Seriously...what would you have done?

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Ok, so yesterday was a rough was the first snowfall...traffic was bad...I was late getting my son to school,...and due to the snow...late picking him up. So I guess not really rough..just aggrivating. Lots of annoyances that went throughout the day. And then this....

After picking my son up, we all headed over to Wal-Mart. I had my 8 month old in my arms walking through the snow, my big ass diaper bag, the thing that goes into the cart seat to protect the baby from all the yucky germs (and to make it cozy and fun..what is that thing called?) and my son (4) holding my arm. I had to juggle alot, and needless to say, all the carts were wet. Well, you know how they have like 5 (or more) rows of carts..well the last row happend to be dry. As I am holding my 8 month old and juggling everything else, I am trying to pull the cart out and pull it aside to get organized...well I start getting shoved out of the way!!!! YUP! On a slick floor, I am getting shoved by the cart hurder! He is PUSHING ME WITH A WHOLE FUCKING ROW OF CARTS WHILE I AM HOLDING AN INFANT! So I of course am shocked and get out of the way, while of course yelling across all the carts. I was telling him to "HEY! WATCH IT! DON'T YOU SEE A WOMEN HOLDING AN INFANT HERE? WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO??? KNOCK ME OVER? YOU CAN'T WAIT A MINUTE UNTIL I GET OUT OF THE WAY? WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM???????"

Of course the store manager hears me...who the hell couldn't, and she comes rushing over. She didn't see what happened, but I told her..and of course her jaw dropped. She then helped me get organizded, and even helped me put the cart cover on for my baby. She was very concerned and very sweet. The cart boy came over with a rude smirk on his face "I'm sorry I pushed you.." He tried to continue...I got pissed all over again becouse of that damn arrogant smug of his. I cut him off saying "Listen, I know your job is hard...I used to do it myself. Infact, you have it easy, you have a mechinical pusher...I did it MYSELF! But you bet I NEVER pushed a women with an infant in her arms out of my WAY! Wipe that smug smile off of your face and APPOLOGIZE CORRECTLY! You need to pay attention to what you are doing. I don't care if you hurt me, but what if I slipped on this wet floor and dropped my baby? What then?" He then of course issued a much more severe appology.

The manager asked if I would like to make a formal complaint, and I told her that I just wanted her to make sure nothing like this happened again. I am still debating whether or not to make this into a bigger deal. The next person could fall, or be disable and get really hurt.

Anyway, do you think I made to much of a big deal about this? The manager told me he was 17 years old. He was young, but obviously clueless. What would you have done? Was I just having a rough day in your opinion and made a mountain out of a mole hill? Would you have reported it?


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I wouldn't have reported it unless he had continued to be rude about it. I mean, I have a feeling your verbal lashing was enough punishment. He's 17 and 17 year olds (especially guys) are not known for their stellar "paying attention" skills. I agree that he does need to pay better attention, but I'm sure he didn't do it on purpose and I bet if you could be a fly on the wall he's being extra careful now....and probably will from here on out. I'm kinda leaning towards you having a rough and hectic day, and then getting rammed in the ass with a bunch of carts while holding your baby....icing on your cake. Sorry you had a rough day.

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You handled it correctly, I would have done the same thing. I used to work at Wal-mart for 8 years less than a year ago. Unless there is something wrong with that store I can assure you that he got written up for it and is now on some sort of "probation" Which will affect him when raise/promotion time comes. Wal-mart (at least the one's I've worked at) cares about safety more than you can believe. Unfortunatly around X-mas most of the help (especially cart pushers) are temp help and could care less if they get fired or punished because they won't be there come January.
Never be afraid to speak up for you and your children.


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~♥Little Miss - posted on 12/22/2010




Thanks everyone. I am glad to see others would have reacted the same.

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Jaime-You really can't assume that he did it on purpose or knew what he was doing. He's 17, I remember being 17 and having a bit of an attitude and learning a lot of lessons because my attitude pissed some people off. He was probably written up and there is a good chance this is his first job. And he probably learned not to mess with moms.

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I think you did the right thing, I would have done the same, and if the manager hadn't come over I would have found her/him as soon as I had my baby settled in a cart.
I would leave it as it is right now, but next time you go, watch out for him and if he is still being an irresponsible twat report it to management again.

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He was an idiot. You had a baby in your arms and could have had a severe fall. I'd have had that boy's job. I'd have filed a formal complaint. If he was smirking, he knew what the hell he was doing, and he did it on purpose or at least thought it was funny.

Yeah, I'd have gotten the little shit fired for that.

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Wow! What a little shit! I'm glad you gave it to him! I think given that the manager was there and seemed to take it seriously, I probably wouldn't go as far as filing a formal complaint - my guess is he's going to be disciplined or at least reprimanded for it anyway. If the manager hadn't handled it appropriately, then I most certainly would say file a complaint.

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(oh, and I would have asked the store manager to hold the baby while I ran a cart over the idiot's foot a few hundred times.....but that's just me)


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If you didn't write a formal complaint, I'm betting the store manager probably did....

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I probably would have done the same thing you did and I would not do a formal complaint. From the sounds of it you got his attention and he will most likely be more careful.

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If you have it in you to react with that level of truth in such a situation, and react with just the correct amount of anger, I do believe you are a fine mother indeed.
I would like to think I would do exactly as you did. I might, to be honest, have taken a lower road and reacted with the big ass diaper bag.

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The guy is old enough to know better at 17 and he should be more responsible considering he has a job. I know teenagers are often like this, but that is no excuse. I say you did good. I would have told him off as well, but I probably would have reported him also. He sounded like an ass.

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No, you did that right thing, i would have done the same. Teens have no fear of adults these days hence the smug look on his face. They dont care at all. And by the way you described him he really didnt give a damn. So you did the right thing, and lucky the store manager was nice, b/c thats not always the case.

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I think you dealt with it well, as Krista said I bet the lad got a very stern word from the manger behind closed doors. I'd leave it at that though and wouodn't take it any further.

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i think i would make a bigger deal of it thats serious hes old enough to know!

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I agree with Emma. This wasn't a careless toddler bumping into you -- it's someone who was old enough to know better, but just didn't give a shit. I think you handled it well, I think the manager handled it well. I don't know if I'd make a formal complaint or not - I'd probably leave it at that. My guess is that the kid got a much more serious dressing-down behind closed doors.

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No you didn't! you were absolutely right! I would have made the same fuss! What he did was completely uncalled for and then to act like a little puss pocket, no. I would have had a fit too!

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I agree that the store manager handled it well. Especially since you said the boy apologised more sincerely later on. But heck that was a bad day!!! Hope this next one is better :D

Stifler's - posted on 12/21/2010




Hell yes. 17 is damn well old enough to know. Fuck, 10 is old enough to know to not push people. He sounds like a cunt.

Jessica - posted on 12/21/2010




Lol I think you did fine telling him off, the store manager sounded like she handled it well, I'd probably leave it at that if it were me.

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