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Dana - posted on 02/04/2010 ( 14 moms have responded )




I was just watching 'The View' this morning and one of the guests were Sarah Silverman (actress, comedian) She was asked if she'd get married to anyone soon. She said that why would anyone want to get married in this day and age when gays cannot. She said it was equivalent to joining a country club that didn't allow blacks or Jews. It is a disgusting club to be part of.

Now I know her comedy quite well and her whole "shock value" but, she was actually serious.

Do you agree? Is this taking it a little too far?


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JL - posted on 02/05/2010




Like I said in my other post I understand her point and while I agree with most of what she is trying to convery I do have to say that I did think the whole disgusting remark was uncalled for and judgemental.

I think her over the top comments are coming from her frustrations with something that to her just seems so overly and obviously ridiculous..not saying that calling marriage disgusting is alright but honestly Sarah Silverman's remarks and stance is not going to turn the fight for gay marriage upside down.....but her use of such vehement verbage is making more people debate and discuss the merits of marriage and gay rights,which might have been what she was ultimately attempting to do. I mean that is why she is always so get people to pay attention to an issue and get worked up about it.

Anyways I personally think Brad Pitt's recent thoughts on not getting married until homosexuals have equal rights to marriage has more to do with the fact that he doesn't want to marry suction cup lips....he didn't have an issue when he married Jennifer Aniston and he was advocating gay rights at that time as well.

Michelle - posted on 02/05/2010




I would too, frankly. I think Brad Pitt is the perfect example of people using it as a way to avoid commitment.

I don't think it's a disgusting club at all. It's unfortunate, to put it lightly, that the gay community has to go to Canada to get married and I want it to be changed, and like I said earlier, I support people doing what they want to do to call attention to a cause they believe in, like being a vegetarian or not getting married or whatever, but to make comments like that is taking it too far. First of all, the day I turn to Sarah freakin Silverman for my moral standards is the day I jump off a cliff. Second of all, belittling others is no way to make a point. She can believe in something, and take a stance, but she needs to be more respectful, in my opinion.

Esther - posted on 02/05/2010




I get what she's saying too but to call marriage a "disgusting club" is taking it a bit too far for me too. I'm very passionate about gay rights and obviously support gay marriage. I don't even like calling it gay marriage because it's just marriage. I think it's great if people want to take a stand and don't get married because of it, but let's face it, not a person in the world would take note if I had stayed single until gay rights had been established fully (except my husband and our families). It's a little different with Brad Pitt. I think a few more people pay attention to him than they do to me.

Dana - posted on 02/05/2010




So, the institution of marriage is prejudiced, I disagree. This is where I disagree with her too actually. I get that it sucks that gay people can't get married at the moment, in certain places. I don't think that it means married people all belong to a disgusting club though. Honestly it kind of annoys me that while I support and fight for equal rights, for ALL people, I'm being put down by others. I think it's easy for someone like Sarah Silverman to say because she's NOT married. I think half the time it's the cool thing to say for people who want to avoid the talk of marriage.
I wonder what people who think so strongly about this, think of Ellen Degeneres. I'm sure half of those celebrities that say things like this were actually at her wedding. lol Well...maybe not Brad Pitt, since Ellen is team Jenn. ;)

Johnny - posted on 02/05/2010




I must say that I agree with her. I don't actually think that any people think of it that way when they choose to marry. But yes, it is joining a "club" with an exclusive membership. And if we support the right of gay people to marry, then why would we choose to join something that we know is a highly prejudiced institution. Where I live, gay marriage was legalized about a year before my husband and I got engaged. And we chose to marry in a religious institution that happily performs gay marriages. We have always felt that the institution of marriage was given greater meaning when all people could partake in it, not just those that happened to fall in love with the "correct gender". In all honesty, my husband and I would have most likely married had gay marriages not been legalized, but I admit that would have been very hypocritical.

Isobel - posted on 02/04/2010




I think everybody who feels guilty about getting married should just do what the gay people do...come to Toronto and do it ;P

Charlie - posted on 02/04/2010




I see her point however marriage is a very personal choice for those that can get married its not that we want to " join a club " or that we are all rubbing our hands in glee that gays cannot marry in fact i would love to see my friends be able to marry whom they like but my marriage will be between me and my man and not a decision based on how the world feels about it .

