Bree - posted on 11/24/2010




...maybe the necklace has something to do with Cee-Lo Green's hit song? I don't know a lot about Rihanna and I agree she does seem to revel in any kind of attention. I wouldn't care if my daughter wanted a pic with her. Fuck is just a word that only has the meaning we give it. I watch MTV here, which I never did in the States, because it's interesting to learn German Culture from different outlets. They play a LOT of American music. Including Fuck You (not Forget You) by Cee-Lo, completely unedited. For a minute I was shocked. Then I realized, the word has no meaning here. Germans know what WE put on the word but it affects no one here.

I got a bit off subject here lol.

Johnny - posted on 11/16/2010




I'm sure I wouldn't have noticed it, I'm not that observant about things like this. But after I would have been a bit amused I suppose. Like someone else said, it is rather lame to wear a necklace like that. I think she's free to express herself, it's just not such an interesting way of doing so. It would be an excellent opportunity to teach my kids that just because someone is rich and successful, it doesn't necessarily mean that they are particularly smart.

C. - posted on 11/16/2010




Uh, yeah it would. Why pose with children while wearing an offensive necklace?

Lacye - posted on 11/16/2010




I don't think I would let my child pose in a pic with a celebrity that has a "Fuck you" necklace. Yeah it's a way for her to express herself but that's her not my child. I don't know. Maybe I'm just a little old fashion. I think it's tacky.

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Amanda - posted on 11/27/2010




Well all of my children are too young to really know what Fuck you means, and plus they don't really listen to Rhianna. They prefer Kidz Bop or Nick JR or Disney music! So I'm safe for now! But if one of my kids was older and liked her, I don't really see the big deal with it, it's just a necklace and most kids know what it means or have heard it, so we can't keep them sheltered forever!!!

Shannon - posted on 11/27/2010




I would not have an issue with it. Furthermore, it is a small necklace that wouldn't even be noticed on most other ppl. However, it would bother me if it were a tee shirt. After all that she has gone through with Chris Brown I don't blame her for wearing a "fuck you" necklace! I would think it is probably a personal reminder to her to never allow herself back in that situation. It is what it is. People have a problem with her necklace yet upon walking down the street teens are dropping the F-bomb in conversation as if it were a dinner table discussion. Now that I have a problem with especially when they see my 2 yr old with me and can't adjust their vocabulary accordingly. I am not perfect and have used and still use the F-bomb but I also try to avoid using it in front of my child and anyone else's child. I prefer clever, creative, child friendly "cuss words" now a days.

Meghan - posted on 11/24/2010




It wouldn't bother me at all...to be honest I am surprised my sons first word wasn't the F-bomb (really I am not that bad but kids hear everything, sneaky buggers)

Bree - posted on 11/24/2010




The Graf PX is really nice. I haven't heard of Storck but I haven't heard of a ton of places around here lol. I think we're making each others points lol, were your German friends using the word while speaking to Americans? That was what they said, Germans use it while speaking to Americans but won't be speaking in German to other Germans and use it. They will use their own word for it, which actually is very close. "Fick" lol. I swear like a sailor and I am 29, I'm not sure if age has much to do with it. The one neighbor I was talking to is 24 and the other closer to my age...so I don't know lol. Maybe it's a difference in location too, they aren't *from Bavaria, they just live here. Maybe your friends were from Bavaria and...okay I could maybe all night lol

[deleted account]

Oh ok... I know where Graf. is! We have been up there a couple times because your PX is SOO much bigger than the one we had!!! We were stationed in Illesheim (Storck Barracks). I dont know if you have heard of it, its a really small post. But anyways, that's so wierd that they say that they don't use that word... I went out all the time and had a lot of German friends and they used the word quite frequently. Maybe it's just the difference between age... I know younger people tend to use it more than older people....

Bree - posted on 11/24/2010




I'm at Graf. The Germans around Military posts may use our slang and such but from the neighbors I've talked to about the MTV experience they said that it's not a word Germans use. I'm assuming they meant in GERMAN conversation, not speaking to Americans. But that's an assumption, I should have clarified cause assumptions are tricky. They do have their own word for it, which isn't used on public television. That's what I was told, anyways, by a couple of German women married to Soldiers.

[deleted account]

What part of Germany are you in?? I know when I was there (husband was stationed there in the Army for 3 years) a lot of Germans used the word too. So it definitely has meaning for them as well as Americans...

Bree - posted on 11/24/2010




I prefer the original version of the song myself, I have heard the other and it lacks a certain je nais sais quoi.

On topic, I looked at the pic...who the hell originally noticed (I know not here) what the necklace said?!?! That's so tiny...

Charlie - posted on 11/24/2010




Yeah the fuck you version was the first one i heard , Its really good !

Stifler's - posted on 11/24/2010




i'd never even heard the fuck you version before i downloaded the single and liked it so much more than forget you

~♥Little Miss - posted on 11/23/2010




You cannot even read it! I wouldn't give a fuck! Lame to wear it..but don't really care. If my kid was wearing it I would care.

[deleted account]

It wouldn't bother me either!! You can barely even see what the dang thing says!! Who pays that much attention to someone's necklace anyway??

September - posted on 11/17/2010




It would not bother me at all. I feel that everyone should be able to express themselves in any way they see fit. I do agree that the necklace is pretty tacky and personally I would never wear something like that. I am raising my son and any other children I have to be excepting of people who are different from themselves including those who choose to take freedom of speech a bit too far.

Chrystal - posted on 11/17/2010




Yes it would bother me. It would bother me b/c no child needs to be in a picture with that kind of foul language on a necklace in the picture.

Tracey - posted on 11/17/2010




If I saw a favorite celebrity I would have my picture taken with them no matter what they were wearing as I would probably never see them again.
If I found their clothes or in this case necklace offensive I would photoshop it out of the picture when I got home.
Do you suggest that all celebrities go around in family friendly attire on the off chance a child wants a picture taken with them, or should they say hold on little girl I have to change before we can take a picture, can you come back a in a few minutes?

Desiree - posted on 11/17/2010




Can't stand the woman or her music luckily for me niether does my daughter. So the answer no anyway.

Becky - posted on 11/16/2010




Before I looked at the link, I thought you meant the child was wearing the necklace. That would totally bother me! But of course, being the mom, I wouldn't let my child own or wear the necklace in the first place. I guess I would still let my child pose with her, but I would explain that the necklace was disrespectful and stupid (IMO) and not something my child needed to imitate.

Ez - posted on 11/16/2010




If I even noticed, I would probably roll my eyes. The necklace makes her look like a total try-hard.

Rosie - posted on 11/16/2010




i wouldn't have a problem with my child posing with her, but i agree with others that it is a super lame necklace.

Bonnie - posted on 11/16/2010




Emma, I also agree that it is lame. Don't see a point in it at all, whatsoever.

Stifler's - posted on 11/16/2010




Um... no. I have to say that wearing a Fuck You necklace is lame and makes absolutely no sense but whatever. Her target audience is not children anyway.

Dana - posted on 11/16/2010




No, it wouldn't bother me. I think it's totally crass of her to wear it to begin with but, it's not her fault fans want photo's with her (and she happens to be wearing it or anything else for that matter).

Charlie - posted on 11/16/2010




Not really, i believe in people expressing themselves through their image its a word like Kylie said that is used , my child will know it has a time and place .

Kylie - posted on 11/16/2010




Not at all. My 5 year old knows the word exists and shes heard me say it. I've taught her it's not a word little people use. There are many things i want to protect my children from in this world and a fuckoff necklace is not one of them.

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