School peadophile alerts

Tracey - posted on 09/13/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have recently been warned that 2 adult men tried to abduct school boys about 20 miles from my house tried to drag them into a van. Asked my kids school if they were going to warn parents and the answer was " no need it didn't happen near us". We only get warned if someone is acting suspiciously towards kids in our town - ie if they try to grab a kid or approach them, or stand outside the school gates taking photos.
We are not told if sex offenders live close to school.
What happens in other areas? What geographical limit would you put on this type of warning?

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JuLeah - posted on 09/13/2010




It is actually not the peadophiles that we know about that do the most damage. On agerage, they assult 80 children before they are caught for the first time.

There are peadophiles living near your child's school, but if they are more then ... I think .5 miles away, it is thought to be far enough to not worry about them.

There are peadophiles living in your neighborhood ... maybe for some of us, in our homes.

They are pillers of the community, often community leaders, often the 'last people we would suspect'

They are not the sterotype you think ..... most are while, het, middle income to upper, they are freindly, charming, sweet, funny .....

We are so worried about the stranger waiting to jump out from the bushes, that we don't notice the guy in our house to fix the sink.

Of course, I am not advising you to mistrust all people who fix sinks ..... just be aware, listen to you gut, don't rely on sterotypes, listen to your kids .....

When I was about 3 and a half I told my mom, "I don't want to play house with Grandpa anymore"

She might have said, "Why?" or "Tell me about that"

Instead she said, "Playing with you is his way of showing you he loves you. Now you go play and be nice"

Grandpa and I were 'playing' in my bedroom, just down the hall from where my parents' and grandmother were having coffee

Listen to your kids

Tara - posted on 09/13/2010




It shouldn't really be up to the school to make the decision to notify parents of such an occurrence. It is really up to the police department. If this man has a record of child sex crimes than the police should be making parents and the community at large aware of his presence. If however this man is not an offender (yet) but is attempting to abduct young boys than a far reaching warning should be issued for all people, so that there is a better chance of preventing a repeat attempt and to better the chances of him being caught.
Sex offenders shouldn't have the freedom of anonymity. If they have a prior conviction as sex offender they should be stuck with that label for the rest of their life.

Tracey - posted on 09/13/2010




I'm in UK, near London. This is not an individual school response, they all seem to have this policy.
We can't know about sex offenders whereabouts because that would breach their human rights and knowing a pervert lived close by might incite an attack on that person - never mind our children's rights or safety.

C. - posted on 09/13/2010




Tracey, I'm not sure where you live. But where I used to live, you could see a map of registered sex offenders x-miles away from your home, school, etc. I think you might have to go through a police department website or something. Not 100% sure, but my neighbor pulled it up for my brother and I to view a few years ago.

Honestly, I would love it if schools warned people about suspicious behavior. Maybe go to the school board and fight it?

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