Seeing life through your childrens eyes...

Desiree - posted on 05/06/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




There is so much serious posts at the moment I thought that we could use a little laughter and something more lite hearted.

Sometimes your children will say things that make you sit and first look at your child wondering what the hell made them say that and then gobsmacked that they could actually put it in that way, then look through their eyes and wonder at the way they see an put things.

My Daughter Cathlin is 12 and has started to become more aware of her body and is now asking all the questions that most of us fear to hear or wonder how we will respond when we get there. Anyway I was taking her to a dance class and she was asking me about rape and couldn't exactly understand that sex and rape are done in the same way except that on is forced and brutal. When I realized she was struggling to understand the difference and similarities, I got worried that she didn't understand the concept of sex. Now this is a child who will not say the words so she bout to me a whole new discription that left me in giggles while trying to maintain a straight face, we all know the one, its the one where you think some thing is funny but because of the seriousness of the conversation and not to make the child feel uncomfortable you keep the face as long as they were with you. (For me a 10 minute drive) Anyway I asked her to please tell me in her own words what sex was?

Her answer was,
"Well mommy the man drives his truck into the tunnel, then he gets out of the truck and hugs a big ball and a lady then has a baby". Ok she knows the words but she just won't say them unless she is talking Biology. It seriously made me see a little bit of the world through her eyes and wonder where in heavens name did she come up with something like that.

What do your kids say or do that make you think or see the world they way they see it even for one split second. For me it made me realize how few and far between those moments are getting..


Shannon - posted on 05/06/2011




OK this is kinda gross but kid funny gross, my son was passing gas..... A LOT one day and i kept saying excuse me for him to prompt him to do so and after one "episode" i said my goodness it sounds like u have a Tuba in ur butt so now he says "Excuse me I am about to play the Butt tuba" lol

Veronica - posted on 05/06/2011




When my now 7 year old was about 4 - I was going to dress him in a turtle neck and sweat pants - but since the climate was getting warmer i decided to dress him in something cooler - so I said, "i will find you something else to wear, these close will be too hot for you" in which he responded, "they aren't too hot mama" while touching his cloths to feel their temperature! hahaha it was def. one of those silly moments :)

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