Rosie - posted on 02/04/2010




i can see her point, but calling marriage disgusting offended me. first, why would gays be pushing so hard to be a part of something that is disgusting? second, my marriage is not disgusting at all. right after we got married people would ask, hows married life going, u feel any different? i'd answer no, still feels the same, we just have a piece of paper now! then a couple years ago we had a crisis, and just the thought of getting a divorce made me realize that there was something more to our marriage than just a piece of paper. i would do anything to keep my marriage together. i'm sure that the extra years together and the kids might have something to do with that new feeling, but there is something else there, something bigger.

she makes a good point, but i just don't agree with what she defines marriage as.

Michelle - posted on 02/04/2010




Well.... I see the point, and I'm all for activism. I consider myself an activist, actually.

My personal belief is this though-- there are many legal benefits in getting married that help your children. On the horrible chance that something happens to you, most likely your family won't fight for your kids to be taken from your partner and given to them. However, if you're married, they can't. If you're married you can ensure that your children will be where you want them to be, especially if your family didn't approve of your choice in partners or lifestyles, as in my case. Marriage is giving your spouse the legal right to your things and your children if something happens to you. Marriage gives your spouse to right to make decisions your family may not have the strength to make (ie removing life support, giving up the search, etc. ). The US does have "domestic partnerships" which my fiance and I actually technically are, even though we're heterosexual, and there are some rights that that gives us. But, let's say I'm in the hospital, my fiance has no legal right to make any decisions at this point. If my mother disagreed with what Cody said I wanted, she could override him and make all of the decisions concerning my medical care, whether or not that was what I wanted.

Also, although the divorce rate gives people the idea that it is no different for people than breaking up, many couples who are married think a hell of a lot longer about breaking up than people who don't. In fact, I know of four couples right off the top of my head who, had they not been married would have broken up, but since they were they worked through their problems and are still married, and they're happier now.

I believe that homosexuals should be allowed the right of marriage, and the fact that it is not legal is a travesty and makes our country hypocritical. Equality means equality of ALL, not equality to the people we want to give it to. However, while I respect the right of anyone to choose this as their cause and not marry to stand up for gay rights, I will not turn my back on the benefits of marriage because I feel that by getting married I am doing what is right for my child(or children).

Jenny - posted on 02/04/2010




I do see her view. I've read Brad Pitt making similar comments. I don't really support marraige at all though and will not be joining that particular club. I think there is a growing movement towards coupledom being just as revered now that people are moving away from religion and are afraid of their government (ha ha). The divorce rate too. If I never get married, I'll definately never get divorced. =)

However, there are legimate reasons to get married for others. In some countries I believe you cannot get the equivalent of spousal rights without being actually married so that would be one. The same last name is one and if I was to ever marry my partner that would be the primary reason.

JL - posted on 02/04/2010




I can see exactly where she is coming from and honestly if my hubby was not in the military we may not have gotten married. I don't think it is taking it a little too far. We don't see the absolute need to get married to prove ones committment and we understand why people woud take a stand and say if every consenting adult cannot get married then screw the system. I feel the same way about it but the military requires us to be married if I am going to get healthcare, housing and be moved everytime he is required to go to a new duty station. So I take a stand in favor of gay marriage by supporting the cause financially, taking part in marchs, verbally supporting it and proudly flashing my bumper sticker that says I love Love ..I support gay marriage.

Sara - posted on 02/04/2010




I think Sarah Silverman is funny (Sell the Vatican was a classic!), but I agree with Laura here. Just because I'm married doesn't mean I don't want gay marriage to be legal. I would think that the opinion of people who are married and want gay marriage to be legal should help people to understand gay marriage won't lessen the value of marriage in's like leading by example....don't be afraid of it, I'm not!

La - posted on 02/04/2010




I'm a bit torn on this because I can completely see what she is saying, but I still intend on getting married....pretty hypocritical of me, I know, but I just want to have the same last name as my partner and our children. I guess it is kind of like someone protesting meat because of animal rights reasons...even if you stop eating meat, your protest won't stop animals being slaughtered for food because so many others will continue to eat meat. I guess it is the same for this. Even if Sarah protests her views by rejecting marriage for herself, it isn't going to change the situation because there will always be other people who will continue to get married.

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