Sell Kid Items or Given Them Away?

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I sell practically all of my son's toys, clothing, anything on Craigslist. I love CL, and am quite addicted to it. I'm not out to make a big buck at all, more along the lines of pocket money. I need to sell a spare car seat, so I can purchase a booster seat. I need to sell last year's Halloween costume, since I already bought this year's costume. Yes, my CL ads are time consuming, but it clears stuff out. Plus, I also have garage sales every Fall. Whatever does not sell at a garage sale or on CL, I do donate. On the other hand, I have a friend who can't be bothered and just gives everything away. Pass down to friends, church, donate to schools, Goodwill, etc.

What do you guys do? Sell for some kind of proft-CL or Ebay? Or give away/donate?

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Jocelyn - posted on 09/29/2009




I save a few select things for friends, donate the clothes and toys that are a bit "rougher for wear" (but really they are baby clothes, so they aren't all that rough lol) and I take the rest (that I'm not saving for sentimental reasons) to a children's store that gives you money for the clothes (which in turn, I go shopping at that same store for new outfits, works perfectly!) Around christmas time I do generally donate more of the stuff I want to get rid of. I haven't gotten rid of a whole lot tho, waiting to see if this next baby is a boy...if it's a girl, I'll take all the boys stuff to the store and get girls clothes in turn :)

[deleted account]

My mother-in-law runs a home daycare, so I try to offer our old clothes to those kids first, but we donate the majority to our local teen challenge center. It's a thrift store specifically for teens and young mothers, so I have given a lot of my old clothes from high school and our old baby clothes as our youngest grows out of them.

I would try to sell them on Craig's List, but honestly I just don't have the time (I am in school full time and running all over town dropping off/picking up my kids all day long - we leave at 7:50 am and often don't get home again until 5 or 6 in the evening). I think our teen challenge center is just such a good cause though, so I have no problem with giving them the "nicer" stuff. In fact, I just donated all my old business suits (I had a job as the secretary for my local government offices when I was in high school, so I needed some business suits). :)

Lindsay - posted on 09/29/2009




Madeline's stuff all got passed to my niece who is about 10 months younger than her. Then once Kayla outgrew all of her 0-2T things, my SIL sent them all back to me. We had a ton of stuff! I had a garage sale and made a decent profit off of it but it wasn't really worth the time and effort that went into it. When Cooper started outgrowing his stuff, my SIL got pregnant again and we saved it until we found out she was haivng another girl. I didn't want to do the garage sale thing anymore so now we donate to my parent's church rummage sale twice a year. They use the money to help out local families and soup kitchens as well as selling the clothes, furniture, etc. for a good price to people that need it.

Ez - posted on 09/29/2009




As Milla is my first child I am keeping all of the big items (cradle, bouncer, swing etc) in case I have more babies somewhere down the track. I either pass her clothes on to friends or donate, but I'm also keeping some favourites that I just couldn't stand to part with. I don't have the time or the inclination to sell anything at this point.

Kylie - posted on 09/28/2009




I sell anything that is new or hardly used online.. some of the used stuff i give to the salvos because i have no friends with children younger than mine. I have a memory box for both my kids and i keep only the very special things. My house is quite small so i cannot have clutter or i feel like I'm drowning in it. I have two sheds packed to the ceiling with stuff I've collected and cleaned out of my house. next weekend I'm going through it all and selling it at the swap meet anything i don't sell is going to the salvos. I love making money off i things I don't want/need anymore.

?? - posted on 09/28/2009




I give away or I keep it. I have given the majority of Gabe's clothes that he has outgrown to either Devon's cousin or a friend of mine that had a son a few a months after Gabe was born. The stuff that has sentimental value is kept and everything else is given away. Since he's not even 1 yet the only thing to give away so far has been clothes but I think his toys we will keep for him to have as he gets older and if we have a second child - or just to keep so we have toys around for kids that come around. I don't bother re-selling it because it's just not worth it to me - I'd probably end up spending more on postage than I'd make lol

September - posted on 09/28/2009




If I'm done with it or I don't need it anymore I give it away or donate it.

