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Shrimps around the coasts of Britain are getting high on antidepressants, scientists said Wednesday.

As more Britons take drugs like Prozac, sea life were being exposed to potentially damaging amounts of the chemicals in the country's waterways, researchers at southern England's University of Portsmouth have discovered.

In tests, the small crustaceans were exposed to the same levels of fluoxetine -- the agent in Prozac -- as they found in British waste waters.

Scientists found shrimps were five times more likely to swim toward the light instead of away from it, making them more likely to be eaten by fish or birds.

The change in behavior could potentially devastate the shrimp population.

"Crustaceans are crucial to the food chain and if shrimps' natural behavior is being changed because of antidepressant levels in the sea this could seriously upset the natural balance of the ecosystem," said Dr. Alex Ford from the University of Portsmouth's Institute of Marine Sciences.

"It's no surprise that what we get from the pharmacy will also be contaminating the country's waterways," said Ford, adding that some shrimps were taking on the excreted prescription drugs of whole towns.

Prescriptions for antidepressants have risen rapidly in recent years, according to the Office for National Statistics.

In 2002, there were 26.3 million antidepressant prescriptions handed out by doctors in England and Wales, yet the environmental effect of pharmaceuticals in sewage was largely unexplored.

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Oh, how I so agree.

There has been research done that say that humans will be lucky to last another 50 years. By 100 years the human species will be extinct. I hope that it happens, so that earth can go back to its natural beauty and balance............ without the stupid humans interfering!

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I agree Jo, we have fucked up big time. Sadly, all I can think is we deserve it. Selfish, ungrateful pricks that we are when it comes to things requiring self-sacrifice. Sometimes I hope a virus wipes us out and the rest of the animals can continue in peace and get back to the natural balance of things. What a beautiful world that would be.

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Humans are going to kill the universe. We're gonna hunt all the predators and chemically fuck up the rest of the oceans creatures and THEN when the ocean dies (which it already IS dying) we'll be bitching "Why didn't we stop this when we first realized it was happening!!!"

It'll be the story of the oceans. They'll be dead within our childrens life times, even sooner if we don't stop this senseless bullshit.

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