Rough Or Gentle Kids?

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My son is a pretty rough and tumble kinda kid. He loves to be 'tossed around' and 'bounced' up and down, he flails himself onto the couches and the bounce house he goes absolutely NUTS flinging his lil body all over the place, that boy has no fear. But then he stops and gives kisses, will stop and say "nice" and give our little chihuahua a pet, he gives his stuffies hugs and cuddles, sits on my lap and tells me stories while he snuggles into me. So over all, he's a rough playing but gentle loving munchkin.

Are your kids rough or gentle?

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Ez - posted on 05/20/2010




Rough Rough ROUGH!!! Milla has no concept of her own strength, and no fear of anything. She was jumping into the pool, with no floaties, as soon as she could walk at 10 months old. She stands on top of her activity table and jumps off. She runs along the couch and slams into the cushions at the end. Some days I really think she should have been a boy..

Thankfully, now that she's 15 months she's much better at following my directions, so if I tell her to stop or calm down she will. She's unbelievably gentle with my friend's newborn and just keeps patting her hair and kissing her. But she's not a snuggler :( The only time I can get a cuddle is when we're reading. Otherwise she's never still long enough.

Rosie - posted on 05/16/2010




all my boys love to run and play and wrestle. my youngest, lucas, is a bit mroe laid back and likes to cuddle more than the others. vinnie and grant can spend the whole afternoon outside wrestling each other, rolling down hills, taking sticks and whacking dandelions. lucas is much more content to push his lawnmower around or play with his kitchen.

Sharon - posted on 05/16/2010




My kids are all rough & tumble but gentle hearted. My oldest was never into snuggling. He would get sooo hot. Just like his dad. Good god, forget spooning with that man. Only if you like man sweat all over you.

My younger son liked to cuddle but also overheated quickly. My daughter, true to female form, can snuggle for hours and doesn't care if you are baking brownies on your chest.

Dana - posted on 05/16/2010




Aw, how sweet. Ethan has been showing much concern lately too. Today his cousin hit him, on purpose, in the forehead with a plastic baseball bat. Matt told my nephew no, in a stern voice, which made him cry. Ethan stopped crying and went over to see if he was okay, even though he was the one who got smacked with a bat. lol Even when my nephew shoved him away he still tried to get at him and see if he was okay.

Charlie - posted on 05/16/2010




Cooper is a gentle old soul when it comes to interacting with other people , he already shows great empathy for others including animals however in play mode he is still quiet rough and tumble like throwing himself around , wrestling with his daddy and diving into bushes and being a typical boy .

Whenever he sees a baby on TV or just a picture he runs over to my tummy lifts my shirt and hugs and kisses my belly and when my friends newborn is around he always pats him very gently and talks to him in the type of baby voice adults use with babies its so cute .

the other day we were watching a doco and a cheetah was running and cooper said "oh , Meow " and clapped his hands then the cheetah caught and killed an impala and he said in the most worried voice " Oh NO !! " i thought he was going to cry , i felt so bad , ive noticed now when ever he sees someone or something being hurt he gets genuinely concerned and goes to see if they are ok .

September - posted on 05/12/2010




Our 18 month old son is a bit of both :) Just last night we went from rolling around on the living room floor together to snuggling and giving kisses to one another. He came a sat on my lap and said “Momma” and gives me a big hug and kiss, I love random moments like those!

Dana - posted on 05/12/2010




I just think he never figured it out and we didn't entertain the idea ourselves either. lol I was very careful about what actions we've taught him. Goes along with the way we've never uttered the word "mine" in our house. If he doesn't know it exists we don't have to hear it....yet. ;)

?? - posted on 05/12/2010




I wish Gabe never head butt, you're so lucky Dana, Gabe has a hard BIG noggin !

Dana - posted on 05/12/2010




Ethan is gentle in his actions but he loves for us to toss and swing him. He climbs all over everything and up every thing, he jumps on the bed. He has no fear at the playground when going down slides (he goes head first, my little thrill seeker). But, over all like I said, his actions are really gentle.
He's not a kid who hits or swings things, he's never hit me or head butted me. None of the really rough and tumble things you hear about some boys doing.