[deleted account]

Quoting Sara:

As a rule, I also don't sell stuff that was given to me, I either donate it or give it to someone else that has a small child. My girlfriend gave a bunch of clothes to a woman in her daughter's playgroup who was having another baby, and she found out the woman sold most of it on Ebay...I think that's wrong.

Oh I totally agree with you!  Anything that was passed down to me I have no business selling for a profit!  What's free for me, will be free for someone else.  The same scenario happened to me several times, both baby & non-kid stuff.  I give things away to people in need, only to find out they have been sold for profit.  My 'friend' Michelle JUST did this 2 weeks ago when she had a yard sale.  She sold a nice TV stand that I gave her for profit. 

ME - posted on 09/28/2009




Yeah...I do all three. I've sold some of my son's toys in garage sales (mostly because they annoyed the shit out of me with all the flashing and noise making)...I sell his nicer clothes to a high end resale shop, and then use the profits to buy him "new" things from the same store. I also give away a lot of his clothes that I know won't sell (not because they aren't in good shape, but because they didn't come from janie and jack, or gymboree). I've sort of halted all of my giving and selling for the time being tho...I'm preggo again, and won't find out what I'm having for another 2 weeks. I don't know whether to keep hoping for that little girl, or cross my fingers that we get another boy and won't have to "start over"!

Jeannette - posted on 09/28/2009




I always donate. For two reasons: 1. I dont want to go through the time and hassle of selling 2. I can still afford to give these items away...NOW. However, I also buy from resale shops and Goodwill. Not a lot, but some things.

I didn't always donate, I had yard sales when Duke was the only one working supporting the 5 of us. I would go back to doing that if I had to.

Sara - posted on 09/28/2009




As a rule, I also don't sell stuff that was given to me, I either donate it or give it to someone else that has a small child. My girlfriend gave a bunch of clothes to a woman in her daughter's playgroup who was having another baby, and she found out the woman sold most of it on Ebay...I think that's wrong.

JL - posted on 09/28/2009




I donate and pass down to family and freinds or anyone we hear of who needs help. The reason being that we are now financially in a good place but when we were first married we were not so most of what we owned were things given to us and when we had our kids we were blessed to have loads of family and freinds who pretty much purchased everything we needed. So we feel like we should continue the circle and give back to others and hopefully they will do the same. Pass it on is my philosophy.

Sara - posted on 09/28/2009




I do half and half...I sell some stuff on Ebay and then give some of it to friends with babies or try and save stuff. Usually, the money I make on Ebay I turn right around and invest in more clothes for my daughter.

[deleted account]

I have only saved very few items. Just not too sentimental about some of the clothing, and I think that goes back to post-partum depression. I don't like the consignment shops around here. Plus, I know one store is no longer taking merchandise becasue they are overstocked. So, CL for now, then garage sale for any leftovers. Then donate.

[deleted account]

I have kept all of Dante's clothes that are now too small. We keep them for my sd for her to dress her dolly's up with when she comes to stay.

We don't always but Dante's clothes new, we usually by them from Trademe ( our version of ebay). You can buy bulk clothes for as little as a couple of dollars, last winter I got Dante 4 l/s tops and pants for $8!

Natalie - posted on 09/27/2009




There's a kid's consignment shop in my town that buys your stuff for cash on the spot. They pay less, but it's so easy, so that's what I do. Anything they don't take goes to Goodwill or friends with smaller kids.

I am pretty sentimental about some of his things, though, so they stay in boxes in the closet, even though they'll never be used again!

Jodi - posted on 09/27/2009




I have a friend who has boys younger than mine. She has 5 kids and reslly struggles for money, so I give all my boys clothes, shoes, etc to her. I have no-one to pass Taylah's clothes down to (all the younger girls I know are bigger than her!!) so a couple of times a year I take a bagful down to the Salvation Army.

