should men have the right to "keep" unwanted pregnancies

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A woman with an unwanted pregnancy carries a child for nine months of her life. In a financial sense, a man "carries" the child for 18 years. As a relative tradeoff, her involvement is more intimate, but much shorter; and since, in this situation, she would presumably not wish to keep the child but turn it over to its father, she would not be encumbered with an unwanted baby following the birth. Secondly, there is again the issue of fairness under law. Income is a measure of time spent doing a certain thing, or put another way, the value of a man's use of his body. If a man is to be involuntarily required to pay a large percentage of his income to the child's mother for the length of the child's minority years should the mother wish to keep the child, as is true under current law, it is only fair that she be involuntarily required to carry that child to term for the sake of the father's parental rights if he wishes to keep the child: a similar use of her body.

"what about that then?"

"anyone read Margaret Attwoods the handmaids tale!"


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Liek it or not, a woman has the right to choose.

What if the man changed his mind, which he could. And then she would end up raising an unwanted child....GREAT!

The woman wouldn't have the choice to change her mind once she was past a certain point in pregnancy.

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I like it, but it would be impossible to inforce (or is it enforce... I'm drawing a blank) since a woman can get an abortion w/out anyone else's knowledge or consent. All she has to do is not tell the father and there's nothing he could do about it.

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I didn't realise dyslexia fucked with your ability to remember where the keys are on the board or ability to spell?

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The handmaid has a tail? LOL

I like it.

I wouldn't let myself be forced into that situation and I doubt you'd see it happening very often. If a woman were going to be "forced" to carry a child she didn't want, she'd keep it and collect child support and welfare.

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