should middle school foundation host this fundraiser?

Michele - posted on 11/04/2011 ( 8 moms have responded )




The middle school foundation would host a high end fundraiser for adults only. It would involve a Pulitzer prize winning author book signing, wine tasting, dinner, and movie screening. The topic of the movie is the sex trade. The proceeds would be split among the middle school and an organization to help victims of sex trafficking.


Becky - posted on 11/04/2011




I don't have a problem with it. Our church did a fundraising campaign to support organizations that were fighting the sex trade and our kids were involved in that as well. I'm not sure in exactly what capacity - mine were still too young to be involved at the time - but they helped raise the money. It sounds to me from the OP that the kids aren't even involved in this really, and they're not seeing the movie, so I don't see the issue.
Besides that, I don't believe middle school is too young to start raising awareness of the sex trade with your kids. It's NOT something that only happens in other countries. It happens in ours as well, and kids as young as 10-12 are being recruited to it. :(

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Hmmmm.....This is very interesting. I don't see any problem with it, as long as the children have absolutely no contact or participation in it. I see no problem with the proceeds going to a cause like this...or to the school. It is a rather unusual fundraising idea, and typically something like this would go directly to the cause itself. But it does bring awareness to the public.


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Amie - posted on 11/05/2011




I know our schools wouldn't allow that. Not because of the sex talk but because of the alcohol. It's written into school board policy that no alcohol can be associated with any function that has the schools name or the SCC's name attached to it. That means any school and any SCC that falls under the boards jurisdiction. It might even be province wide, I'll have to double check but I know our school divison for sure.

We just talked about that at the last SCC meeting, our community association board wanted us to fundraise with them and split the profits over the summer at family fun in the sun day but we can't because they have a beer gardens. It's open later in the evening but the fact that it was going to be there and it was advertised, school board policy says no. I'm the lucky one that gets to explain it all to the board because our SCC president has had no luck; then I was appointed liason (because I sit on both the SCC and the board).

Michele - posted on 11/05/2011




The actual event would not be at the school, just organized by the school.

And I don't think this is about censoring kids about real life. It's about letting parents pick the times to talk to their kids about sensitive topics. The topic of sex is an ongoing one in my house that evolves over time in a natural way. Like I said, my 14 yo knows a lot more than my 12 yo (he is a relatively immature 12). And they both know a lot more than my 5 yo. My 5 yo knows that a woman and a man can make a baby together and the baby grows inside the mother's body. I wouldn't tell him about the sex trade unless something completely unusual came up. That is more about being developmentally appropriate not about censoring. My point is that some parents might feel differently than I do about bringing up this topic to 11 year olds. And I am okay with that.

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I think it's kind of odd to host a fundraiser like that at a school, mainly because of the wine tasting. I think that part would be left out if a school in my town held this event. I would go though, it's odd, but I like odd.

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I have no issues with it, but then my children arent censored about real life. They both fully know about the sex trade around the world (they are in grade 6 and 8). Education is the key to change!

When we know better we do better. Oprah

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I do think that is a good cause, but I think there are other causes that I would be more comfortable w/ at the middle school level. Save that type of thing for high school. I think....

Michele - posted on 11/04/2011




I know. I am split on this one. They were talking about advertising at school but truthfully I don't think the district officials would allow that. We couldn't use the word wine at all on our auction materials. I can't imagine they wouldn't balk at using the word sex.
I think it is such an important topic, but I would prefer to bring it up with my kids myself. I have done so with my 14 yo daughter, but not my 12 yo son (who is at this school). I can see some parents possibly having a problem with this topic.
The charter of the school includes making a difference in the larger world. I helped a project last year to collect underwear for a school in Uganda, since many girls miss a week every month of school because they are having their periods. Money had been found to purchase sanitary products, but the girls didn't have underwear so they couldn't use the pads. We got over 1000 pair to send, and it was an eye-opening moment for the 11-14 yo girls at the school.
So while I think this is a great idea I think overall it would be better played out at the high school level.

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