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I generally don't do the resolution for New Years thing. However, I've made a resolution this year about not getting so angry when I go to my usually deserted building's gym in January/early February and see it filled to the tits. You can't find a thread mill to save your life and you've never seen any of these people working out all year but...I gotta just chill and keep in mind it's counterproductive to the stress release you get from exercise to stress about it (and remind myself most of them will be gone by Feb. 15).

I'm also going to work on letting my fiance figure things out for himself when he's acting like a stubborn teenager. I guess in general, I'm working on letting things go....

Are you looking to change something this year? Do you think resolutions are bunk and slide away by Feb. 15? Or have you made a life change by sticking to one?


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Umm, let's see here.

-Quit smoking-- FOR GOOD this time.
-To not let things stress me out so bad even if the doctors haven't figured out what's going on in Jan.
-Try to cook more, even if I'm in a lot of pain. I've really been feeling it lately when I try to cook. The pain just comes back that much harder, but I feel so bad for not making healthy meals for my family all the time :/
-To no procrastinate about things, whether it's shopping for presents or calling people.. You never know what the next day may bring, so I plan on making everyday count that much more.
-Did I mention quit smoking...? :P


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Last year I resolved to find friends and I totally did. Now I have a some ladies I hang out with once a week and a bustling book club. Yay! This year I'm going to expand on that and develop some more hobbies, specifically knitting and belly dancing. Just two things I've always wanted to try and never have. Just so happens that I have a knitter and a belly dancer in my book club!

I think making resolutions that are fun like that are probably more likely to be successful. Definitely made my life better too.

My other resolution for 2010 was to get knocked up. I'll find out next week if my last attempt for the year was successful or not. If not, that will be tagged onto 2011. Hehe.

[deleted account]

I'm gonna try like hell to lose these love handles. I got back to the same weight I was 10 years ago before I had kids but these damn things won't go away. I may invest in one of those Ab Circle things:/

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YES. Next year will be the year of supporting local business. Instead of buying meat and bread and stuff like that from Coles or Woolies I will actually get off my arse and walk to the bakery or get butcher meat. I've already started lol. I kept my resolution last year to lose 15kg after Logan was born, but then I got pregnant and broke the "I will keep active if I get pregnant again" bit.

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