Krista - posted on 05/12/2010




I think Sam is going to be a little rough. The only time he's really into snuggling is if he's tired or sick. The rest of the time, he's go-go-go, and he loves it when Daddy flings him around over his shoulder or dangled upside down, or any other sort of rough play. Which is fine with me, as long as they also know when to be gentle. (i.e. not hitting people, and petting animals gently instead of grabbing their fur.)

ME - posted on 05/12/2010




My son is CRAZY!!! He jumps off furniture, wrestles with his dad, runs into the living room, and yells FIGHT DADDY, and proceeds to tackle his 180 lb. father. (he's two, and 24 lbs)'s a riot! I think it's great for the most part...tho, I would love a few more snuggles (i only get them when we read books at night before bed)...

Not sure about Mayah yet, but at three months, she is way more snugglie than Miles ever was!

Emma - posted on 05/12/2010




Both my little boy and girl are that same as you describe, they like there rough and tumble, but are also big softy's who love snuggles.
As i type my son just climbed up on my lap and is giving me such a nice cuddle

Kylie - posted on 05/11/2010




I'd say my oldest is a bit more rough shes always got bruises on her shins and scraped elbows.. shes popular with the boys at school because she loves to play chasey and the rough and tumble games. We had her first footy game on the weekend and the coach said she should be doing wrestling not footy. My son is tough (not rough) but is mostly gentle and shy...he doesn't cry if he falls over but hes very cautious and hangs back and likes to observe until he feels confident then hes fearless side comes out.

Jenny - posted on 05/11/2010




One gentle girl, one rough boy at my house. He put teeth through his bottom and top lip by 18 months. He's hell on wheels.

Lindsay - posted on 05/11/2010




Madeline is very much on the gentile side of the spectrum. She wasn't always that way but sometime around the time she turned 2 she transformed from the rough child to the very cautious side. She had to think through everything that could potentially be a "risky" situation. And she asked a million and one questions about her surroundings. Now she is five and is finally starting to ease out of that and I'm thrilled. I worried so much about how much she was missing out of by being so extremely over-cautious about everything. I think she will always have that side of her, but it thrills me that she is starting to push her boundaries again, even if it's only in small steps.

Cooper on the other hand is full on rough. The boy has zero fear about anything and doesn't think about what's going to happen until 10 minutes after it's happened! He has a very sweet soul but his body and his heart don't seem to vibe! He loves hugs, kisses, and is very much showing signs of being a little gentleman. He always wants to open the door and let the girls go first (something his precious daddy has taught him) but he doesn't seem to have control over is massive strength just yet. I really think that since he was the second child he spent so long trying to make up for being smaller and now that he's as big as the other kids he hasn't toned it back down. He's my future football star! ♥

Carolee - posted on 05/11/2010




My son is very much like your, Jo. My husband and him like to wrestle. One of my favorite quotes that my husband has said is, "Can Daddy have a hug, then you'll get body-slammed?"!!! Corbin (my son) will cuddle with me all day, kiss and tickle my tummy (he knows 'baby' or 'sissy' is in there), and then run around like a madman and flail himself on the couch/chair and climb up and jump off anything in sight.

Erin - posted on 05/11/2010




My son is a mixture of both. Most of the time he's a little roughneck, thanks to a daddy and uncles that love to wrestle with him. But he loves to cuddle and give lots of kisses too. I will be sad when he stops doing that though, he's 2 1/2 now so he's still my little baby. But I know in a few short years he will be mortified when I want a kiss and hug :((

LaCi - posted on 05/11/2010




Totally rough. he loves to wrestle, to be thrown, to be swung around, dangled upside down, so on. It's what we loved as kids, so I'm happy he enjoys it all as much as we did. The boyfriend LOVES that he's at the wrestling age. They're so freakin' cute together.

He does still have his gentle side. He loves to snuggle and give hugsnkisses. usually when he's tired though! :)

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