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I'm a schedule freak. Everything to do with our lives is scheduled and happens on time (mostly). Unless other people are involved. Eg. family

My dad is good with this. He knows how much it drives me nutty when something is planned and then we get put behind because someone doesn't show up on time. Or they start dicking around when they are here. It drives me up the damn wall. He is the same way though.

My mom is the worst with this. As she puts it "she runs on Indian time". That's nice, I don't, get a watch and use it. /:)

My sister is just as bad as are my other siblings. I obviously take after my dad. LOL!

Ryan's family, OMG, they are the absolute WORST for this stuff. We make plans and then they "forget" or arrive late or make an excuse as to why they can't now. When I mean excuse it's "I'm not feeling well". Then don't drink so much the night before when you KNOW we have something we need to do. I've even had Ryan's mom flake on babysitting 15 minutes before we had to head out the door. So I called his dad and he headed right over. She had to stay late at work because her boss never asks her for anything so she had to show she was willing. Are you kidding me?! Her boss is my boss, I know he would be ok with her saying, Sorry I already told Ryan and Amie I would babysit tonight. I can do it in the morning though.

His sister is notoriously late for everything. I'm not kidding if she says she'll be somewhere at a certain time tack on a half hour and that's when she'll actually be there.

If it's something that happens that is serious I'm ok with our schedule falling off course a bit. We've had our share of accidents happen with the kids, I can take that with the flow of family life. But to continually blow off or show up late to scheduled plans is annoying beyond belief. It's probably my biggest pet peeve.

My kids have a schedule that we stick to because it makes their lives and our lives easier. The least people can do is stick to their word and show up on time.

Do you have family or friends that are like this?
How important is scheduling in your family?

I'll just say here too I have 4 kids so our schedule is huge in keeping our lives organized.

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Jodi - posted on 10/06/2009




I used to be a schedule freak, but I have had to learn to relax it over the years. When I was juggling a full time job and single parenting, I had a very strict schedule because it was absolutely the only way I could cope. My diary was my "bible".

However, once my husband and I got together, I adjusted a LOT. We tend to dance to the drum that his ex beat, LOL. His son's mother is one of those people that makes last minute decisions, and in order to see his son as often as possible (outside the contact hours), my husband would just jump and screw up all the scheduling. It used to really bother me and I didn't cope well with it, but over time, we have adjusted the way we do things, and now this fits in with how we live. Don't get me wrong, I get along well with his ex, but they are so into making last minute decision, I don't know how they do it.

So basically, my diary is still an important part of our life, because that's where I write up all the important scheduling, but I am much looser on the rest of it.

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yeah my HUSBAND SUCKS at getting anywhere on time. He counts on speeding to make up the time difference. He THINKS that if he calls or lies people will just accept him as late and he'll get his appointment or whatever.

Drives me INSANE.

Mostly I don't count on him. I get the kids ready and tell him to meet us there. A lot of times he's so late - he doesn't bother to show up at practices and sometimes games.

Amie - posted on 10/06/2009




Lindsay that sounds like my MIL.

Holidays, they get what they get. If they don't want to plan ahead of time so they get to see all of us too bad. LOL! They've come to accept it because they know I will pack up the kids and go home if they complain. There is a reason we plan things in advance and it's to make our lives easier. =)

This weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada. Yesterday she told us she changed plans and is going to Regina to see Ryan's sister and husband. Told us we should come. No thanks, we told Gramma we were going to be there and we will. Just because NONE of you have the foresight to plan for these things doesn't mean I'm going to blow off Gramma. Ugh.

Lindsay - posted on 10/06/2009




On normal day to day things, we have our routine but it's pretty flexible so scheduling isn't usually an issue. But Holidays, on the other hand, get to be a huge issue! Christmas and Thanksgiving tend to give us the most trouble. We have several Christmas parties and we try to make it to as much as we can. My rule has always been, whoever plans first gets our time. We have his work party, a friends party, my immediate family, his immediate family, my mom's side, my dad's side, his dad's side and we also have just us time. We have it all scheduled already except for his family because his mom thinks it's too early to plan. She pushes it off and pushes it off until like the week of Christmas and tries to have it at the same time as something else (I've already e-mailed her when we are free just to let her know)! From there she either throws a fit and says they aren't having Christmas at all or schedules it to overlap another party we had planned for a few months in advance. When that happens, we simply go when she asks and then she throws a fit because we didn't stay long enough. We did have them all to our house one year so that we made sure they had a full evening of festivities and that it was planned early enough but she's asked us not to do that anymore. I think she just wants to have something to bitch about...but that's a whole different topic! =)

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