School District Decides All Kindergartners Need a iPad 2

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Whethre you homeschool or do public, there is no denying We are in a very advanced Technology age, and sooooo….would you be in favor or opposed to your 2-3 year old having an iPad2?

Is it not in their best interest to have a “Learning” tool such as this?

Here is the link, There is a video if you want to watch

A Maine school system may be adding the iPad 2 to its list of mandatory kindergarten classroom items, with the district footing the bill.

The Auburn Schools Committee voted unanimously to provide all kindergartners with an iPad 2 next year. Each subsequent kindergarten class would receive individual devices as well, CNN and WGME report.

It would cost the district about $200,000 next year, with Apple cutting them a deal by charing $475 per iPad. Superintendent Tom Morrill says the district will find the money in the budget and through grants.

"What we're seeing is that this is an essential tool -- even more important than a book. It's a learning tool they need to have."

Skeptical community members say the kids are too young to take care of an iPad and that they simply don't need it.


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I do see the IPad as useful, however expecting a five year old to be responsible for one is not realistic. I use them for therapy with kids in Early Intervention and many other therapists I work with do too. However, there are many things that an IPad cannot teach and I see it as a useful tool to reinforce skills and stimulate language. It is certainly not more important than a book!!! Maybe a few for each classroom would be more reasonable. That way the kids could be exposed to the technology and use it along with the other classroom materials. With schools so tight for money it seems like a huge, unnecessary expense to me!!


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Esther - posted on 04/10/2011




I recently gave my husband an iPad for his birthday and my 3-year old has used it more than my husband has. I've been really surprised at the quality, educational & entertainment value of some of the preschool games they have. That being said, I think it's absolutely a luxury item and not at all a necessity. I think requiring parents to shill out $500 or more for an iPad for small children who are likely to break them and could learn everything the iPad can help them learn through other means, is ridiculous and I would be very oposed to it.

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I think it`s an interesting experiment. Can you imagine if these kids are taught on their ipad every day how advanced they`d be in technologies and research, by the time they hit high school?

No...not needed or more important than a book but I think it would be really beneficial.

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Ok, so I am sort of on the fence about this! But let me explain - under absolutely NO circumstances do I think a five year old NEEDS an ipad. And I agree with what Pia said about skipping learning to write and going straight to typing = stupid.

BUT there is actually a group in Australia that I am really proud of that is attempting to give every remote area child aged 4-15 a laptop. And it certainly isn't no pansy ipad! These laptops are kid tough and designed for use in a desert with all that dust and sunlight! The last I heard they were looking at developing an ipad type version of it actually. Anyway, my point is - that is a scheme I am happy to promote because a) it runs on donations and b) it's about giving outback children the same access to educational tools that their city counterparts have. It is about equality for our kids, not giving already privileged kids more technology to make the gap wider!
Here's the link:

So in certain circumstances, then hell yes I am for it, and in other circumstances, hell no!

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INSANE! Proven that children watching screen etc over long periods of time causes the muscles in their eyes to become tired, even more so if they must wear glasses. Our 4 year old (turning 5 in Sept) throws fits of rage throwing his vtech and vreader around-kicking it if he doesn't understand something and those are around 40-70 dollars each. Even our 9 year old has thrown something, which is why she is NOT getting a ipod touch any time with in the next few years. Additionally what happened to that school that the teachers can't interact with the children and make learning fun. Our 9 year old has cute things they did with arts and crafts at school, our son has brought stuff from daycare for learning. I realize it will eleminate paper etc for supplies and in the long run may save some money (eventually if ever at all) but there will always be a upgraded model that they "will need to buy" Retarted no child needs that sort of equipment.

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I think exposing kids to the technology and having computer classes starting in K is wise, but an iPad for each kid...... THAT is crazy and a totally unnecessary waste of money that could be used for MUCH better things.

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I don't know.My daughter got a ds for xmas at age 5.My 2 year old plays it more than her.She knew just from watching her sister how to work it.People are amazed to see her use the ds.She loves the computer and touch screen phones also lol.She would love to have an ipad 2 lol.I feel they can learn perfectly without them though.

Pia - posted on 04/10/2011




Um. I managed to learn in kindergarten without an iPad...this is just ridiculous. Aren't we meant to be encouraging our kids to develop their literacy skills? Ok you can read an iPad. But what about writing? Are we just going to skip over that and go straight to typing?

Desiree - posted on 04/10/2011




WHAT!!! Are they completely insane...I am really struggling get my head around this one.

Lady Heather - posted on 04/10/2011




wtf? Nobody NEEDS an ipad. I don't have one and I'm not some sort of idiot. I'm sure the school already has computers to learn on. An ipad can certainly wait.

I'd be really pissed off if my school district was wasting money like this. How many of them will end up lost or broken? How many 5 year olds lose their own damn jackets? We really want to trust them with a gadget worth 100s of dollars?

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