With other things, toys etc, it depends on the condition. If I think I will sell it for a reasonable amount I will sell it on ebay, but usually there are pieces missing, or something broken, so I will either give it away or throw it out (depending on whether it is still playable or not, LOL).

But I will admit to being a bit of a hoarder. I am one of those "you never know" people and hate to part with things "just in case"!!! I really have to be hard on myself when I do the clean out :) I do a better job if hubby is helping because he is more level headed about it than me.

Anna - posted on 09/27/2009




We also donate our items. I prefer to donate to women's shelters, abuse/neglected children, or even goodwill. I like to include my children in the process as well to teach them about giving back to the community and helping others in need. That being said, there is certainly nothing wrong with selling your things on craigslist especially if need some extra cash. ;)

Dana - posted on 09/27/2009




I give all my stuff away. Usually passed down to someone or to churches where I know they'll give it away for free and not sell it.

If I were smart though, I'd sell it and make some quick cash for myself. lol......Maybe I will! :)

Evelyn - posted on 09/27/2009




I also sell keep and donate my daughter's used stuff. I have her coming home outfit sealed and placed in a keepsake box with her first pacifier, her wristband from nursery. her umbilical cord (airtight) and her first nail clippings. LOL What can I say, she's my princess. :-) I also have her Christmas outfits from birth on up saved and tons of her fave outfits through the years.

I have yard sales usually in spring and fall, I'm actually gearing up to have one in a few weeks when the weather cools off a bit. I also buy used clothes fairly frequently, we have tons of AWESOME quality thrift shops in my area that I troll pretty often. I am also a sucker for the clearance racks at Kohl's and Macy's. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Old Navy. The one thing I do spend quite a bit of $$ on is shoes/sneakers. I am a shoe fanatic and love quality shoes. Whatever I don't sell at yard sales, goes to Goodwill or Sal. Army. I've just moved here so I need to find out if there are any churches accepting donations. I've thought about doing the craigslist thing,...I may give it a shot. My mother sells stuff on Ebay and does quite well with it. I just don't have the patience.

Amie - posted on 09/27/2009




We give everything away. Ryan always wants to do yard sales but expects me to do all the work. HA! Sorry I got enough to do.

The diabetes association comes around and picks up loads of stuff. Salvation Army will pick up if you call them. Plus all the stuff that gets handed off to family and friends.

We now have all of Allie's baby stuff to give away. I have two pregnant friends at the moment, one of them better have a girl. LOL!

[deleted account]

We do a mix of selling, giving, and keeping here as well. I buy practically all of my son's clothes and major items on Craigslist. When he's grown out of one size, I bag everything up, place an ad, and use the money to buy used clothes in the next size. I simply can't justify spending a ton on clothes he'll quickly outgrow, and probably poop on. We've posted lots of items he's outgrown already - bouncer, car seat, co-sleeper bed, etc. Sometimes I find things aren't selling - or I just don't have the time to post - and so I drop the items off with Goodwill. I will say that I don't buy many toys used - I'm not so sure about sterilizing them, so I'd rather he have new stuff if its going in his mouth. I've also kept some of my favorite clothing items along the way, just in case we decide to have another baby.

Sharon - posted on 09/27/2009




Sell, hoard, donate.

Some things I can't bring myself to give away. I couldn't tell you the boys coming home outfits but my daughters is wrapped up and in the closet. So are her last 7 x-mas outfits.

I have sold some blah things I didn't care one way or another about. I've donated cheaper unremarkable outfits. I know it would be big of me to donate her gorgeous x-mas outfits but I just can't.

the kids donate their older toys. sometimes they donate toys still in its packaging. I've encouraged them to yard sale them but they can't be bothered. Says a lot about my kids, not sure its the nicest though.

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