he gets older he looks more like my brother and i.

his temperament is a lot like mine...he's very laid back, cuddly, and sweet. he does not like seeing anyone upset or sad, and he tries to make them feel better when they are. he's a total goof ball just like both my husband and i.

♏*PHOENIX*♏ - posted on 01/09/2011




@Sharon Cohen-Fonzo

He would be flattered that you think he is 9…LOL (he actually has lied to women when asked his age or what grade he is in, one time he said he was 16 and in the 3rd grade..LMBO)

He will be 8 on the 22nd of February.

He is just naturally build this way, the longest sport he has played is wrestling and that is going on for almost 4months, he has had muscle build like this since he was about 2, he has gotten more defined as he gets older, I do know that playing sports will help with the muscle build, but when I took this pic he was almost 7years old and not playing any sports :-0)

Veronica - posted on 01/09/2011




Sounds like my kids, Sharon - two of them especially have my 'tantrums'; the others stomp their feet, run to their room, and slam the door. Thats me. (not a good thing, i know! lol) but at least they are leaving the situation, and going off for a cooling period.

[deleted account]

My kid is the mailman's kid. As a baby, my son physcially looked more like my husband than me. As a new mom going through PPD, it hurt a lot and I didn;t know how to deal with those comments. I eventually got over it. As the years progressed, my son's features started to look more like mine and now random strangers comment on how much he resembles me. It makes me happy :-) My son shares his Daddy's stubborness and atheletics. He shares my rants and tantrums. My son has a whiney side, that's me. He has a caring and compassionate side too, which is both of us. He is the perfect combination of both of us.

[deleted account]

@Ebony- I'm impressed with your son's physique at 9 years old! Obviously, he must enjoy atheletes to be able to build up muscle like. Oh, and I was checking out the pic, my son walked passed the computer. Didn;t notice another boy in the pic, but commented, "Oh, I have that same super soaker!"

Emma - posted on 01/09/2011




My daughter is the spitting image of her dad, Olive skin, brown eyes, dark curly hair. My son is the spitting image of my Dad pale skin, bright blue eyes and brown hair

Joanna - posted on 01/09/2011




Both my girls have a lilnknob on their ears, and small lips, just like me. They both have bright blue eyes, and a funny hairline, just like daddy. My oldest looks a lot like my mother (including the red hair). She also has my clumsiness, and her dads temper. She is a night owl like I am.

Sal - posted on 01/09/2011




i have a friend who has always said that some kids look a bit like mum and a bit like dad, but my hubby and i have one clone each, i ngird like dad and ursula like me, my son is also like me , and ursula is the spitting image of nik at her age even though they don't have the same dad..

Krista - posted on 01/09/2011




My son has my chin, my toes, and my smile, but other than that, he's the spitting image of his dad at that age. Face, build, hair, everything.

Personality-wise, though, he's a lot more like me -- easygoing and more than a little weird.

Becky - posted on 01/09/2011




My oldest son looks more like his dad, and has more of his personality, and my younger son looks more like me, and has more of my personality. It's quite funny! Both have blond hair and blue eyes - Jeff has blond hair, we both have blue eyes. I was really hoping for at least one little redhead. Maybe next time. :) Cole does have my nose. I think Cole has a larger build than Zach. He's not huge by any stretch, only in the 50th percentile, but he's got fairly broad shoulders. Zach is petite, like I was when I was younger. Cole is very active, very persistent, very determined, pretty stubborn, and does have a temper, all of which he gets from his dad. Zach is more laid-back, content, and methodical, and likes to figure things out. More like me. Both of them are snuggly, which comes from both of us, both of them are little goof-balls, which comes from me, and Cole has an amazing vocabulary for his age, which also comes from me. They're still very young, so it's hard to tell too much yet, but that's what we can see so far.

♏*PHOENIX*♏ - posted on 01/09/2011




Many people say my son looks like me…I guess, he resembles his biological father physically. He is very muscled, he has well defined biceps, triceps, 6pack…whole nine yards.
He has my compassionate, loving, caring nature…and has energy for ten kids

My little baby boy is half Korean and at times he looks like me, but over all he looks like his father A LOT…
He is a little spit fire, he’s 9months and makes choices of what he wants, and what he wants to do.
Not amazing, but when I hold 2 or3 different toys in front of him, he will take his time in choosing the one he wants…
Here is a pic of my son flexing

Veronica - posted on 01/08/2011




I just wrote a boatload of stuff, and in the process of deleting a typo, it was lost to me -- damn computers! LOL Anyways -- my kids all have blonde hair, just like i did when i was a kid - i now have brown hair -- but one out of six has brown hair -- my hubby has brown hair too - so people always ask where the blonde hair came from. My girls have blue eyes like dad, and three of the four boys has green eyes like me - the baby is too young to know for sure what color eyes he will have and stick with.

My oldest is scrawny like my brother and dad, the rest of the boys are stocky like my husband -- my oldest will probably be near his 20s before he gets some facial/chest/leg hair -- like my bro and dad -- the others are already hairy like their dad (that fine hair on your body - theirs is massive) so im thinking i will have some hairy men on my plate ;) lol

My oldest daughter loves reading and spelling and writing like me.

they actually all love books -- and puzzles, like mom -- my third is just more into puzzles than the rest, and my oldest is the most into books.

edited to say: One out of six of my kids - has brown hair - all the rest are blondies (it just didnt sound right in the paragraph)

Lacye - posted on 01/08/2011




my one and only child looks just like me with her daddy's attitude! She has my temper though. She has my sister's big ass forehead and a big head like her daddy. lol. I'm just proud she got my eyes. She has the most beautiful eyes ever and really long eyelashes. Yay Lacye genes! My soon to be step daughter looks just like her daddy but has her mother's big cheeks.

Sharon - posted on 01/08/2011




Being half asian - they don't look much like me at all. They took traits from my dad and my husband. Blonde or light brown hair, blue or green eyes.

they tan fantastically though, aren't as white as their father (he's like neon white) They're mostly built like me, long legs, shorter torso, my husband has blonde blonde hair so their brown hair - is more like me but thanks to him and my dad, they're heavy with gold strands in it...

The oldest & youngest have my vicious wit. My younger boy has it, just isn't as quick with it.

Both of my parents were athletic, still holding records at their old schools, my hubby was the HS quarterback, my kids are athletic. My brother & I were not athletic.

Its funny when we're all together because people look at the kids, us and then back at us, trying to figure out whose kids they are. They generally assume I'm the step mom.

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